Naughty Dog CoFounder: “Two Years Ago Microsoft Was Going to Win this Gen. That’s Not The Case Now”

Naughty Dog Co-Founder and former Studio President Jason Rubin is quite confident in Sony’s possibilities to do well this generation, especially due to the internal change brought to the company by people like Mark Cerny.

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Abash1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Microsoft had Sony and PlayStation in a position they'll never get them in again, they could have really dominated them some time ago but Sony made all the right moves with turning around the PS3 and making the PS4. Now Sony is in great form and looking to take the market by storm with the PlayStation 4

JhawkFootball061379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Nobody knows the future. Sony is doing extremely well with this launch, better than Microsoft by great margins. Both consoles will do well, but as we saw with the Wii, the market is too unpredictable to estimate what will happen for years to come.

Sony is hands down winning the gamers' market which Microsoft needs to understand is tremendously more crucial than the casual market. The gamers' market, especially the hardcore gamers are the ones that will be using your system the most, and likely supporting you the most. But most importantly, the ones that will come back.

pedrof931379d ago

They forgot to make more exclusives that's why.

abzdine1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

i applaude MS for the 360, but that success wouldn't have been existing if PS3 didn't come that late, even with that high price.
right now a new PlayStation is coming at the same time and cheaper, i can only wish MS good luck not to give up too fast because when i see how the world is hyped for PS4 i don't think anything can stop it if they keep doing what they are doing and by keeping it real and no BS with consumers.

and Rubin, come back to Sony!!!

BigShotSmoov0071379d ago

The one mistake MS made last gen which I hope they correct this time around is first party games and studios. That Sony's biggest wild card and if MS keeps giving them that edge, Sony will always be in the console war and could possibly win it this gen.

mattdillahunty1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

it's funny, because when you look at it, in a weird way Microsoft almost deserves as much credit as Sony does for Sony's success. Sony is obviously doing things right, no question. but for the past few years, Microsoft has been doing so many things wrong that when Sony even does basic things that a console manufacturer should do, it gets much more attention than it should.

for example, here are some of the things Sony has been doing well:

--they don't treat their customers like they have a below average IQ.
--they don't try to nickle-and-dime their customers to death. yes, Sony's main objective is to make money just as much as Microsoft's is, but at least Sony isn't so blatant about it.
--Sony actually makes it seem like they care about gamers and gaming in general. whether or not they do is honestly irrelevant, but the point is that they at least have the appearance of caring.
--most importantly, Sony works towards giving us unique exclusives only available on the Playstation brand. yes, multiplatform games have the strongest hold on the console business nowadays, but of the main difference-makers in choosing a console is exclusives. Sony gives us more unique ones than MS, and more high quality ones (imo).

if you look at those reasons, none of them are really above and beyond what a console maker should do. any decent company should do these things. hell, Nintendo does them for the most part (their problems lie in other areas). but Microsoft? they can't even get the basics right, which makes their competition look even better.

don't get me wrong, i'm not at all trying to make it sound like Sony doesn't deserve any credit. they do, in fact. but Microsoft's blunders are also playing a huge role in Sony's recent success.

mikeslemonade1379d ago


The had a buzz before it was released. And then the Wii kept snowballing. The X1 is the most expensive system and there's system selling quality at all other than it's the "next xbox". Xbox is a strong brand but Sony is the stronger brand, so that negates that selling capability.

JhawkFootball061379d ago


What I was more trying to imply is that Microsoft is too worried about the casual game market than the hardcore gamers. The Wii was selling like hot cakes, everybody remember that meme of the wii "it prints money!!!!"

But as we've seen all those casual gamers' that bought the wii, didn't support Nintendo and buy the Wii U. So if Microsoft loses their hardcore fanbase, they are done.

nukeitall1379d ago


I find your statement incredibly ironic, consider the twists and turns of the console industry to be like a soap opera!

Remember when Sony dominated with the PS1 and PS2 while MS and Nintendo looked like a joke with original Xbox and GameCube, to Xbox 360 gaining steam, but Wii winning, then Xbox 360 gaining, to Xbox One uncertain future, while Wii U is barely hanging in, to PS4 seemingly have a very positive start, but Xbox One is now generating massive positive buzz due to the interface videos coming online.

Like JhawkFootball06 said, the market is very unpredictable. Just enjoy it!

UltimateMaster1379d ago


If the PS4 can have the momentum and sales that the Wii had, then for sure it's winning next gen as the Wii currently won last gen quite early on.

Omegasyde1378d ago


I agree. Most Wii owners bought first party titles for the most part. Granted this meant more money in Nintendo's pocket but the attachment rate wasn't as high as Xbox or ps3.

In the begining of the PS3 life cycle the attachment rate was horrible but improved later on due to exclusives. I think with the Wiiu Nintendo has been holding off of their usual big titles for a bit too long i.e. mario kart, smash brothers, mario(insert sport), Zelda, Metroid. I know that's why I am holding off on buying a WiiU until more games are out for it.

To be perfectly honest Microsoft is targeting more of the average joe then they are the hardcore crowd.

LonDonE1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

one thing wrong last gen? r u kidding me?
What about pay to play online model? which Microsoft has implemented since o.g xbox? and now Sony has done it too, granted at-least with Sony you get a much sweeter deal,free games play and some to own, etc but this is still major B.S!

Why we the gamers have to pay to play our rightfully bought games online is ludicrous! especially when you consider the most played online console games last gen where P2P, and so we were the server, or the host of the match was the server, and so why we have to pay anyone a fee for accessing this is stupid as hell!

With dedicated servers its fair enough, servers have to be maintained etc but why for p2p games?
Granted Microsoft has claimed with the powerz of de cloudz lol most games will be dedicated servers on xbox1 using azure, but it still remains to be seen!

Regardless i have been pc gaming for decades with dedicated servers and at no extra cost,so why console companies have to charge is stupid!!! but understandable, i still think P2P games should be free online, and dedicated games can charge, that would be more fair!
Most of the ps3 first party online games where also dedicated servers so why xbots think its new tech is laughable!!

Either way Microsoft has made LOTS of mistakes this gone generation, lets not sugar coat it!
If Sony didn't use the cell and make programming hard and expensive, then i doubt Microshaft would have done as well! also red ring of death inflated the total xbox3FixMe sales numbers, trust me Sony were arrogant at the ps3 launch after riding the ps2 success, but now Sony has been humbled and they are hungry to dominate all over again! Microsoft watch out!!! lol

Zuperman1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

The reason why the PS3 wasn't that successful in the beginning of last gen was because of...

1. 1 Year released after the 360
2. $599.99 price
3. New architect "Cell" that was hard to develop.

Koyes1378d ago

I believe it was lack of first party titles and the focus on Kinect that caused the downfall of the Xbox

insomniacgamer1378d ago

Core gamers don't trumpet one system over another, they play what they want and the corporations and hype be damned. That said...

Cpt. Obvious says M$ screwed up by substituting DDR5 for DDR3 to force the Kinect. They also tried pushing a draconian drm policy on everyone. They are not stupid though and nobody knows what lies ahead with them (the Cloud being an unknown factor, sdram potential, and the impact of focusing on targeting families and controlling the living room tv).

Sony was smart to not go cheap on hardware, to listen to the fans, and keep it simple for developers to work with. Where they are in trouble though is with their corporation itself. They are in trouble financially. How that bodes in the long run has to be factored into the equation as it could affect the infrastructure in ways you can not predict post launch and long run.

Also, Naughty Dog is of course going to tout the PS4 as they are an exclusive dev for it(akin to M$ Studios saying Xbox One is better). Just buy what your friends are buying (PS4 or Xbox One) and have fun. Trip on hardware and you may as well go balls deep and pony up with the pc as that trumps all in that area.

Console wars and fanboys make me laugh. Grow a pair, play what you want without listening to Cpt. Hype (one way or the other), and if you have fun then to hell with those that downtalk ya. My .02

DVAcme1378d ago

Not only that, but hardcore gamers are also the most jealous of their wallet. They demand palpable benefits for their investment, including quality of games, features of the system, online infrastructure and of course price range. Sony is already ahead of the game in this regard with a consistent stable of quality franchises, more powerful system hardware, PS+ and the lower price range of the console.

Sony also has an edge over Microsoft in two regards: brand loyalty and international sales. MS user might be more willing to jump ship to the PS4 this new gen, but PS3 users are much more likely to stay with the PS4 than jump to the XB1. As for international sales, the PS4 is getting released on many more markets before the XB1, and has a more internationally-flavored library of games than the XB1's more Americocentric library. By the time the XB1 gets released on those market, Sony will already have a huge lead.

neogeo1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

MS and Nintendo also forget that "Gamers" Are the true marketing. We gamers have the loudest voices and we control the sheep known as casuals. Casuals don't spend much time researching what's the best, they take the advice from hardcore gamers because we are the ones shouting it from the rooftops. We are the ones writing the articals. So when MS or Nin think they can abandon gamers they have a hard lesson to learn.

LoTuZ1378d ago

Actually companies have forecasting methods which end up being right more than one would think.

If you consider the price difference between the 2, the sales figures, and the release dates, I think it tells a lot.

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allformats1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

That's what happen when you have execs who care nothing about gaming running your videogames department, Microsoft. A total lack of understanding of your demographic's needs, leading to massive destruction in the Xbox brand, per DRM-gate.

All Sony needed was an opening to regain its footing, and that's exactly what Microsoft's mistakes have allowed Sony to do.

The Eighth generation of gaming is now Sony's to lose.

DVAcme1378d ago

Hell, Microsoft's basically been doing Sony's job for them with all the dumb decisions they've made pre-launch. They do something stupid, Sony goes "we're not doing that" and they instantly win. It's like there's a Sony double agent inside MS poisoning their water coolers with stupid juice or something.

HighResHero1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

You pretty much took the words right out of my mouth Abash.
MS had their chance, but with their marketing the games division could stay afloat.

I also kinda want most of the COD fanboy types and whiners to stay on xbox live though, so this could be a win-win for me. Also, competition can still be good even though Sony looks to dominate with the PS4.

Killjoy30001379d ago

The little kids don't know facts, they'll just scream "Mommy, all I want is an Xbox."

redwin1378d ago

I'm a parent and I'm getting the box, I know about games and I've had every system since Atari. I love games and I just like the feel of the Xbox. Those that make me inferior? I like the system with a hard drive, big controller and a good online service. Obviously Sony thinks those are all strong points since they have copied it all including the paid service, for which you demonized MS for doing, and now is a good thing because Sony is doing it? Now I'm happy about the unlimited cloud storage space for all Xbox players. Yes, ps4 has more power than the box, but the box was built to run off the cloud not a cd. We'll see what happens later. Ms has a good infrastructure, and that is a plus. Remember, the dreamcast was more powerful than the ps2, the genesis was more powerful than the Super Nintendo and the ps3 was a lot more powerful than the 360. In all these instances the little guy did ok. Picking a different console other than the popular one doesn't make you stupid, it just means you made a different choice. If not, the we would have only one brand of car on the road. Game on!

Bigpappy1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I really don't think M$ is focused on crushing Sony. I have yet to hear them say a bad thing about Sony or their console. Sony is presenting themselves as the anti-M$, by trying to counter their every move. But M$ seem to be just focused on what they want to do. Not on Sony.

Having said that. Mark did do a good job designing PS4. M$ also did a good job designing X1 around their vision and features. Who will sell more over the next few years will depend on which appeals to more people.

xHeavYx1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

What's MS going to say? " Sony has been pouring new IPs and great games, we think that's an attack to their fanbase, whose wallets are dry" or " Sony is showing how little they care about their consumers by not forcing them to buy a gimmick" or what about "we don't want our loyal customers to have to buy a be tv, that's why we don't support 1080p, other than that racing game with pre baked lightning, no day/ night cycle"

iceman061378d ago

Don't get it twisted. MS wants to crush ANY competitor. It's business. You don't just LET someone take marketshare. That being said, it's not as emotionally fueled as the fanboy console wars. There isn't too much mudslinging. It's pretty much standard business tit for tat. I don't see Sony as presenting themselves as the anti-Xbox as much as presenting themselves as pro-gamer. MS has taken the stance of trying to gain everybody in one fell swoop. The all in one approach. Sony, on the other hand, has tried to get the core and use that to boost word of mouth to attract the rest. Two different approaches to the same end...hopefully successful business.

rainslacker1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

The only reason Sony is seemingly countering MS every move is because the moves MS were making were completely ludicrous. People kept asking Sony if they were going to do it. Sony was forced to respond. If that is countering, then I don't really know what to say.

In fact, since the reveal, and since the 180's almost every "counter", has been in relation to the weaknesses of the X1(some overblown) and the policies of MS, when it seems that it's business as usual at Sony.

redwin1378d ago

All I know is that since MS came to the picture we have gotten great resurgence in American games, hard drives instead of memory cards, great online service, bigger controller, indie games. It can't be bad, Sony copied all that from MS and you all like that about Sony. So, MS can't be that bad.

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Automatic791379d ago

To early to call a winner. I stopped by a game store today and the xbox one kiosk were there I started asking and believe it or not even Sony fans were impressed. Many indicating that they were buying both. Right now MS is focused and messaging is much better. Game lineup is awesome. The one negative that can affect them is the price. Hardcore gamers will purchase the general consumer may opt for Xbox 360. Being that demand is still strong.

quenomamen1379d ago

What doesn't lie are pre order numbers and we know who's on top there.

Campy da Camper1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

"Game lineup is awesome" subjective. Personally, I prefer exclusive sony line up and higher resolution multiplats. Also, no stupid camera to set up. Also, 100 bucks cheaper.

rainslacker1378d ago

You must visit a game store with some pretty open minded customers then. From my experience over the years, it's pretty rare to find people that are multi-console, unless you include PC, or portables, or Nintendo platforms in there.

More often than not, console preference is pretty much laid on the table. The participants tend to concede more in favor of the other person being entitled to their opinion, unlike most of these topics on the internet.

DVAcme1378d ago

@Rainslacker Agreed. Nintendo is a special case just because of the 3DS as the bigger of the handheld consoles and that their exclusive franchises inspire very hardcore brand loyalty, and a PC is something EVERYONE has whether it's gaming-centered or not. Bottom line, Nintendo consoles and PC gaming offer very different experiences to Sony or MS consoles, so they're usually owned in addition to those, but between those two it's much more common to see either/or than having both.

I did mention, though, that brand loyalty is keeping the momentum in Sony's favor this new gen, IMHO. The general consensus is that many more X360 users are switching to Sony this new gen than the other way around, and Sony fans consistently stay with Sony systems. Many of the bigger games in MS systems can also be played on PC, too, so even if they don't jump ship to Sony, they might just opt to go full PC instead of staying on an MS console.