Canadian Video Game Deals: November 8th – 14th, 2013 – Crazy Trade-In Deal, Buy 2 & Get 1 Free

It’s one of the best weeks ever for deals in Canada, with Future Shop and Best Buy holding one of the craziest trade-in deals of all-time this weekend, and Target doing a Buy 2, Get 1 free offer on over 600 games.

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wastedcells1625d ago

Canada is where the best games are made and now finally where the best deals are found.

Ratty1624d ago

Except for Target's Buy 2 Get 1 free where PS4 games are excluded for Canada.

KrisButtar1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

All the trade-ins at EB Games say they expire on the 3rd of Nov.

Their EB Games list is wrong/incomplete.

Tales of Xillia, Port Royale 3,Killer is dead are all on sale to

TrendyGamers1624d ago

Where? It says December 1st on their website.