Nintendo's Triple Threat Response To New Consoles

With Sony and Microsoft launching their new consoles this month Nintendo is prepared to make their presence known by responding with three big releases all on the same day as the Xbox One launch.

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tweet751655d ago

nintendo has the only holiday games i care about this year.

Metallox1655d ago

I don't know why the disagrees, even if he's trolling, well... it's just an opinion, seriously. I mean, no one can't force him to play PS4 or Xbox One games.

As for the article, I only care for Super Mario 3D World, but I0m not going to buy it right now.

linkenski1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Metallox wrote: "I don't know why the disagrees, even if he's trolling, well... it's just an opinion."

What do you not understand about "I don't agree with his opinion?"

I disagreed, but I don't imply that he's wrong. I just don't share his sentiment.

UltimateMaster1655d ago

Doesn't mean people disagree that they don't like the guy, they just think the opposite of what he's thinking.

I don't think Nintendo has the right games for me this year. But next year? With X and Bayonetta 2? Now we are talking more my style of games.

TacoTaru1655d ago

Yeah, have the new Zelda game pre-ordered. Will be picking up a ps4 this week but won't bother to get any games for it. Watch Dogs was postponed and that was the only one that interested me.

tweet751655d ago

it just seems like sony and xbox are only about there console releases this holiday season only releasing decent games non of the big IPS while nintendo are releasing classic nintendo zelda and mario games.

Ol_G1654d ago

i'm buying one when kh3 or ff15 comes out .
that may take a while

GirlOnFire1654d ago

I definitely want Zelda and 3D Mario land. 1st getting my PS4. I will have an happy holiday that's for sure. ^~^

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diepdiep1655d ago

November is going to be crazy, as always.

MetalJedi1655d ago

Nintendo should just make games.

n4f1655d ago

well that is what nitendo are doing.

sony is making tv, music, movie, cell phone etc

ms is doing computer and tablet and cell pone

link2Dpast1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Damn great f×[email protected] response. I can't stand some people's mentality. Sony have t.v,music ect....MS had freaking the computer market, Nintendo has gaming and that's all; they basically represent us GAMERS. Some people are so ignorant. Nobel prize for you man.

MetalJedi1654d ago

Just saying they should concentrate on making games instead of consoles. Sorry to offend anyone. I love Nintendo. I buy every Nintendo gaming product for my son or myself as part nostalgia on my part and part alternative to the other consoles. You can only live off nostalgia for so long. How may Wii Sports and Mario games can you make? They don't make enough exclusives. Get as irate as you need to be but I have Mario burnout. Everyone milk their franchises but it's time to move on from Mario. That's just me.

link2Dpast1655d ago

Why so you can buy them, you sound Just like so many. Nintendo should just make games blah blah.... that's why they make systems so you buy it to play there games its apart of the business. The reality is that NNintendos games sell there systems its apples and oranges , they have no need on depending from independent soft ware makers they depend on them selves and people see this as a negative. . Hopefully one day people eyes would open.

hellzsupernova1655d ago

You can only survive off nostalgia for so long, I haven't played a Nintendo system since my game cube, loved smash bros, love Pokemon on my game boy first system I ever owned, but now they don't have the games I want to play. They have characters I love and grew up with donkey kong, link, samus, all the Pokemon but I've already played as them.

This is just my opinion and I do respect Nintendo but I am not buying a wii u.

Gemmol1655d ago

@hellzupernova if that is case why did Mario Kart Wii, Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort, and a other handful of games sold 20 to 32 million alone on one console, while it take call of duty many consoles to reach that sale, or grand theft same thing it took 2 systems of 160 million system owners and still did not sell 30 million to customers but I think they sold 30 million to retailers, so my point is if nostalgia can only last so long why Mario Kart Wii dominate so much? you may not play it but sales do increase without your support.....I do wish sony was like Nintendo fans have the worse support out of all....halo out sell any sony first party....i do not even think uncharted 1 sold 10 million....killzone probably struggle to reach 5 million...its weird theres so much sony fans online, but never back up the sales of their first party......until I see one day sony sell 30 million of one game or at least beat halo I think sony fans should be quiet their brand loyalty is not strong enough....i have nothing against sony, I had a ps3 only last gen....but if you are a Xbox fan, I am going to be honest with you halo is gonna struggle they will still sell well, but I do not seeing them make big sales like the past especially with the way people think about the new xbox one

link2Dpast1654d ago

@hellzsupernova this Grand hypothesis that Nintendo survives on nostalgia is getting really washedBut p. Honestly how can you consider something nostalgia at where do you start. Nintendo is in there 6 gen while Sony in there 4th gen... and I don't even bother with Microsoft, I've always felt that it's the Sony fans who seem to always have an opinion that are ridiculous. But the point I'm trying to make is that Nintendo has been out since the 80's and it's not surviving on nostalgia but being different and doing there own thing. The games they release are games that have come out years ago just new versions like mario abd zelda, these games are old in time but they b always make them better these other companies wish they had this. So there survival isn't based on nostalgia from people like me but from quality experinces

DoggyBiscuit1655d ago

@metaljedi u should post better comments

Reeze1654d ago

Why...? So you can buy them? That means that you do like Nintendo games, you just claim that they're "rehashes" and "unoriginal" because you dislike Nintendo systems. Makes sense.

Why doesn't Sony stop making consoles? Why doesn't Microsoft? Each console offers unique things, and it's important to have competition on the market.

I personally like Nintendo consoles. I see no reason for them to stop making them.

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muttsurini1655d ago

Another year another mario, sigh

BosSSyndrome1655d ago

Well... Don't buy it then.

AWBrawler1655d ago

i feel the same way about Madden, COD, and NBA games

for we are many1655d ago

And uncharted and god of war and Assassin's Creed and Batman and Battlefield and CoD and Forza and NFS and FIFA and NBA and so on. At least Mario and Zelda are consistently fun and always try to change gameplay, control interface, design and even graphical style fundamentals, unlike the games mentioned above for which almost every new iteration could be considered a glorified DLC or expansion pack. Singling out Nintendo's franchises for repetitiveness or milking shows only one's hypocrisy and double standards at their finest.

R00bot1654d ago

Each Nintendo console only get's one mainstream 3D Mario (with the exception of Galaxy 2, but it was one of the best games ever so it's excused).

That's hardly one a year.

JackieCruise691655d ago

Hopefully getting 3D World and ALBW!
That'll be my holiday right there.

GordonKnight1655d ago

Yes, November 22 is my Christmas this year. Mario 3D World and a Gold 3DS XL with Link Between Worlds. Now all I need is Limited Edition Treasure Chest, which hasn't been announced in America yet.

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