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Black Flag takes the largest leap away from the formulaic franchise. After VGU played the new Assassin's Creed game, do they think Ubisoft Montreal are set for further booty or should it be forced to take shore leave?

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ZBlacktt1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

"Combat Remains Unevolved And Boring"

A 4 pistol combo with duel wielding sword attack.

Added free-aiming for all the firearms, a first for the franchise.

"Buggy Audio"

First hearing that. But ok... This the PS3/360 version? Going to guess so. edit: Saw it was.

"Too Many Different Collectibles With Vague Rewards"

Progressive system like all AC games. He must be new to the series. They all have meaning and all are added game play. You collect and do what you want, it's not forced. More you collect, the easier life on the sea becomes.

"Story Is A Drag"

Well, opinion here so just would say ok.

Wargrave1709d ago

1. Apart from the pistols nothing is new mechanically. It is still the exact same counter-kill experience since the first game.

2. It was played on the PS3.

3. I have played the entire series, but Black Flag much more than three. You have chests, fragments, maps, bottles, Mayan emblems, keys and shanties. Collect all fragments and all you get is a trophy. Yes they are optional, but if you take the time to collect 200 of anything in a game, you expect something cool in return.

4. If you actually read the review you would see reasoning for every point, the points aren't pulled from thin air.

ZBlacktt1709d ago

I didn't just guessed at my reply? I read it and then took it points below. Kinda of obvious. So you are informed on your assumption.

Thanks for the opinions.

Heisenburger1709d ago

Of course you'd be here.

I almost forgot you don't allow "wrong" opinions.

ZBlacktt1709d ago

Experience you have? None, ok, trolling as normal. Again, you are the norm on here experience none. Insert myself always. Again you kids who are unaware. I stated things the "opinion piece " left out. You and the few other clowns add zero value. Need I say that again? No, because kids will be kids and just see things how they will.

GarrusVakarian1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

You seem to have a really big problem with opinions on this game that don't match your own, or anything else for that matter.

2 things ive been most worried about have been confirmed in most of the interviews ive read and they are that the combat still sucks and the story isn't anything spectacular.....two areas i was hoping Ubi would make more effort. But i guess im wrong and they are both amazing, right?

ZBlacktt1709d ago

And you seem to think I need you following me around on here. You are new to this site. We have been here some years. Opinions are great. There is nothing wrong with my reply. Other then the fact they left things out in their "opinion" review. All I did was state a few things. Got a problem with it, then move along son.

Stop being a fake on here and play the games you talk about for bubbles. Because that's all you've done when it comes down to it. You are not a PS gamer so stop coming off like one.

Lwhit61709d ago

It all comes down to personal opinion gosh. Scored "reviews" are so pointless. One guy gives it a 9 another guy gives it a 7 both get nowhere trying to argue their opinion.
I'll have a freaking blast with this game I can tell ya that much. A bunch of pointless scored reviews aren't gonna change my experience with the game.

Wargrave1708d ago

You call it an "opinion review" as if there is any other type of review. There is no such thing as an "objective" game review, they don't exist because that would be boring as sin. It would read like "there are cars, you can drive them. You can also brake". Even by stating whether a game or mechanic is good or not you have made a subjective judgement, one that someone, somewhere will disagree with.

If you believe there is a reviewer who is 100% objective, you are wrong.

GarrusVakarian1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

"Stop being a fake on here and play the games you talk about for bubbles. Because that's all you've done when it comes down to it. You are not a PS gamer so stop coming off like one."

Never said i was a PS gamer, i got my PS3 in 2011 and hardly played it at all, only for a few exclusives. Ive told you before i gamed exclusively on 360 for years (103k gamerscore). And please, you are the one obsessed with bubbles Mr "i used to have 9 bubbles waaaah", you are a man in your mid forties and all you care about are bubbles and trophies, you care more about MY bubbles and trophies than i do!!! You REALLY should grow up. To be as old as you are and to think that someone fashions their comments to get bubbles....SMH. I say what i think...if people agree then yay bubbles! If they don't agree then so what?

Trust me, you won't see me here as much when i get my PS4, ive been completely non motivated to play anything lately because of next gen which is why ive been here so much. You are the type of person who judges another's credibility based on their trophies....WHO DOES THAT!? Don't know why i felt like i had to explain myself to you but there it is.....

And ive been coming here for years too ;) Not like that matters at you get more or less intelligent the longer you are here?

GarrusVakarian1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

"and play the games you talk about for bubbles."

Im guessing you are talking about The Last Of Us? Because you spied on me and saw i only had 5 trophies on it (i didn't even know how many i had, that's how sad you are). I played that game all the way through once (took me almost 21 hours because i was so thorough and i took my time enjoying it). But in your opinion im a fake because i only have 5 trophies? Do you like that game anymore than i do because you have more trophies on it? I think not, you have an old and outdated way of thinking about people.

All you do is judge people based on 3 things...bubbles, trophies and how long they have been a member, if someone doesn't meet your standards its "dumb kids" or "ive been here longer than you". Its pathetic. Sometimes i have to remind myself of your age because if i didn't know any better i would have thought you were in your teens based on your maturity level.

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kyon1471709d ago

I have to admit the combat in AC4 has not changed - counter, kill, counter kill. Nothing has really changed.

There were too many pointless collectibles just for achievement hunters and to pad out the game to make people play a little longer.

4lc4pon31709d ago

I don't care about stupid reviewsi can't wait to play black flag and be immersedin the amazing world it offers

Heisenburger1709d ago

Hell yeah! My arrives on Tuesday. *knock on wood*

Bathyj1709d ago

Can anyone tell me, why would I like this if I hated part 3 and am generally burnt out on the franchise and think it should take a couple years off.

I'm asking cos since Watchdogs was delayed I might actually get it but not sure, I think I'm going to be just as bored as I was with Ass3.

Lwhit61709d ago

Naval combat if you're into that stuff.

Bathyj1709d ago

Well it was the best thing about 3. I wonder if it will be enough to carry the whole game.

kyon1471708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

I was never really into 3 but 4 I really like and have sunk much more time into. Ship battles are much better and the exploration is fun. You can really dig your self into to it and just experience the world.

Some stuff is not great granted but the overall game is pretty decent.