CoD: Ghosts’ Rocky Start Making Some Gamers Rage Excessively

Running into a ton of bugs and glitches within the new Call of Duty title, Ghosts? So are a ton of other people. And they're calling the game the worst FPS in CoD history. But are they justified in doing so? This article discusses what to expect during a game's initial launch and what the appropriate reaction should be.

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MushThePainter1777d ago

I have bought every Call of Duty since COD 4. I was initially going to wait for the PS4 version but now I'm thinking that I'll just stick with Killzone Shadowfall for my go to multiplayer shooter.

CaddyLss1777d ago

I dont understand why do we need to give them time, when the fact that the company is SOOO IN THE GREEN that these things should be worked out b4 launch. If the $$ is there then why not use in on man power to at least attempt on having a game running near perfect.."$420 million on the first day of selling over 7 million copies of Call of duty Modern Warfare: 2 Worldwide" And that was MW2 we're on Ghost....J.S

Alduin1777d ago

Unfortunately developers aren't able to test every single thing in a game before launch. When you're talking about 100s of 1000s of players or more online at the same time, a lot can happen. And even during alpha & beta tests some things slip through the cracks. Nearly all big multiplayer game launches have SOME issues at first. It happens.

sdozzo1777d ago

It's expected for multiplayer games to have trouble out of the gate. It's the server dilemma that all initial launches have... Sim City, Diablo 3, etc. Sucks and no one wants to hear it but it's true.

Alduin1777d ago

Exactly. It sucks being a gamer and not having a great experience on a new game on day one, but these days its to be expected. Nearly all online games go through this. MMOs, FPS, hell even Skyrim like the article mentions went through it. They had bugs for months. Its unfortunate but its something you just have to push through until its fixed.

sloth33951777d ago

I remember when games use to work when they came out and you didn't need to patch them

Alduin1777d ago

We can't even get consoles that work without day 1 patches these days. I'm pointing at you, Xbone XD

Shadonic1777d ago

but isnt the Day 1 patch there for the people who were complaining about the console before they even tried it ?

310dodo1777d ago

to be fair games now have so much online components, and these are the issues we have with games now adays

GentlemenRUs1777d ago

Don't expect a lot of the OP people, It's on a website with the name callofduty in the http link...

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The story is too old to be commented.