Here’s Moonlightswami’s Xbox One Unboxing Video, That Was Previously Taken Down by Microsoft

We all know, by now, abut early Xbox One owner Moonlightswami, that received the Xbox One early due to a shipping mistake by target, then proceeded to post an unboxing video on YouTube and all sorts of information and pictures on twitter, only to have the video removed via copyright strike from Microsoft, and his console banned.

Now the video is up again, due to Moonlightswami's agreement with Microsoft.

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Mikelarry1743d ago

there is nothing like unboxing a console you have been waiting for. i really cant wait for mine to get delivered.

SITH1743d ago

Yes there is. Unboxing a console you have been waiting for, 14 days early before it releases. That is winning.

1743d ago
badboy7761743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Xbox Done...Xbox Done...Xbox Done

blumatt1743d ago

Nice!!! I've been trying to find this!!

ErryK1743d ago

He seems like a very cocky person.

Plagasx1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

I would be too if I had one the next gen systems laying on my bed 14 days early :)

Agent11743d ago

Actually he just sounded very confused, excited, overjoyed, and in great disbelief.

CaulkSlap1743d ago

Sounds like your typical XBL gamer.

b00mFargl31743d ago

are you just trolling. Sounds like anyone who would be excited about getting something early. Dont be a dick.

Lwhit61743d ago

He seems so excited that he might have a brain aneurysm.

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BattleReach1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Still waiting for Microsoft to announce the Xbox One release date for the Netherlands..


Cueil1743d ago

you guys got hosed is it me or the only European countries that get the game are EU countries?

twinspectre1743d ago

why are you waiting xbone?? get the PS4 real GAMING console real NEXTGEN console

LogicStomper1743d ago

Yet another person who doesn't know what they're talking about...

Okay, before I believe you, define for me what "real gaming console" and "real next-gen" is.

nasnas761743d ago

not everyone is like you, respect their decisions and stop force feeding your ideology just because you prefer something else. You're obviously only here to troll, it's getting tiring and immature that every XB post has people like you.

awesomeisjayell1743d ago

tell your mom to come get this real **** lmfao

Ausbo1743d ago

the ps4 does nothing different than the ps3. Its just more powerful.

At least the xbox does multitasking and has more features out of the box, in addition to being more powerful.

If next gen is just more "power" to you, then get a pc.

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jgrigs091743d ago

I would expect y'all to receive the Xbox One by the summer of 2014 the latest I would say. Probably be earlier than tat.

Agent11743d ago

Just take a drive to your neighboring country and pick one up!

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