Xbox Fitness on Insanity using Xbox One's Kinect

IGN: We put our newest editor Brian Albert through the ropes as he shows us Kinect on the Xbox One and how well Xbox Fitness works on Insanity.

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timmyp531710d ago

"we have you signed in as a 25 year old woman lol." This is actually a cool feature for one. Get a virtual incentive to working out.

Bigpappy1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I put my oxygen bottle up to my screen so this guy wouldn't die while I am watching.

JhawkFootball061709d ago

Love this. And with being a gold member you have free access to a number of high praised, highly popular workout videos? And you don't even need to buy a workout game, all of this just comes with the console and kinect!

Thatguy-3101709d ago

Now this is where Kinect shines. Not a big Microsoft supporter but the fitness games that use kinect are really well implemented. Not sure i'll shell out 500$ for it but down the line when i do get the Xbox one i will surely enjoy this.

aCasualGamer1709d ago

Just what i was thinking... probably won't get Xbox One directly. But after a year or two when the price has dropped and some proper exclusives are out i'll get into purchasing it, definitely.

Until then, PS4 will have to suffice.

Cueil1709d ago

this is what 1500 USD worth of workouts? You can print off the stuff for P90X as well and keep track of it... I have been thinking of getting P90X looks like my Xbox One will save me the 200ish dollars it cosst

JokesOnYou1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

"You could do a new workout using our entire catalogue every week for a year without seeing the same thing."

-This looks like a great home workout tool.

Eonjay1709d ago

Agreed. This is the best use of Kinect I have ever seen. Period. I hope something like this comes to PS4... until then I guess I have to keep going to the gym lol.

mitford1710d ago

The wife has no interest in gaming or my 360, but after seeing this she wants to use it

Excalibur1710d ago

My GF was the same way, she played with the first Kinect 2-3 times and then said it was a gimmick, never touched it again.

Achievements are in my profile, see for yourself whoever doubts me.

4Sh0w1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

My wife loves Dance Central, I love watching her play Dance Central. :), she also is really into workout vids, showed her the first xbox fitness trailer and she really liked it. This is going to be killer for home workouts, not only for wives but the whole family if you are into fitness. I personally wasnt into Dance Central but Im definitely going to try this xbox fitness with my wife.

Damm this is just another great idea by Microsoft.

asmith23061709d ago

So the same attitude as with the Wii then.

Cueil1709d ago

getting all these for free for a year... that's pretty huge

Trekster_Gamer1709d ago

Wii what??
This will make you forget you ever heard the term Wii fit...

Blows it away in every conceivable way...

HammadTheBeast1709d ago

If she wants to blow $500 for her own Xbox for workouts, tell her to get a treadmill instead.

If she wants to use your Xbox, that's a pretty sweet deal.

mhunterjr1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Haters gonna hate, but this is going to be a huge hit. Making popular video workouts interactive, and adding competive and social elemenst to it is simply brilliant. I'm afraid my wife will love this... And drag me into it!

Godmars2901709d ago

And not-thinkers are not going to think.

I mean if "games" such as this becomes MS's main focus where is that going to lead their 1st development focus? How will it not lead towards support of "actual" games on the platform be left up to 3rd party devs? How if such things do manage to catch on wont it damage gaming in general as publishers clone fitness games just like they've with COD.

Hate on me all you want, but at least I'm being selfish. Not equating the success of a company if it moves away from my interest with its product as being the same as my success.

EasilyTheBest1709d ago

If Microsoft sells to a much broader audience then the games will come, what if MS sells 300 Million Consoles within 5 years. You think there wont be amazing games!

Bigpappy1709d ago

M$ can focus on more than 1 thing at a time. They got '$'.

mhunterjr1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

That's a pretty delusional prediction. Microsoft focus this holiday has been to get the console into the homes of core gamers. Maybe, these titles don't appear to you, but there's nothing casual about Forza, Dead Rising, or Ryse. And the lineup continues to be for the core after that with titanfall, sunset overdrive, D4, black tusk game, project spark, fable legends, and Halo 5.

MS is perfectly capable of appeasing the needs of core and casual gamers. The game in question probably appeals to hardcore gamers as well (I'd use it). If Microsoft gets the non gamers in the house to use the console, there's a chance they'll become gamers. And that's inarguably GOOD, for gaming. The more console users, the more attractive the console is to developers.

maniacmayhem1709d ago


Really one sided way of thinking. Why would this become MS's main focus? I love all these hypothetical questions or situations only reserved for MS.

You're not being selfish you are being unrealistic and foolish.

Godmars2901709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

If MS sales to a much broader audience and manages to get a response from that audience, then they're going to give less attention to traditional games. They're going to put elements with "more broader appeal" in traditional games if they make "traditional" games at all.

We have literally seen this happen with RPGs and anything not FPS this gen.

And by example we have seen MS put more money into acquiring DLC and advertising limited exclusives as full exclusives than they've put into developing their own IP. When they first showed off the XB1 it was "TV, TV, TV and COD".

They are not good at multitasking even if their console is.

"Why would this become MS's main focus?"

Because the Kinect being their main focus currently has lead to the possible crippling of the XB1?

Nujabes_1709d ago

Where it's stated that games such as this are the main focus? Or are you saying things without any basis whatsoever?

EasilyTheBest1709d ago

Godmars, others have commented to you and i agree with them, why cant Microsoft cater for casuals and hardcore.
In fact your argument doesn't stand, if Microsoft sold 300 million consoles in five years they'd have the money to take risks on some really unique games hardcore and casuals...

Godmars2901709d ago

"why cant Microsoft cater for casuals and hardcore."

For the simple fact that they've failed to show that they can be diverse. They might have given some evidence that they've reached out to broader audiences, but the first Xbox and the 360 were and are known as FPS and frat boy systems. After over ten years in the industry their 1st party development is at best arguable and at worse a mess of a joke, and any inroads which they might have made with their initial indy initiative they were more than prepared to cut off with the XB1. They're in the process of restructuring now.

And my argument was for 5 million consoles the first year. When Nintendo's likely the only company to come close to 300 million consoles, which is probably every version of the Gameboy in total, yours isn't in the realm of reality.

If they manage to get the casual market this gen when they've never so much as gotten a proper IP up and running since buying Bungie for Halo, chances can't be good that they'd do better by "hardcore" gaming. They'll leave it up to 3rd parties and throw money behind them.

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Trekster_Gamer1709d ago

True.. It's easier to hit ignore on the trolls and soon you won't even see their ignorant comments. They are just jealous of yet an awesome new feature the XB1 can do and theirs can't !!!

mitford1709d ago

@Excalibur agreed though with this it actually gives you feed back and incentives the mrs loves a workout dvd but this is so much better

Excalibur1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Oh I hear ya and I'm not trying to talk you or the misses out of it just saying be careful with the picture they paint because it may not be the product you receive.

Cueil1709d ago

it's the same exact product you buy... video wise... you'll have to print out the sheets on the site if you want to keep track of the workouts as I'm not sure how much integration this has with each program, but fictionally it should be at the bare min on par with buying these DVDs that run you well over 100 usd a piece.

mitford1709d ago

[email protected], indeed, though i was getting a xbox and wasnt to bothered about kinect though xbox fitness is free for a year so they must have confidnce in it

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