Call of Duty Ghosts: Not Much Difference Between Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Chris Velluci writes: "Recently there has been a lot of talk about the resolution and capabilities of the two next gen consoles coming out this November. Xbox One, set to release on November 22, has been getting the majority of the heat as they don’t have as many 1080p native games as the PS4, set to release November 15. Unfortunately for Xbox One, things are about to get worse."

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AlexanderNevermind1741d ago

Its 720p. The X1 can't make it look any better than what it is.

Relientk771740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I thought that was clever lol


I thought the same thing, the first screen looks better


Are they sure the first one is Xbox 360 version and the second one is Xbox 720 version? To be honest, I really find the first pic looking better than the second one with better colours and contrast.

blackbeld1740d ago


I noticed the xbox 360 has better lightning then xbox one.

Xbox 360 looks a lot better.

Irishguy951740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Hmm Ryse - 900p
Forza - 1080p

Of course the fanboys will come and say "Oh but at what sacrifice?" Where I will say "Yes and PS4 games sacrifice the fps to look that good too"

Both consoles are outdated by about 2 years now. X1 is a low end gaming PC from 2011, Ps4 is a Mid end gaming PC from 2011.


Oh jeez, the Nvidia 580 was released in 2011, it's even worse than I thought. You'd think the new consoles would be able to match a 2 year old card. What a shame indeed.

mistertwoturbo1740d ago

I must be going blind but the gun on the 360 version looks... better? Or maybe the X1 version is in the shade. I can't tell.

Blacksand11740d ago

The XB1 is 720p with a 1080p up-scaled because MS tried to make it a t.v hub first and a gaming console second. My Fios is 720p reg. channels and 1080p on HD channels. When you mix the two that's what you get 720p with a up-scaled of 1080p, because of t.v part of the console.

MRMagoo1231740d ago

I told ppl this already, i have seen it running it looks like current gen on the xbone I would say called it but thats not right cos it wasnt a call i actually knew for a fact lol.

XB1_PS41740d ago

Looks like he's standing under a shadow on the X1 version.

Panthers1740d ago

Those HAVE to be mismarked. I mean COD looks like crap on any system, but there is no way that is right.

aceitman1740d ago

I emailed the website about the pics being mixed up and he says theres no mix up. this is his reply -They are correct. Look closely at the Xbox One version, especially the shadows.
They are better, even if the overall color seems drained.- ouch.


I can be wrong, but from the wires in the background it seens Xbox One version had no AA while Xbox 360 version have some.

And, sadly, I don't think it's mislabelled. Isolated details point at slitghly better assets on picture labelled "ONE" than on picture labelled "360"... The semaphore posts look more detailed - more polys?- on "ONE" and also have a lamp on top which is missing on "360". The gun, palm trees and wheels on the turned over boxcar are all lower poly on "360". "ONE" appears to have higher resolution textures on the strip club billboard on the left and on the boarded window in the right...

It looks like they are using the same assets from PS4 and PC version on Xbox One version, but struggling to render those assets on full HD resolution (or even framerate according to some reports) beyond worse lighting (apparently, gotta see the game in motion to really jusge that), no AA and somewhat muddy visuals (blur?).

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black0o1741d ago

it's COD for God sake

the same thing could be said about PS3 vs PS4 -except dat 1080p-

Playstationologist1741d ago

I would still buy cod if the only difference was native 1080p. My biggest problem with current gen is how bad 720p and lower looks on my nice 1080 screen compared to native 1080p.

Eonjay1741d ago

Agreed. COD was a last gen title. If it wants to remain relevant, its going to have to step its game up.

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Funantic11740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

There's not much difference between the PS3 and PS4 versions.
The 360 version does slightly look better than the PS3 version.

Oh yeah the 360 version is 880 x 720 upscaled to 1080p
The X1 version is 1220 x 720 upscaled to 1080p

LetoAtreides821740d ago

PS4 version looks clearly better than all versions except the PC.

Flutterby1740d ago

I have seen them both running and the ps4 version is easily better than the Xbox one version, it's a day and night amount of difference.

Golden301740d ago

you must be blind....ps4 looks waaay better than the ps3 version buddy

juggneetto1740d ago

I can sse a big difference between the PS3 and Ps4 version with a labtop not able to run HD video effectively

spaceg0st1739d ago

You must be blind. There's a very big difference between ps3 and ps4 versions. Watch the video next time first before posting.

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joab7771740d ago

We saw a video of battlefield running on ps4 and xbone and while the ps4 had slight advantages, they both looked a hell of a lot better than this gen. So why would we think that CoD would look the same? It won't be a juggernaut cuz it isn't an amazing looking game anyway but I doubt its the same as the 360.

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Garethvk1741d ago

Is anyone suprised at this?

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Ko_Uraki1741d ago

Same identical graphics on PS4 but at 1080p. Troll article.

The_Ozymandias1740d ago

This actually says more about the Xbox One than it does about the PS4. The PS4 runs the game as well as is possible/expected of a next generation game console. It's got no flaws, or problems, at all running a game that's nothing more than upscaled last-gen rehash crap with higher resolution textures and draw distances, and the Xbox One can't even run that at the resolution standard for the next generation. But by all means, justify it, reason how as time passes the standards for performance go down and we grow to settle for mediocrity.

Pascalini1741d ago

Nah the guy who got the early xb1 said it was much better an even showed a comparison

Nice attempt at a troll though

G20WLY1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Oh wait, "the guy" said??

Well that's that sorted, then! ;P

Damn my eyes for deceiving me, for "the guy" cannot be wrong!! lmao

Sebianoti1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

You've just made my day with that reply! ROFL!