11 signs that you a no longer a hardcore gamer

As middle age gradually sets in...

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Calcio3857d ago

This really made me laugh.
And cry...
Great article

Capt CHAOS3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Fortunately, me, being born in the 60's can still say that I'm a hard-core gamer.. (erm.. ish)

thisguywithhair3857d ago

I am only 23 and already more than a couple of those apply to me :-(

gonzopia3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

I'm 33... and all of those apply to me. :(

But I'm big in Japan.

Tempist3857d ago

Yeah... I see most of those attached to me... *sigh* University will put me back to being hardcore gamer again! FTW!

ban fans3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

I'm 32 and ten years ago I would spend every waking hour gaming. Plowing through games in a matter 2 or 3 days. Now, I'm married, have 3 (self employed) jobs, and am lucky if I can squeeze in a game of NHL 08 with 5 minute periods before supper! I can generally play only one day of the weekend for a couple hours and that's it.

Funny thing though. My head still tells me I have time to play all the great releases and I continue to buy them. I own ten games and have not beaten any of them, yet I still think I have time to play another one.

neogeo3857d ago

I'm 28 now and have been gaming from the age of 3.
I'm now better at games then ever before. I destroy kids in FPS, and Warhawk is my stomping ground. I can stay alive for 10 mins or more in a full blown dog fight. I don't think my reflexes are any faster. I just know that I'm smarter now. I understand the workings of game and I can see the patterns that kids use in games and I own then all day long! no lie.

memots3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Yeah i'm 33 and a lot of those comment in the article applies to me and most of my friend.
But there is a lot a people/friend that are wondering how i do it. ( playing this many games of this many different platform)
I got Ps3/360/psp and a sli8800gt pc)
I read Gaming news NOT newspaper.
I'm excited about big game release NOT movie coming out in theater.

The only Tv i watch is Hockey and sports, NOT sex and the city with my wife. when my wife needs the tv i game on my pc when my wife needs the pc i play ps3or360.

It is way different now then when i was a teenagers/kid that is for sure, I use to be part of a Quake Clan ( SFC !! BABY ) played Track and Field till my finger bleed.

Ill play game till i die.. Am i less hardcore??? maybe for some. But for a lot of other people i am a Hardcore gamer, and also immature :P

ravinash3857d ago

Did this guy read my thoughts or something???
Its kind of scary, but nice to know I'm not alone.
I'm 31 and its been two days since I last touched a console. :-(

ravinash3857d ago

I hear that.

I remember many years ago I used to play Speedball2 until my hands hurt and were shacking.
And I had such problems pulling my self away from Civilizations that my dad had to turn the power off by the house mains to get me off the computer. I think I lost about 3 hours worth of playing when he did that, I was not happy.

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warhawk12343857d ago

It also made me laugh then i realized that man I was born in the 80's but my father never upgraded from the atari2600 or the sega masters. I grew up with those and you know I was the one that brought gaming into the house like snes,gameboy and others in the 90's and 00's. Come to think of it when I went over my parents last I was wondering why the sega master is out. For like three years my dad has been playing atari 2600. Shoot I knew it hes trying to beat my high scores. Now I have to show him what a hardcore gamer is excuse me got to go to my parents house.

CyberSentinel3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Required reading for all gamers)

#12. You DO NOT own a Xbox360.

HighDefinition3857d ago

That just makes you a "hardcore" sucker.

33% plus FTW!

zapass3857d ago

hardcore suckas are people buying sh!tbox to conform.

BLUR1113857d ago

to the sign- Your FPS experience consists of spawn, run, die... spawn, run, die... spawn… is the point where u just suck

killer_trap3857d ago just described every fps game i ever played..........lols. i really suck at those.