Final Fantasy X-2 HD to have International Release Content

Square Enix Producer Yoshinori Kitase says Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remix will be based on an International Version release with an extra mission, two dresspheres, and Creature Creator.

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killbillvolume121742d ago

Awesome news IMHO! Now if only there was some way to get the content for FFXII strictly for Japan.

Hicken1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Awesome news, indeed!

Edit: No, it wasn't known. We knew for certain about X, but X-2 was questionable.

NexGen1742d ago

Awesome and old. This has been known for over a year now.

killbillvolume121742d ago

Well i just found out fans of FFXII have done a fans translation looks like i will be getting this.

RedHawk021741d ago

Great news indeed. But I'm desperately waiting for a release date. I remember when I was a kid, I watched my cousin play FFX on the PS2. I loved it but I kinda sucked at gaming back then. This will be my first time playing it in spectacular Vita HD. I simply can't wait any longer.

Welcome2Die1742d ago

Im gonna have to pay Yojimbo a pretty penny it seems lol

ScubaSteve11742d ago

now if we can just get a release date

phantomexe1742d ago

I really enjoyed 10 but X2 i didn't care for. For me it was like they geared it towards women which is fine just not my thing. Still be picking it up tho as i want to support these remakes hopeing for others like 7,8,9. I'd even take a 6 which i think is the best, made like ff7. One can alwasy hope.

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