Playstation 4 User Gets His Console Early

HardwarePal : We have a lucky user who got his hands on Sony’s Playstation 4. He goes by the name “Longandworthit” on Instagram. He got himself a full mega bundle of the PS4 which includes a Dual shock 4, a PS camera, the game Killzone: Shadow Fall and of course the console itself.


1.Longandworthit is son of Guy W. Longworth - Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing.

2.Longandworthit's instagram account has been deleted.

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sigfredod1859d ago

You lucky **** lol, just to think you are playing Shadow fall right now, i´m envy congrats man

Abriael1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Probably fake. He removed the picture from instagram and said that the UI video he promised won't come, stating that it's because of a "clause of his father's contract".

That smells like excuse and empty box.

aksmashh1859d ago

I think your right, You would take a picture of the console connected to your tv!! Or at least out of the box!

abzdine1859d ago

i got an OUYA early, anyone interested? :D

this article seems cheesy to me, let's see what comes up.

SonyNGP1859d ago

Fun fact: His father is Guy Longworth. Senior Vice President of the SCEA marketing team.

0ut1awed1859d ago

Now let's wait to see if he really does stay unbanned like Yoshida promised.

Now back to you Microsoft...

Miskonius1859d ago

His father works for Sony ffs....

Lwhit61859d ago

I'm going to see if I can pick my PS4 up this Wednesday. (I live 30 minutes away from the amazon warehouse where the PS4s are at)

FamilyGuy1859d ago

Yeah this is bs, got it early and he stay quiet on the info? Don't think so, this article is pretty much empty of any real information.

Dohv1859d ago

Yeah I agree its fake. You can get boxes if you work at GameStop and game stores. And anyone can buy Killzone Shadow Fall,the Dualshock 4,and PS Camera now.

sentury1111859d ago

If he did he would get his console banned. Don't want any negative PR for Sony.

sentury1111859d ago

Funny I get disagrees about a ban if he posts footage then an update comes stating he won't post footage and his instagram is closed.


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PSX041859d ago

There is nothing on instegram about this topic I think it's just a fake

pharmd1859d ago

User? like he's a ps4 druggie lol

Gamer19821859d ago

Loving the fact that you dont get banned if you connect before launch like on xbox..

n4rc1859d ago

easy to say that when nobody has done so..

the only way they arent banning early users is if they cant connect to begin with. its a word game..

sentury1111859d ago

Only person banned posted footage!

Other user were not.

Have a PS user post footage and see how far it takes them.

CuddlyREDRUM1859d ago

He is the spoiled brat of some exec that works for Sony.

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lnvisibleMan1859d ago

Whether he likes it or not there going to be a lot of people crashing at his house tonight.

Bimkoblerutso1859d ago

Or perhaps crashing into his house...with a truck to steal it.

YoungKingDoran1859d ago

Actually he's a sunuva bigwig in Sony's marketing department lol