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Amazon Launches Buy One Get One Free Promotion for Select PS4 Games

Hardcore Gamer: Those who have pre-ordered a PS4 game will receive a code that grants them a free PS4 game when they purchase one at full price. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, NBA 2K14, Need For Speed: Rivals, PS4)

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Lukas_Japonicus  +   314d ago
No UK promotion?!


I wonder what happens if you haven't pre ordered any games? Do you get the email as soon as you pre order a couple?
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MaximusPrime_  +   314d ago
im from UK and i found this disgraceful :(
Lukas_Japonicus  +   314d ago
Fingers crossed they do something similar closer to the UK launch for the PS4.
mp1289  +   314d ago
got the email for getting the killzone bundle, now i can get battlefield and ghosts to complete my shooters collection, or maybe get something else instead of ghosts lol
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Lucreto  +   314d ago
We never got any of these deals so I don't expect this to be any different.

We might just might get £5 off during the black Friday deals.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   314d ago
I just spoke with an Amazon UK customer service representative and he said that they have no information on any such promotion in the UK ........-_-
xHeavYx  +   314d ago
You UK people should email Amazon till they do the same.
Personally,I was hoping InFamous would be part of the promotion, because I don't see anything interesting other than Killzone and AC
mikeslemonade  +   314d ago
I got mine. I was hoping for it just to be essentially a BOGO. It's essentially buy 2 get 1 free.

I have COD already.. which I want to get rid of, and then I thinking about getting Killzone and BF. Or Killzone and Knack. Or I can get BF and KZ, and then sell the garbage COD.

Any takers want COD GHOSTS for PS4 for $40?
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Eonjay  +   314d ago
I was able to contact Amazon. I had the delayed Watch Dogs pre order and didn't get the email. They said they will email me a code for a free game! AMAZON BABY!!!!!!!
zeee  +   313d ago
Yes, got the email today. It was awesome even though I had cancelled my pre-order of BF4 this very morning! LOVE AMAZON :)
dantesparda  +   313d ago
Nice got the email. And to the UK guys, sorry to hear your plight, but there are two reasons this isnt happening over there (i assume), 1.) Target is doing the promotion here and Amazon is just trying to match them and 2.) Black Friday
Docknoss  +   313d ago
Too bad all the PS4 dayone exclusives suck and suck hard
GirlOnFire  +   313d ago
Useless comment of the year. Thanks for taking the time and comment for the beautiful PS4. Enjoy your launch games which none of them attract me.
thereapersson  +   312d ago
Everyone who is wishing for their retailers to do a promotion of this nature, you need to e-mail the company and let your voice be heard. I work for a company that pretty much thrives off it's customers' feedback. They know this because in the business world, communication is key. Yet some companies forget that the people they serve are somehow on the low end of the "need to know" scale.

I found a good article on the subject

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dboyc310  +   314d ago
Have Killzone with my launch
Going after Knack,Ghost and Battlefield! Damn 5 more days!!!! So Psyched
aceitman  +   313d ago
ghost is not included with the b2g1free
SpitFireAce85  +   313d ago
Did you call Amazon or they just sent you
a code via email?
mp1289  +   313d ago
@SpitFireAce85...in case you haven't preordered any games.

Enter GR8TNESS and get 3 games for $120 basically, assuming you live in the US.

AlexanderNevermind  +   313d ago
Yeah I pre-ordered from Best Buy and they still sent me the code GR8TNESS. Don't have to have pre-ordered the system from Amazon. Very Good Deal.

What are you like 16?
Lukas_Japonicus  +   314d ago
Sorry, i wasn't aware there was an age restriction on that abbreviation.

"No but there is maturity restriction on that phrase."

Im 100% confident that there isn't.
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"F--- my life"

No but there is maturity restriction on that phrase.
wtopez  +   313d ago
Snookies12  +   313d ago
"Donny, you're outta your element!"

Sorry man, sorry... I just had to...

Big Lebowski is just too awesome.
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bub16  +   314d ago
we always get shat on, seeing as we pay shed loads more for out games aswel!
aceitman  +   313d ago
from the site-Please note: Call of Duty: Ghosts and Skylanders Swap Force Starter Packs are sold separately at the full price. and How many times can I use the promo code? The promotion is limited to one per customer.
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jessupj  +   313d ago
Doesn't ship to Australia.

BadlyPackedKeebab  +   313d ago
I dont see it happening in the uk as nobody else is doing it. In the us they have the stick of others doing it so they feel the need to compete.
KingKevo  +   313d ago
It's interesting. I thought Amazon Europe all had similar promotions going on, because in Germany, ONLY of you did pre-order the PS4, Amazon has a promotion where you can choose one free game from Sony (KZ, Knack, DC (that comes out next year, lol)) if you buy 2 3rd party games (BF, CoD, NFS, FIFA or AC). The promotion started this October.

But I'm pretty sure that there will be more to come, especially in the UK, where, unlike the rest of Europe, the Xbox brand was always bigger and Sony is obviously trying to get people to migrate to the PS family. Great promotions await :)
davidDIRK  +   313d ago
This article is bullshit. I just called amazon and this deal don't exist. These dinks need to get a life. Probably never even got laid.
grumpc  +   312d ago
Do you reckon if we're in the UK we can just use the US Amazon website and have it shipped to us?
admiralvic  +   314d ago
Nothing for me yet. I really hope mine is just delayed.
Starbucks_Fan  +   314d ago
Me neither. I ordered it after it was first available
iiwii  +   313d ago
I have Destiny preordered and have not recieved an email either
admiralvic  +   313d ago
It has to be a launch title
iiwii  +   313d ago
But someone above said they ordered watchdogs and got a code.. Thats not a launch title.
jay2  +   314d ago
NJShadow  +   314d ago
Just an FYI, this also applies to games that came with your PS4 console pre-ordered. I have the Killzone Launch bundle on pre-order, and I was sent a code. Snagged two PS4 titles for $60. Pretty awesome promotion!
Lwhit6  +   314d ago
Same here! Got the bf4 bundle and now I'm going to get assassins creed 4 for free! Now I just have to step foot in that nasty place called gamestop and cancel my ac4 order there!
JetsFool3500  +   313d ago
We on the same boat I got a free ac4 with my bf4 bundle
elmaton98  +   314d ago
Me too I got knack and killzone. Now comes Friday and I'll be a happy man.
GameSpawn  +   313d ago
Grabbed Knack and Injustice PS4 Ultimate.

I'm not big on a lot of the other games in the list and ACIV was the reason I got the code in the first place.

If I really had to stretch I'd get NFS:Rivals, but my motivation for it is only a minor point above not getting it at all.

I gave up interest in FPS a long time ago. I still have yet to finish Resistance 2 and still haven't picked up Resistance 3 if this helps paint my loss of interest in FPS. I just don't have the motivation.
Silly Mammo  +   313d ago
Just grabbed KZ And Knack. Used my $41 reward points too. 2 games for $18.
thehitman  +   313d ago
Btw you don't need to buy another game if you have it bundled. All you have to do is go to customer service after you used the code that you already got and have them delete one extra game and they will reduce the other game to 0. For those that didn't want to buy another game after the bundle.
_FantasmA_  +   314d ago
Seriously WTF? I just purchased KZ like an hour ago on Amazon. I hope I get this shit.
NJShadow  +   313d ago
Account > Orders > Cancel Order > Replace Order with Three Titles > Get Deal > Fixed.
_FantasmA_  +   313d ago
I wish I could but I have a prepaid debit card :(. Its a pain in the ass to get the money refunded and I basically have to have Amazon call up my card company and ask them to return the money to me. I still got $10 off because of a credit they gave to people who had preordered the Watchdogs bundle.
NJShadow  +   313d ago
Amazon has stellar customer service, so I'd recommend giving them a call or chatting with them online to see if you could get the promo. Honestly, if you put forth the effort, they should be able to pull up your history and perhaps shoot a code out to you. Give it a try, you've got nothing to lose.
Sitdown  +   313d ago
I have talked to two people....one said the promotion was sent out to random people; other said I did not qualify because Destiny was not an eligible title. At the end of the day, they both pointed me two Tuesday's promotion, which I believe is essentially the same type of promotion.
proskatercam  +   314d ago
Makes me wish I preordered a PS4...
Campy da Camper  +   313d ago
Still a deal worth doing if you are planning on getting one later. You would buy these games then so might as well get one for free.
TH3 GAM3  +   314d ago
I just receive the email, already took advantage of it.
prodg52  +   314d ago
I preordered killzone when watchdogs was delayed. Just got a code and ordered Injustice and got Lego MS free with the promotion!
TheLiztress  +   314d ago
Pretty good deal for those gettinga PS4 on release from Amazon.
vickers500  +   314d ago
Is it necessary for you to have already pre-ordered a game first? I held off pre-ordering any games specifically for a deal like this (buy 2 get one free).
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cyclindk  +   314d ago
Think maybe so, but there's still time to preorder. Also, I believe the promotion will only extend until the 16th of November.

"Dear Amazon.com Customer,

Thank you for pre-ordering multiple PS4 games. You have qualified for a free game from a selection of PS4 titles.

Add one of the qualifying items to your cart and at checkout apply your individual claim code: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

Your savings will be displayed in your Order Summary. Offer is valid through November 16, 2013."
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   314d ago
Do you think it would still work if you only pre ordered a single game, or does it have to be multiple games?
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elmaton98  +   314d ago
Multiple games I'm afraid otherwise you wouldn't take advantage of this promotion.
STICKzophrenic  +   313d ago
It can be a single game.

"Dear Amazon.com Customer,

Thank you for pre-ordering a PS4 game. You have qualified for a special Buy One, Get One promotion on select PS4 titles."
cyclindk  +   314d ago
Well from the article it indicates a singular game needing to be preordered, but I preordered three and only have one code to show for it, so not sure if/when I will get any others, or for WHAT games if that is indeed one of the particulars of the promotion.

The only game I have preordered which is about to/or already shipped is BF4, so maybe I will get more codes when ACIV and KZSF ship as well??

Pitty I had to waste it on CoD, but not much left except Knack maybe...
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   314d ago
"The deal is only valid once, so don’t plan on ordering several games."

Well that settles that.
cyclindk  +   314d ago
Ah i see, to the above comment, guess use another credit card and email perhaps. Different account to take advantage of the deal again.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   314d ago
Now there's a good idea!

But i have to wait until this comes to the UK Amazon....if it ever does.
wsoutlaw87  +   313d ago
i pre ordered a ps4 bundle on 2 accounts and got a free game in both
AceBlazer13  +   314d ago
Alright, that's it, screw digital i'm stickin to retail
HighResHero  +   314d ago
I do both and usually buy new games locally.
Some games just belong in my physical collection.
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llMurcielagoll  +   314d ago
Wow that was quick! I literally JUST got the e-mail of buy one get one free PS4 games with the redemption code!

Im putting in my order for PS4 games on Tuesday!
Goro  +   314d ago
Only in the US? FFS, Why do we Europeans always get screwed.
Half-Mafia  +   314d ago
We got a pretty great deal with the PS4 bundles. I got the bundle with killzone, extra controller and camera for £429. Which is a saving of over £60.
Goro  +   314d ago
£429 is $686
You can get all the stuff you mentioned in Amazon US for $499.
So your paying an extra $187.
wsoutlaw87  +   313d ago
ps4 kz a ds4 and camera would be 580$
Kingthrash360  +   313d ago
i wouldnt say always...ps+ for eu has been steller....but yeah they screw yall on everything else.
cheesecracker  +   313d ago
well canada don't get it either
EdFry  +   313d ago
Gooby plz,
You guys get THE BEST Playstation Plus deals so I don't wanna hear about 'WE ALWAYS GET SCREWED' you can't win them all. You guys are doing alright though :P
Emilio_Estevez  +   314d ago
Already ordered my games, they sent me a code for a free one.

So this is retro-active, check your emails if you bought games through them.
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cyclindk  +   314d ago
Holy freaking awesome! This is great!
CruelAib  +   314d ago
Canada also yesss!!!!! but what happen if i pre ordered 2 game.. i should have 2 code right^
AgitatedOcelot  +   313d ago
Where do you see anything about Canada? I had AC4 preordered, and canceled because I was waiting out to see if there would be a promo. Now I added my pre-order back and I didn't get any promo code at all as of yet.
CruelAib  +   313d ago
Did you received the email?
Lboogieskells  +   314d ago
I got nothing yet??:(

Amazon pleeese
TheTwelve  +   314d ago
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   314d ago
Eonjay  +   314d ago
These deals are getting crazy! Love the pricing competition between retailers. By the end of the week, they will be paying us to buy the games lol.
dantesparda  +   313d ago
Lol, I know right
Lboogieskells  +   314d ago
OMG it worked! yes!

Killzone SF

Need for speed Rivals

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come_bom  +   314d ago
Sony is going all out to win the american market.

Good for the consumer. Competition is good.
Enemy  +   314d ago
The wording seems weird.

Is it only Buy One Get One Free AFTER you've already pre-ordered a PS4 game? There's already a qualifying game coming with my bundle. Does that mean the promotion only works if I buy another game? That would make it buy 2 get 1 free.

So say I ordered the Killzone: Shadow Fall bundle, will I get Battlefield 4 free?
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   314d ago
"So say I ordered the Killzone: Shadow Fall bundle, will I get Battlefield 4 free?"

Yeah i think that's right.
jonatan221  +   313d ago
So this is basically the same as the Target buy 2 get 1 free, right?
labyrinthworm  +   312d ago
No - this is Buy One Get One ($30 per game essentially), where are Target is Buy TWO Get One ($40 game essentially, but you have to buy 3 as well)
jonatan221  +   312d ago
Yeah, but in order to get the buy one get one free, you have to preorder a game that's coming out this week right? So it's buy 2 get 1 free lol
ELFANKOOSH55555  +   314d ago
is this offer only for preordered games cause I want to order killzone shadowfall and it's in stock now plus another game ?
mkis007  +   314d ago
i just purchased killzone so ill tell you if i get the code
mkis007  +   313d ago
LOL I just talked the rep into giving me knack for free, even though the game wasnt preordered. You may be able to do that too? But I think it was meant for preorderes only , the new buy2 get 1 free is meant for everyone else
jmac53  +   314d ago
they ran out of AC4! I was going to do that and Shadowfall.
1OddWorld  +   314d ago
If anyone doesn't have plans on using their code for what ever reason please PM me with it. I have not preordered anything yet {Very Broke} I am about to Preorder BF4 but would love to get Madden for free :D
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DunDee910  +   313d ago
If you're broke, don't buy a $400 entertainment console you idiot. You're a simp for this one.
1OddWorld  +   313d ago
Uhm... I am broke in the "fun" money department. Meaning I can't afford two games at the moment just BF4. Sorry if I offended you by asking if some one wasn't going to use the code for what ever reason.

Thanks for the personal attack.
ALARM-clock  +   314d ago
I pre ordered a PS4 on the US Amazon but haven't recieved the email yet... anyone else in the same boat?
ALARM-clock  +   314d ago
Doh! I just realized you need to pre order a PS4 GAME for the promotion, not a console. Is it too late to pre order a game or was I supposed to have already done it before a deadline...?
Smoey  +   314d ago
Gah please come to the UK I've pre-ordered two BF4's!
UnrealThreats  +   314d ago
Wait. If I pre-order a game right NOW, will I get a code??

EDIT: Im waiting for a customer service associate from amazon to comment on the matter if you are going to pre-order a game now. Will post transcript on here.
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LoneWolf019  +   313d ago
please do post i want to know as well! thanks
UnrealThreats  +   313d ago
The lady i talked said you had to have a previous order to get a code, but this happened: http://imgur.com/t3c2pmv
UnrealThreats  +   313d ago
The lady I spoke with from amazon said you had to have pre-existing order to qualify, but this went down: http://imgur.com/t3c2pmv
crazyclown  +   313d ago
Wonder what the deal will be Tuesday...thanks for the heads up
Scatpants  +   314d ago
If you don't see your code check your junk mail thats where mine was
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