The Incredible Secret Behind Ghosts' Awful Story

Gaming Union: "I’ve said a lot of great things about the most recent Call of Duty title, all of which were oriented around the multiplayer tweaks and additional co-op modes. But Ghosts does have a single player mode that I’ve somewhat neglected to speak of, and if you’ve played it (intentionally or otherwise) you may already know where I’m going with this week’s rant. Getting straight to the point, Riley aside, Call of Duty Ghosts’ single player campaign is so frustratingly bad you actually suffer all five stages of the Kübler-Ross Model of confronting grief. Spoilers ahead."

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Orbilator1743d ago

But as it proves it dont matter how crap a game is, as long as you feed the sheep what they think they want you can sell bucket loads.
that not very fair I know and cod has always been about multiplayer,
but last few years just felt like a 40 quid map pack every christmas

Revolt131743d ago

I mean, I thought the story was pretty good?

edgeofsins1743d ago

It has large scale destruction that might grip people at the devastation that happens. But no it is not a good story at all. In CoD it is just an okay opening establishment, and then a super illogical and contradictory set of events covered up with a bunch of done before action scenes and nonsense action flicks like with the satellite scene in modern warfare 2 that was blown away by a nuke that hit Earth when shockwaves don't travel through space like that at all. It's like a kid writes the events after watching too many bad war movies.

Mystogan1743d ago

Who cares about the scientific accuracy that is f**king awesome!..
if this was your attempt at trolling COD...well you failed bud..

edgeofsins1743d ago

@ Mystogan

Trolling? Trolling is stating something clever in response to something, mainly as a joke. Trolling isn't going on some topic and stating things that others will disagree with.

Seeing how you think CoD has amazing stories I would never go to you for a book.

CoD has about zero character development and has such little coherent story.

If you want a really good story, and also it happens to have to do with guns and weapons of mass destruction, play Metal Gear Solid. Far more refined gameplay, tons of science fiction and realism, tons of character development and feeling of progression and all the games carry out storylines that aren't almost exact copies of the poor storyline from the game before it like CoD has been doing.

KillZone has an alright story and miles ahead of gameplay surrounded with science fiction and realism.

I mean the gameplay and storyline is a subjective thing. But no one that is truly into storyline is actually going to think CoD is good and anyone that is a gaming enthusiast, plays way more then just shooters and CoD, will pretty much agree the combat in CoD is cheap and repetitive and there are far more refined products out there.

Seriously if I want a more arcade shooter experience I will just play Tribes Ascend on PC or some other F2P game. I'm not gonna play a shooter that tries to seem realistic on the outside but really defies realism. Not to mention the performance issues the game has for it's terrible graphics. Activision is just a terrible company that makes too much money for what they put out just like Microsoft. The Original XBox was the only hint of passion MS ever had with video games.

Mystogan1743d ago

Yes Call of Duty stories are always amazing, that's the one thing they had against Battlefield. I was going to buy it just for the story mode but now I'm not so sure.

WhiteDynamite1743d ago

I'm having some fun with Extinction mode, but that's about it.

GusBricker1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

And yet it still kicks BF4's story's ass.

(This is your cue to sync with Riley and have him go pee on it)

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