System Bug Locking Vita Out of PSN, Fix Found

PlayStation Vita users are reporting a bug in the most current version of the PlayStation Network/Sony Entertainment Network interface that denies them access to PSN social features (friend list, messaging, etc.) Sony has not yet addressed the bug, but work-arounds have been discovered that should squash the issue until Sony can come up with an official fix.

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GotEnder1712d ago

i had this issue. nothing i did would let me sign into psn. after 15 minutes of tinkering i was prompted to accept a new TOS, afterwards everything worked fine. im assuming it was related to the friends list upgrade

Luke_fon_Fabre1712d ago

Where is the new terms of service?

SonyStyled1712d ago

log into the playstation website and your prompted to accept the ToS and that was my fix

Inception1711d ago

I had this issue too and i go to setting -> PSN and it will automaticly showed the new ToS. After that, everything work normal again.

himdeel1711d ago

I kept trying to log into party and it finally prompted me to accept the new tos.

George Sears1712d ago

What about that annoying PS Store infinite loop bug when purchasing items, has this been addressed already?

Remy_S1712d ago

The latest update, 3.00, should have fixed it. I haven't had the problem since.

Skate-AK1712d ago

Yeah. It was supposed to be fixed with the last firmware update.

0ut1awed1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

You guys mean the bug where it would get stuck adding something from the PSN store to the download que? Only way to fix it was to power cycle the Vita and try again.

If so I have not had that issue since 3.00 either. Glad it got fixed.

Stick891712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

I did the "activate game" part then I just shut down my Vita, turned it back on and when I tried to connect again it asked me to accept the new everything seems fine now.

_FantasmA_1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

This is weird because I had already accepted the terms and played for a whole day. But yesterday I could not login to PSN. There was TOS under account information, so if you guys can't do it on your Vita, just visit the SEN store here and login:


R3DRAIN891711d ago

During this time, my youtube app on Psvita wont allow me to post any comments,not sure if it has to do with the TOS cause i already agreed to the new one and everything works but that.

fenome1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Now you've gotta have a Google+ account to comment on Youtube. It's retarded, a lot of people are pissed about it, even one of the co-founders of Youtube:

This video really breaks it down

check out some of his other videos too if you're interested the game Destiny. He's the most well informed individual I've found on youtube and sometimes he even hides beta codes in his vids

R3DRAIN891711d ago

thanks,ill check it out.