Wii U: The Supplementary Console

Nintendo has done a fantastic job over the last few decades of proving they are unique, innovative, and capable of delivering phenomenal experiences through the power of their consoles. However, the Wii U, much like the Wii before it, is a supplementary console. Too many pieces are missing from Nintendo’s newest console to place it in direct competition with Sony and Microsoft – but is direct competition really what Nintendo is aiming for? What is holding the Wii U back from being a viable choice for gamers looking to only own one console?

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maniacmayhem1743d ago

As the new consoles get some legs you will definitely see the WiiU start to shine.

I firmly believe the reason we didn't see as many next gen games for the WiiU was due to developers still working on current gen games for the 360/ps3.

Now that focus will eventually shift I expect to see a lot more next gen ports and hopefully next gen exclusives for the WiiU. Maybe now developers can start taking advantage of the second screen feature.

daftpunkfan1743d ago

What evidence is there for this? If a developer finds it financially more viable to work on the 360 and PS3, why would they suddenly shift over to the Wii U now that more advanced systems are coming out?

maniacmayhem1743d ago

The only evidence I have is newer games like Watchdogs, CoD and other games also releasing for the WiiU.

As I stated above a lot of devs are going to be switching over to the PS4/X1 and hopefully will be able to port these games over to the WiiU. Also will now have the time to focus on next gen development and features specifically for the WiiU.

BullyMangler1743d ago

i think that the only reason developers havent released games on wiiU is because of lack of people who own wiiU's right now and developers want that money. SO when there are more wiiU's around the world then they will make games for wiiU even release past title on wiiU.

the ps4 xBox are not more advanced than wiiU just because they have the EVENTUAL more "power" ability.

Not even Uncharted for ps3 looks more skills than Resi 1 remake for gamecube so what is the use if they arent gonna try their best with all that power??

its gonna be 2014 and sony micro STILL with spLit screen? LMAO .

GordonKnight1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Well, Nintendo is the only free online play. The online community is small now, but it will grow on the Wii U. There are a lot of parents that won't pay for online play and this is how PS got their online community. So the developers will eventually support the Wii U correctly. This will be good for Nintendo as it will make another big generation of Nintendo fans with nice Nintendo video game roots. Like most Hardcore gamers have. Whether they want to admit it or not.

CaulkSlap1743d ago

Actually I wouldn't be surprised if the Wii U third party situation gets even worse in the next couple years. Once companies move on from having cross-gen PS3/360 games to ground up PS4/XBO, the Wii U is going to be just completely left out. It's just not powerful enough to run a real next gen game without creating a completely separate downgraded version. Same situation the Wii ended up in. And the Wii actually had the big console sales.

Aceman181743d ago

Wii U is my backup console the PS4 will be my main.

_QQ_1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

As a gamer who loves variety not one system can give me everything i need that is fact,I need my PC games, i need my Nintendo games,i need my third party games, and i need my Sony games. My gaming experience wouldn't be complete without one of those. I can't see a system as a side console or supplementary system as they are each an equally important part of the equation.

MsmackyM1743d ago

My pre order to the ps4 will arrive on the 15th, but my main console will be the WiiU. That's not saying the ps4 is less of a system, I'm only stating my preference which is one of the benefits of the free market. I can't wait to get my hands on 3d world Mario and probably the first ps4 game I'll buy will be Ground Zeroes. It's not right or wrong it's just my preference.

triforce791743d ago

My main console is WiiU then ps4....

Yep1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

I have no main console. I must have every Nintendo platform and then PC. Anything else and I'll be missing out big time.

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