Xbox One's Kinect: impressive control, instant access

Destructoid writes: I'm glad to report that the Kinect sensor and all the tech powering it makes controlling the Xbox One seem really simple. This was an in-house demo that Microsoft conducted, but I did get to try it out for myself, so it wasn't like it was scripted or controlled.

Everything we tried seemed to work beautifully. Let's hope things work as well when we get our Xbox One systems home later this month.

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Red_Devilz1741d ago ShowReplies(8)
LGM3131741d ago

This will be like the 1st kinect, MS will say that is amazing, that is the future but in the end, no one will use. I'm not saying is a bad idea or concept, but voice control doesn't impress anyone anymore, maybe 3 years a go when the first one came out, but not anymore.

buynit1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

What other console had voice Control?
Never mind i read that wrong...

LGM3131741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Xbox box and some games for ps3. Voice controls on cell phones make sense, but in consoles are more like add ons, its cool but sacrifice 10% of the machines "power" for that, makes no sense to me. Plus you will use this just to show to your friends in a party or something like that, voice wont replace the controller, again maybe in cell phones when you are driven, but thats all.

buynit1741d ago

I would hope that voice would never replace the controller, hell kinect its self better not replace it, not for our traditional games anyway... I just want kinect to compliment the controller..

Im looking forward to kinect and Im glad ms decided to fully support it and give this tech a real chance..

mhunterjr1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I'm pretty sure people will use it, since its included in the box (and the price). I doubt there will be very many people who buy the Xbox and don't hook the kinect up. Plus several launch games include kinect functionality, most notably battlefield 4. Head tracking, lean, and voice commands will add a nuance that affects gameplay in a very positive way.

It's already on a better track as far as its use in games than the original kinect was.

Ashby_JC1741d ago

I'm looking forward to the bf4 head tracking features. especially in vehicle head tracking confirmed!

lastofgen1741d ago

"but voice control doesn't impress anyone anymore..."

yeah, that's just according to you.

I, on the other hand, would love to see consoles approach that convenience standard.

Bigpappy1741d ago

@ LGM313: You don't have any idea what you are talking about. You must have a problem speaking clearly.

I am a field tech for a large company, and have to rely heavily on my GPS. I use it everyday, several times a day. I never touch the thing except to turn it on or off. I use only voice commands to give it addresses or find places of interest, and I do this while driving. So voice commands are very, very accurate today.

YodaCracker1741d ago

This is precisely why Kinect is being included with every console - so everyone has the chance to use it. And I imagine after experiencing how intuitive navigating the dashboard is with Kinect, few will want to put the camera away.

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IQUITN4G1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

XB1 is sounding more tempting to me than I thought it would. I'm a gamer at heart and that wont change but I like the idea of a machine aimed at doing everything and being able to do all that in a more efficient way than if it had been designed purely as a games machine

sincitysir11741d ago

Agreed. Definitely pick one up down the line

Ashby_JC1741d ago

they must likely had this in mind with Kinect 1.0 but couldn't implement it fully.

with xbox one they made it with Kinect fully involved in development.

seeing all these demoes it would be a surprise if the release a Kinect less sou in the future.

kewlkat0071741d ago

"Everything we tried seemed to work beautifully. Let's hope things work as well when we get our Xbox One systems home later this month."

My thoughts as well...

Remember software will always improve as Microsoft tweaks it. I'm expecting little bugs and such like most launch consoles will have.

I wish they had the Yahoo Fantasy App working

Ashby_JC1741d ago

what impressed me is using voice to jump from app to app is going to be faster then using the controller.

Current gen takes some time to get from game to app etc. and the fact that when you do it in xbone your game is still open.