Ryse Son Of Rome isn't censored in USA, confirms Design Director

Patrick Esteves, Design Director at Crytek: "There's no cut content in Ryse for the U.S. All versions are 100% ...uh.. viscerally equal :)"

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Bigpappy1653d ago

Thank you Mr. Crytek guy. I am old enough to see snatch and boners, if it happens to go that far.

Bundi1653d ago

Bigpappy is happy to be able to see boners. Nothing more needs to be said.

And that kids is how gaming journalism works, sensational headline based on an out of context comment.

Still though bro...

Bigpappy1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Lol. Apparently you get the last word. Don't worry, and don't send me any PM's of yours. If it still works?

Rockefellow1653d ago

I see people don't understand the humor in your comment. That's probably because 90% of the articles on N4G use click-bait headlines... and 90% of N4G members don't bother to read the articles anyway.

A match made in heaven.

JhawkFootball061653d ago

I don't understand how it would be anyways. With movies like Saw out there, and Call of duty where you play as a terrorist and shoot up a airport. This gladiator themed game should not be a problem

Bundi1653d ago

Lol wow my joke went above the heads of 9 people so far.

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gillri1653d ago

Excellent! Next-gen boobs for all!

Cueil1653d ago

This is Rome you know... it's not necessarily heterosexual sex

Bundi1653d ago

Well that settles that teacup storm. Next crisis?

Activemessiah1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Yeah!! I better see a sex scene!!!

EDIT: I know how that sounded.