PS4 Countdown: Expanding Social Features

Gaming Union: "With the launch of the highly anticipated PS4 literally days away, gamers everywhere want to know what makes the PS4 better than its predecessor, the PS3. And while there are many aspects to the new console, some of which we’ve already tackled (launch line-up and PS Vita connectivity), here today we discuss one of the system’s touted improvements that help it stand out above the rest: social features."

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Orbilator1777d ago

Well some nice feature but still 18 days to go for me :( but I dont mind

UnrealThreats1777d ago

In a way your lucky and your unlucky. If you hear bad stuff about the console, *poof* you can cancel your preorder. But then you have to wait 14 more days.... Its a trade off.

Orbilator1777d ago

I agree but I neva had any grief from any ps1 2 or 3 I have owned . I got a day one jap 60gig for 650 pounds ooh I was loaded back then before the twins lol

Godhimself_In_3d1777d ago

5 more days baby. Sorry not to brag

Cuders1777d ago

its crazy its this close i remember watch the sony conference i was so amazed. now its like damn its finally coming and i cannot wait im going to wait inline at best buy from 6 to 12am because i dont have a preorder.

Shad0wRunner1777d ago

I wish Sony would announce whether or not PlayStation Home will be on the PS4. Home is by far, the biggest social feature of the PS3...and if PS4 is all about being "social"...then it needs to have a place for Home and it's users.