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War Thunder Passes 5 Million Registrations, Golden Battles Event Goes Live

Gaijin Entertainment announced that their popular massively multiplayer online (MMO) combat videogame, War Thunder, is celebrating two important milestones. War Thunder’s open beta received clearance for lift off exactly one year ago and in that time more than five million players have mixed it up in aerial dogfights piloting the most deadly WWII planes in history. (Android, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, PC, PS4, War Thunder)

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NateCole  +   746d ago
Didnt know it was that popular. Will try it out for the PS4.
obliteratorFTW  +   746d ago
Cross-play between pc and ps4 will be awesome, don't you think?
Scatpants  +   746d ago
I want to try this with oculous rift.

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