Top 5 Reasons to Buy Need for Speed: Rivals At Launch

"The PS4 launches later this week, and there’s no shortage of quality titles to pick up at launch. We’ve already covered a number of titles such as NBA 2K14, Knack, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, but now it’s time to burn some rubber with Need for Speed: Rivals.

Here are five reasons that you should be paying attention to the next-gen racer." - Joe Garcia

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stavrami1743d ago

number 1 should be because you can have zero skill but play it just fine due to rubber band physics ;-p

LeeR1743d ago

I only need ONE reason NOT to buy it.

That franchise blows harder than a two dollar whore.

JediDiah1743d ago

30 FPS....Meh. I like Forza 60 FPS better.

joffa811743d ago

The only reason to buy it is if your a racing game fan and buying a PS4 then it's the only choice you have for your racing game fix on PS4.