The Most Hilarious PS4 Publicity Stunt is a Guru Offering to Help with Your Pre-PS4 Anxiety

The outset of the next generation is full of funny, weird and awesome publicity stunts. There are PS4 apartments, Xbox One hotels, McLaren Taxi Cabs, and there also is a guru offering to help with your pre-PS4 anxiety.

It's not a joke: Sony Computer Entertainment Spain "created" the bearded character of Maestro Shaval (Master Shaval), an alleged Indian Guru whose mission is to bring peace and relaxation to those that suffer from excessive stress due to the wait for the upcoming console.

There even is a test to measure your Pre-PS4 anxiety with hilarious questions and answers and more.

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GarrusVakarian1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Lmao! Now ive seen it all. People would be willing to pay to get rid of PS4 anxiety (presuming it actually works), rather than just waiting it out?

"What does the term “Menage a Trois” suggests to you?
.A french dish.
.A recurring scene in some dirty movies.
.MPS4, my PS Vita and me."

Hahahaha. We Humans are a funny bunch sometimes.

(Someone PM me the phone number, just incase XD)

majiebeast1626d ago

What i got from this video.

Hope Sony does some more of these crazy viral videos.

Lwhit61626d ago ShowReplies(2)
Aleithian1626d ago

Sony makes it impossible not to love them! They have returned to form with the PS4! You just can't beat this advertising campaigne!

Greatness awaits!

Shadrack1626d ago Show
Stuart811626d ago

Isn't that sir Ben Kingsley?

majiebeast1626d ago

Thanks for reminding me how they botched up Iron Man 3(not Kingsley but that retarted twist)

Stuart811626d ago

Yeah gotta agree with you on that

Eonjay1626d ago

The only thing I understood was when he told people to "calm down" and be "peaceful"

LOL this is hilarious.

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The story is too old to be commented.