Top 5 Exciting New Features for Skype for Xbox One

At Microsoft, we’ve been working hard to create a whole new TV experience that delivers the best Skype communications experience on Xbox One right in your living room. With the launch of Xbox One on November 22, we want to show off the top five most exciting features coming with Skype for Xbox One!

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Burrito26a1774d ago

And all for the low low price of $499.99 plus tax. Oh and a yearly fee of $59.99. All so you can video chat with Granma.

Bigpappy1774d ago

When you get your bag of candy, do you only keep the purple ones and ignore the rest? Then go back to the store an complain that you only got 10 candies when the bag clearly states 120 in the bag?

Well you are doing the same thing here.

Burrito26a1774d ago

No. I only buy the candy that is best. The purple ones in this case I guess.

ambientFLIER1774d ago're saying that you're only interested in skype and nothing else on a game console?

Bigpappy1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Well here is where you are not making sense: Skype is only on of many features that come packed into X1. You would have to ignore all else for you statement to have any validity. (if you only wanted purple, as you stated, you shouldn't by the hold darn bag!). Does that make sense now.

The point really is that you are not doing a good job at trolling.

Burrito26a1774d ago

Now you get it. I wouldnt waste my money on the whole bag.

Godmars2901774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

And all of the XB1 features are behind a $60 subscription. Unlike PS+ which is just online multiplayer.

To properly use you analogy, You go to the XB1 store to buy candy, you buy candy. You go back to buy bread - you have to buy candy. You go back again to buy milk - you have to buy candy. XBL is the "candy tax" is must pay every time you want to use XBL.

Whereas at the PS4 store you pay for candy, you get candy. You pay for bread, you just get bread. You pay for milk - guess what - you just get milk.

Actually this isn't true. When you're done buying what you want, there's a little candy dish you can help yourself to if you want. If you're into sugar-free MMO flavor candy.

Bottom line, Sony's your olde time friendly neighborhood grocer who's willing to let build tab now or then because you're good folk, where MS puts their thumb on the scale all the time. Would charge you for just walking into his store if he could get away with it.

Objective1774d ago

The PS4 doesn't offer candy, so u can't have any.

SITH1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

@big You literally could not explain it any better. But as you are well aware, children, or the minds of. Multiple +bubbles deployed.

BX811774d ago

@godmars ... So you don't plan on buying psn to play mp? While you fools try to make justification saying Xbox charges for these features and Sony doesn't, you're forgetting Sony is charging for mp. 9 times out of 10 gamers want to play online too. You think Sony is stupid? No way. They are still getting your money, it's just easier for you to justify parting with it. Either way the same features and you pay buddy.

Bigpappy1774d ago

Wrong again Godmars: The pay wall is like a club membership fee (Like Costco). You pay to access the store, but the stuff inside still has to be paid for, even though I can get the same stuff at the grocery store. But I pay that membership because the quality and supply is guarantied and it has the variety.

Godmars2901774d ago

No. I personally have no intention of getting PS+. I really don't need to. Fat Princess and Warhawk are the only multiplayer titles I played with any kind of regularity and I've been having a bug up my butt with how much SP has taken a backseat this gen. But I do have loads of SP titles to play with.

Likewise the PS4 isn't or needs to be day-one with me because of all the PS3 SP still coming, and I don't have a feel for what its going to be on the PS4.

aceitman1774d ago

so for the people that buy x1 for tv features or play Netflix is it fair to them that they don't play games but have to pay 60$ to be able to do features on the system that behind a paywall , no its just not fair for them . its not a big deal for the ones that play games online . I thought sony did that right and thats how ms should do it. its not like it cant be done , hell if ur charging for servers to play games then just charge to play games .

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Objective1774d ago

Move along with the times Sony fanboy. Social media functionality has pretty much become the norm with modern technologies.

DigitalRaptor1774d ago

And social media functionality is free on every single device in the world.

Except on Xbox platforms. Do you need a head check?

aceitman1774d ago

I didn't know u have to pay for Skype too.

LogicStomper1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Thanks Captain Obvious.

"Oh, did you know that in order to get rentals on PS3/4 games you need to BUY the console AND pay for a subscription for PS+????"

"Did you know, in order to watch tv, you have to BUY a tv AND deliver it home?"

"Did you know in order to watch sky, you need to buy a tv, a sky box and also, a monthly fee for sky??"

"Did you know, in order to watch something online, you have to buy a computer, a mouse, a keyboard, a monitor and, a pair of speakers? Oh and a monthly internet fee?"

By the way, you fail at spinning news into your favour. In fact, it wasn't even close to spinning, you just fully went off-topic and not even mentioned anything about the article.

SilentCabose1774d ago

Everyone is so funny when they fight about the new consoles. As a console owner who owns all of the current generation, and have both next gen systems on pre-order I feel like they both have positives and negatives. In my experiences even though PSN is free, it is weaker when compared to XBL. I pay for both services right now, and the value added to PS+ is fantastic, you get great games every month for free, but thats where the benefits really end. XBL picks up the slack with a much more robust network and gaming capabilities. If you just want to play games, PS4 is your machine, which is why Sony chose to keep only online multiplayer behind a paywall, they realize that the XBL experience is overall better, and it really is, buying stuff on the PS store is an absolute nightmare, the servers are just not of the same caliber that MS's are. Putting everything behind a paywall for XBL sucks, but it results in a better overall experience as they can use that revenue to continue to upgrade the service.

Ashby_JC1774d ago

what I find on this site. is that people who choose Sony only tend to feel that everything Sony does is better. so take this article about Skype. it turns into..well ms charges you to use Skype, Netflix etc.

we get dint like anything ms does no matter what.

if you don't plan on buying the system why spend so much time bashing it. I see pros and cons for both. I will eventually have both.

lokirevamped1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

That might be your only true friend so I can see that being a plus, that's if you don't count the friend at the end of your wrist. Skype will appeal to those that use it, I don't but I would be lying if I said I wouldn't give it a try. I think those are great features.

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Daves1774d ago

I use skype on my iPhone, I intend to play games on a future PS4.

aceitman1774d ago

and u can video chat on ps4 too. without Skype . it sucks u have to have live to use a feature u paid 500$ for ms. should not force u to have gold. to use features that the system allows u to do but buried behind a paywall is just mess up. x1 owners I hope ms changes there mind on that too it is not fair to u for supporting them.

BX811774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

You should take some of this energy to the new ps4 unboxing video just posted. No need to troll. Go enjoy your system of choice. See you there.

mhunterjr1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Unless you have no intentions of playing online multiplayer, there's really no sense in complaining about the pay wall. Perhaps you feel like you are putting up the good fight for those poor console gamers who can't afford $50/$60 a year, but chances are no one who uses this site will notice the pay wall, because we'll all be playing online anyway.

On topic, the Skype integration on xb1 is sick. Since moving far away from my family for a job, the wife and I've been using Skype to keep intouch. It'll be nice to do it in the comfort of the living room, instead of crowing around our crappy web cam.

AD7051774d ago

Call me old fashion but I'd rather use my computer for skype because its free there while I have to subscribe to a service just to use it on the xbox one.

Why pay for things are free everywhere else? Just so I can use them with kinect?

WhyHate1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Read the articles:

Skype is free on Xbox One

Skype Premium has a monthly / yearly cost.

mhunterjr1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Well, most people here are paying for Xbox live or PSN anyway... So for those folks, there is No there is no added cost. I doubt anyone here would be interested in buying an Xbox and subscribing to Live for Skype alone...

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