Francis Gets a PS4 Early, Unboxes it Rather Violently on Video

You probably all know Francis, one of the funniest and most raging YouTubers to ever grace the video site. Looks like he got a PlayStation 4 early, and he immediately moved on to unbox it with the vehemence you'd expect from him.

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brandonb211744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

i cringed when he threw the ps4 controller

mikeslemonade1744d ago

I know he is a large guy but the system package is way smaller than I expected.

majiebeast1744d ago

If you are really silent, you can hear Sessler crying how it isnt fair.

-Foxtrot1744d ago

Large is not the word...I mean I thought the PS4 was going to go in orbit for a brief second

I think he needs to cut down a little it could really damage his health.

Muerte24941744d ago

Adam Sessler and Marcus Beer must be jealous as hell right now lmao!!!

Boody-Bandit1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )


This guy is a riot.
Good for him.

Unlike Franics I wont have to make room for the PS4. I already cleared a shelf for it's slanted sleek sexy @ss. Been modifying my game room all week while waiting for it's arrival. Even got some new speakers. YEAH!

4 more days!

justSumDood1744d ago

He fooled me. I thought for sure that at the end of the video he was gonna eat the contents of the box.

Ezz20131744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

i lost it when he said "SUCK IT NERDS"

pedrof931744d ago

The way he throws the Ps4 controller... it hurts me.

BullyMangler1744d ago

fake! . he clearly takes out a VCR from the box

morganfell1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Ha ha:

And apparently some people do not realize Francis is a character. In reality he is a down to earth guy. Great marketing move by Sony:

Lykon1743d ago

Oh god who is this guy? I absolutely LOVE him ...that laugh .. he is so chubby and cute..

AndrewLB1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Large? LoL. I'm 6'2 240 and would look like starvin marvin next to that guy.

edit: except I'm white. heh

x713hitsquad1743d ago

Lmao. It's a Direct Tv box.

SonyWarrior1743d ago

why do people watch this guy. he obviously is a low life with no job and makes fun of his patheticness to get youtube money because he has no dignity at all...

Chucky20031743d ago

What is funnier is that he has a treadmill on the hallway :))

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-Foxtrot1744d ago

I laughed when he threw his Xbox 360


The_Villager1744d ago

I laughed when he threw the DS4 over his head LOL

Campy da Camper1744d ago


"its from Sony."



Mr_cheese1744d ago

Francis never fails to entertain.

ABeastNamedTariq1744d ago

Same here. I had to close my eyes.

AceBlazer131744d ago

seeing him throw the 360 felt nice though

The_Villager1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

What are you talking about that was the funniest part!

Bundi1744d ago

I have to say good job on the video, this indeed is a very good depiction of a playstation 4 I mean a gamer with a playstation 4.

FITgamer1744d ago

Yeah, i was really hoping his wife back handed him right after that.

Off topic: I bet the tread mill has never even been plugged in.

omi25p1743d ago

Well done you made a fat joke. You are by far the smartest, Wittiest and most original person on the internet.

FITgamer1743d ago

No punch line. Wasn't a joke.

solidjun51744d ago

Why does this guy remind me of Eric Cartman? lol

solidjun51744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

I know it's an act. The way he did it though, I kept thinking of Cartman.

On topic: I thought this was a funny video. lol

"Gotta make room." XD

Games_R_Us1744d ago ShowReplies(2)
hazardman1744d ago

Definitely a WTF moment!!!

IRON883 1744d ago

I know right that fat batard I wanna kick him in his fat head

hellzsupernova1743d ago

I lost it when he threw the 360 lol Francis is hilarious.

saber000051743d ago

It's all acting guys. Their was a couch behind him. I laughed at this. Can't wait until this Friday.

Aghashie1743d ago

What the FUUU... He throw it!? I wished the controller return, like a boomerang and hit the guy with a vengeance on the back of the neck...

He got a PS4 before anybody else and he throw the damn thing. Can't believe my eyes.

(I want this guy to choke on a roastbeef sandwich - but I better keep my intentions to myself)


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chaosdemon091744d ago

Ya I tried to submit this but couldn't see how to embed the vid. Is away from my comp so dunno if ipad has the option. But either but meh doesn't matter. Couldn't happen to a better guy. Hope he does alot of vids with the ps4.

brandonb211744d ago

i just went to his twitter sony gave it to him to film this video, he got to keep it for 2 hours then had to send it back.

sigfredod1744d ago

lol 2 days later they receive the box with the 360 he threw

Eonjay1744d ago

"Can you help me with the table!"

LOL I'm dying!

Mikelarry1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

"what??? i gotta make room" made me burst out laughing. come on shopto deliver mine extra early so i can be one of the cool kids

edit: also no diss to the guy but he reminds me of cartman when he laughs

DoctorJones1744d ago

It's just him as a character, he doesn't really act and talk like that.

Ron_Danger1744d ago

Yeah... When the camera is off him he's just a regular 6 foot 3 muscular black guy.

titletownrelo1744d ago

@ Ron_Danger


fenome1744d ago


On youtube he goes by Boogie2998, this is his 'alter ego' Francis, he makes videos as Francis sometimes, but this is not how he acts or sounds in real life. He's actually quite successful on youtube, that's how he earns his living. He's also very intelligent, here's one of his vids.. It's actually kind of sad, but it's the real story of his life and the trials and tribulations he's faced along the way..

fenome1744d ago

@Ron_Danger, my bad, that was actually supposed to go to @Mikelarry. Don't know how I managed to screw that up..

ShwankyShpanky1743d ago

Fake character, fake delivery.

No packing/padding in the shipping box? Just a loose PS4 box rattling around with three inches of empty space on each side?

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