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Playstation 4 User Gets His Console Early

HardwarePal : We have a lucky user who got his hands on Sony’s Playstation 4. He goes by the name “Longandworthit” on Instagram. He got himself a full mega bundle of the PS4 which includes a Dual shock 4, a PS camera, the game Killzone: Shadow Fall and of course the console itself. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PlayStation, PS4, Sony)

Update 1.Longandworthit is son of Guy W. Longworth - Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing.

2.Longandworthit's instagram account has been deleted.

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sigfredod  +   244d ago
You lucky **** lol, just to think you are playing Shadow fall right now, i´m envy congrats man
Abriael  +   244d ago
Probably fake. He removed the picture from instagram and said that the UI video he promised won't come, stating that it's because of a "clause of his father's contract".

That smells like excuse and empty box.
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aksmashh  +   244d ago
I think your right, You would take a picture of the console connected to your tv!! Or at least out of the box!
abzdine  +   244d ago
i got an OUYA early, anyone interested? :D

this article seems cheesy to me, let's see what comes up.
SonyNGP  +   244d ago
Fun fact: His father is Guy Longworth. Senior Vice President of the SCEA marketing team.
sigfredod  +   244d ago
is already out there
0ut1awed  +   244d ago
Now let's wait to see if he really does stay unbanned like Yoshida promised.

Now back to you Microsoft...

Miskonius  +   244d ago
His father works for Sony ffs....
Lwhit6  +   244d ago
I'm going to see if I can pick my PS4 up this Wednesday. (I live 30 minutes away from the amazon warehouse where the PS4s are at)
FamilyGuy  +   244d ago
Yeah this is bs, got it early and he stay quiet on the info? Don't think so, this article is pretty much empty of any real information.
Dohv  +   244d ago
Yeah I agree its fake. You can get boxes if you work at GameStop and game stores. And anyone can buy Killzone Shadow Fall,the Dualshock 4,and PS Camera now.
sentury111  +   244d ago
If he did he would get his console banned. Don't want any negative PR for Sony.
sentury111  +   244d ago
Funny I get disagrees about a ban if he posts footage then an update comes stating he won't post footage and his instagram is closed.

PSX04  +   244d ago
There is nothing on instegram about this topic I think it's just a fake
pharmd  +   244d ago
User? like he's a ps4 druggie lol
Gamer1982  +   244d ago
Loving the fact that you dont get banned if you connect before launch like on xbox..
n4rc  +   244d ago
easy to say that when nobody has done so..

the only way they arent banning early users is if they cant connect to begin with. its a word game..
sentury111  +   244d ago
Only person banned posted footage!

Other user were not.

Have a PS user post footage and see how far it takes them.
RussellGorall  +   243d ago
He is the spoiled brat of some exec that works for Sony.
lnvisibleMan  +   244d ago
Whether he likes it or not there going to be a lot of people crashing at his house tonight.
Bimkoblerutso  +   244d ago
Or perhaps crashing into his house...with a truck to steal it.
gobluesamg  +   244d ago
So jealous right now!!
ABeastNamedTariq  +   244d ago
Lucky sunuva gun!
YoungKingDoran  +   244d ago
Actually he's a sunuva bigwig in Sony's marketing department lol
4lc4pon3  +   244d ago
lucky SOB
skoorydook  +   244d ago
Wonder if they just randomly sent one early on purpose
nominal266  +   244d ago
They did. He has family ties to Sony, so this was a sort of underground way of promoting the console I suppose. Which is rather sad. The video that was posted was very childish and immature. It was supposed to be a fictional character attitude or something, but the video is just too silly and ridiculous. Not the kind of person that I would hope to see on the PSN \

EDIT: My apologies, a different person made the video I speak of, that was the weird guy.
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zyphee  +   244d ago
MetalJedi  +   244d ago
I hate him. He such a Sony fanboy. You pic resolution looks sub 720p. I thought everything Sony was 1080p 60fps. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Such a luck SOB.
Kayant  +   244d ago
Quite a few amount of people have one now.
Check this for more - http://www.neogaf.com/forum...
MetalJedi  +   244d ago
Think we can get more pics of his girl modeling next to the PS4?
WeAreLegion  +   244d ago
If he gets one...we'll ALL get one! It'll be anarchy!
ger2396  +   244d ago
Lol, nice breakfast club reference.
shaun mcwayne  +   243d ago
Impossible Sir, Its in Johnsons Underware.
MasterCornholio  +   244d ago
Guys he's going to upload a bunch of videos later on today. I hope Sony doesn't ban him for doing so.

Nexus 7 2013
freakin lucky. just 5 more days to go.
WeaseL  +   244d ago
Francis Unboxing a Playstation 4
MasterCornholio  +   244d ago

Look at the way he tosses the 360.

Nexus 7 2013
Mikelarry  +   244d ago
lol that bit made me LOL " what?? i gotta make room" who does that. the 29th is looking REALYY far from now seeing all this gamers getting theirs early
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cell989  +   243d ago
Francis throwing that xbox reminded me of this lol :

Smoovekid  +   244d ago
If you won a PS4 from taco bell I think you get it on Tuesday which is two days away!
Soldierone  +   244d ago
13 codes (not all purchases by me) and not a single win. Did like 20 for the Vita one, not a single win. Think I'm done trying that lol
Hicken  +   244d ago
At least you got codes. Every time I went, they were out of the damn boxes.
Aleithian  +   244d ago
Same here. Oh well. Guess I'll have to wait to the PS4 is back in stock...
speedforce131  +   244d ago
I've had about 4 boxes, none of those were wins. I'm starting to think nobody won cause I haven't heard of ANYBODY who said they won one and there was supposed to be 1 winner every 15min.

Shouldn't there be 48 wins per day and the promotion was running for a good month or two now? We should have heard from SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE that they won.
Soldierone  +   243d ago
Was thinking the same thing. With the Vita, people were actually reporting wins daily all over forums. Haven't heard a single person celebrate with this one.
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Mr_cheese  +   244d ago
I want to see some footage :O :D
sprinterboy  +   244d ago
Lol. Hope he does a UI video
LANCERBOIGTI  +   244d ago
neocores  +   244d ago
Boogie from youtube got a ps4 and he did and unboxing and hes playing check out his youtube
sprinterboy  +   244d ago

Can you do a in depth UI video dude please
joeyisback  +   244d ago
http://us.playstation.com/c... this guy dad works for Sony
n4rc  +   244d ago
and the kid probably got it taken away and grounded for trying to become a lil internet celeb... lol
zpoc  +   244d ago
i love that the article doesn't even link to the dude's instagram, and instead wastes time speculating that sony will 'congradulate' him on twitter. gaming journalism at it's finest.
I'm actually not jealous of this guy at all. Hmmmm... I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I have a life outside of gaming...hmmm....
Hicken  +   244d ago
The way you keep whining, that's hard to believe.
Sirlancealot  +   244d ago
I feel sorry for you guys because once the 15th comes around ya don't stand a chance against me in this killzone shadowfall.
Relientk77  +   244d ago
Yea I'm jealous, I want my PS4
JessiePinkmanYo  +   244d ago
Watching all these early release consoles being reported on is like watching other kids in Willy Wonka getting golden tickets. Come the 15th, and 22nd, all of us that preordered will get ours! Those who didn't well...Oompah oompah oompadee do, looks like a raping from eBay to you!
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n4rc  +   244d ago
lol... that made me chuckle
GentlemenRUs  +   244d ago
Oh these lucky gits... There's only one thing I can do now :(

Bye N4G, See you on the 29th... I hope...
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bleedsoe9mm  +   244d ago
stream a game to prove it online and working
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