Bottled Lightning: Square Enix talks Western-made Final Fantasy and experimental spin-offs

Did anybody really ask for another helping of Lightning, the unrelentingly moody heroine of one of the more controversial Final Fantasies ever released?

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Becuzisaid1777d ago

At this point I'm all for someone else trying to make a FF game. The further this game is away from the decision makers at SE the better.There is somethign seriously wrong with the Japanese development community in how theyre handling their business (SE, Capcom, and shoot me - Nintendo)

Dagobert1777d ago

No thanks to experimental spin-offs or western made Final Fantasy. Stick to the damn pre FFXII formula.

e-p-ayeaH1777d ago

looks alright but ff15 is the one i want to play not this.

kewlkat0071777d ago

Such bullsh!t this is what Squarenix is becoming...JRPGs are lost with this company...I no longer support them.

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