Second Giant Xbox One Opens In Montreal: Racing Drivers Come Out With a Green Lamborghini

When the first giant Xbox One unlocked in Vancouver, Canada, a horde of zombies came out. But a second giant console has been set up in Montreal, and this time around the contents were quite different.

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KrisButtar1653d ago

1st was a bunch of zombies for Dead Rising, 2nd is a Lamborghini for Forza, will they do another one with roman soldiers for Ryse?

Bundi1653d ago

Lions for Zoo Tycoon, ultimate troll! Massive fines, arrests and lawsuits ensue.

Edward751653d ago

That would be awesome to see!

xJumpManx1653d ago

Its all pretty lame Microsoft has yet to show game play in commercials and Sony makes me wonder if they are targeting San Francisco as their main consumers with those 2 guys singing about playing with each other.

Lwhit61653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Did Microsoft use a life-size Xbox One for this?

I kid I kid I'm actually really impressed with what Microsoft has done.

Nicaragua1653d ago

That's the actual size of the console.

andrewsqual1653d ago

That's just the power brick/concrete block.

skoorydook1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

I think its a great advertising idea

Anyone who disagrees just think it caught your attention enough to enter the thread.

Irishguy951653d ago

Agree, I originally though a giant console sucked as advertising, didn't know they had zombies and this car come out of it. Makes it cool and memorable.

kinetic1001653d ago

maybe they will get 1080 peas out of the next one

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