Multiple sources hint at Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag being sub-1080p on Xbox One

GearNuke: "The Xbox One’s pre-launch resolution fallout has become a topic of heated debates around the internet. What began as an isolated plague that had only affected Battlefield 4 now appears to have become a widespread issue for a majority of Xbox One launch titles."

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majiebeast1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Resolution gate 2.0! This console launch has been highly entertaining so far. Executive meltdowns,Journalist meltdowns,Gifs and so much more. Im gonna miss it :(

GarrusVakarian1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I thought AC4 ran at 1080p on both platforms? Wasn't it confirmed? Shocking if it doesn't run at 1080p 30fps, considering its a cross gen title that apart from some features, doesn't look too demanding.

It could be lack of AA? Or maybe a blur filter. "Xbox One version looks “fuzzier” and “strained”"

Who knows? But the last thing the X1 needs is more bad press when it comes to multiplats.

black0o1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

AC4 runs at 60/1080 on ps4 confirmed and runs at 60/???? on the xbOne

@angels the lack is due the fact MS didn't send devs-kites early and the drives/tools were not ready as well -the rumors about MS being behind by 6 months were true-

which resulted in most 3rd-party titles being show case on the ps4

Angels37851493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Has their been any xbox one footage shown? Correct me if I'm wrong

What's so funny is I was literally just thinking about this possibility because of recent stuff and within minutes the article comes up xD

I can just see xbox fans discrediting the source.....jusrt like they did with neogaf....and look how that turnes has become the basis of the resolutiongate.

Thanks! Yeah that's true because I couldnt remember any real gameplay that was official besides like you stated someone filming it off screen (and probably werent suppose to).

There has been a surprising lack of footage for the xbox one version for only 5 or so more days till launch....for many multiplatform games.

GarrusVakarian1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


Yeah, there is some. But its pretty bad quality and off screen so you can't really judge. You gotta question why we have so much direct feed PS4 gameplay and none from the X1. Its are expecting people to pay HUNDREDS of £/$ for this console and you aren't showing them direct feed gameplay. I imagine it doesn't really help with X1-only buyers confidence.


My bad, i thought it was off -screen gameplay but it is direct feed. Here's the link for you :

To be fair, even if it is sub-1080p....that lightning storm looks EPIC.

GiggMan1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

@Angels none I think. I don't think any of UBI's games have been seen running on X1 (including Watchdogs, Divisions, and the Crew).

@Lukas, my bad if you're correct. It must have been some off screen footage or something. I'd like to check it out if you have a link.

Edit @Lukas, thanks. That's the first I have seen that footage and it's fairly new. Up until now that has been all that has been shown but I stand corrected. Bubs.

pyramidshead1493d ago

To be honest, I think it would be wise to expect the worst regarding multiplats and XB1. Hopefully the multiplats get better later in the cycle.

This on top of possible XB1s being bricks on arrival just amplifies the bad press for MS and the ongoing PR nightmare about resolution and power continues...

Ezz20131493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

is this going to be the norm with multiplat games this upcoming gen ?!

but what about Tity source? Hot potato chips? Secret Sauce ?

i kid, i kid
just joking guys

kiz26941493d ago

AC4 was confirmed to be "running at 1080p" but the word native was never used. It was confirmed for PS4 when the reviews came out that it was clearly running native. Also AC4 Next gen runs on 60fps well at least it does on PS4.

iamnsuperman1493d ago

It was never confirmed. The only thing that was confirmed was both will run in a higher resolution and frame rate to current generations (that was a while ago) and that the PS4 (no mention of the One) would run in 1080p at 60fps (which was odd but Ubisoft were showing off the PS4 build at some interview when it was confirmed)

Pogmathoin1493d ago

GearNuke: "The Xbox One’s pre-launch resolution fallout has become a topic of heated debates around the internet.

Correction, "topic of heated debates among Sony Fanboys", and I am sure it is heated when you guys get together...

GarrusVakarian1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


Has it ever occurred to you to call it "topic of heated debates among GAMERS"?

Why does everything have to be labelled as being fanboyish? If you say anything bad against the competitor you are automatically labelled a fanboy....its stupid. This is a gaming news website, everything is up for discussion amongst gamers.....should i, or anyone else stay out of this article because im/we getting AC4 on the PS4? No.

mistertwoturbo1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

All Xbox 1 footage and gameplay for all their games have been embargo'd until November 12. Once it releases, "the truth will come out" and people will just have to "#dealwithit"

amnalehu1493d ago

Blame the Kinect. To much of the XB1's systems resources are being eaten by the Kinect and the other operating systems. The XB1 is more than capable of running games at 1080p/60fps but right now performance and resolution are being sacrificed for the sake of Kinect, ESPN, Skype etc. The original PS4 was only supposed to be a 720p machine and then Sony doubled the memory. Had Sony stayed with 4gb of GDDR5 the XB1 would be the superior console by a lot. By the time MS knew that the PS4 would be built with 8 and not 4, specs were locked in. OOOooooops.

Enemy1493d ago

Where are you guys getting that AC4 runs at 60fps?

GarrusVakarian1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


I was under the impression that SP is 1080p 30fps and MP is 1080p 60fps. I thought it was confirmed already? Maybe not.

kiz26941493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Yeah sorry guys, I may have been misinformed, i was under the impression that the fps was 60 in SP but it is locked at 30 unlike current tho which significantly drops in action down to 15-20fps in most occasions.(mentioned here and here this link also states that the PS4 version runs at 1080p native but at 30fps) The only thing pointing to me that the sp was at 60fps was this video at gamespot ( they compare what 30fps looks like to a 60fps and the footage they used was AC4 on the Ps4 (comparison starts at 03:34)what confusses me is why would they use AC4 on PS4 if it doesnt run at 60fps?

black0o1493d ago

sorry guys for the wrong info

AC4 SP is 30 F/s and MP is 60 f/s

starchild1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


It runs at 30fps on PS4 in single player, while I think the multiplayer might be 60fps. The main campaign was definitely reported by Digital Foundry to be 30fps.

Edit: Sorry, I didn't see your last comment. I was responding to your comment at the top.

AlexanderNevermind1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Took a Sunday nap and woke up to this.....Destiny/Assassins Creed possibly added to the X1 720p multiplat debacle.

Crap happens fast around

FanboyKilla1493d ago

yeah you're right, because im going to cancel my order because of the media and angry fanboys. lol action speaks louder than words. from what i see xbox one is the future now!! keep following us baby we'll get you there. i mean we got you this far. why you mad? is it Nov.22 yet? wtf!!!

scott1821493d ago

I wish the PS4 had to upscale games, It's the future of gaming! Damn you native resolution :(

abzdine1493d ago

one more proof PS4 will kill everything this gen. I like that developers already use the capabilities of each console from the start.

ZBlacktt1493d ago

"I was under the impression that SP is 1080p 30fps and MP is 1080p 60fps. I thought it was confirmed already? Maybe not."

Could have PM'd me and I would have answered it. :D

Ritsujun1493d ago Show
UltimateMaster1493d ago

I always wanted to know what resolution AC4 was running on both consoles.

the PS4 runs 1080p 60fps. That's all I need.

MysticStrummer1493d ago

@Ps4Beaver - Yes, yes. All XB1 negativity is confined to the PS crowd. Wake up.

@FanboyKilla - Your future looks a lot like the present. In a few days, your future will look a lot like the past, but have fun anyway.

fenome1493d ago


Actually, it's beta tested in the future

Have fun working out the kinks for 'em

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Crazyglues1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Don't worry I'm sure the Xbox One Police.. (aka -fanboys) will be here soon explaining how this time around it doesn't really matter because 720 is the new 1080p... LoL

-and how paying an extra 100 and getting sub-1080p is actually a good thing because it actually makes you appreciate the system, hell your lucky to even be getting HD- (-MS rep)

Let me go get my Popcorn.. this is going to be good -Can't wait to hear what they have to say about this one?

||.........___||............ ||

hello121493d ago

Maybe because we are buying an XB1 for more than just resolution ever thought of that? How about the better exclusives at launch, dedicated servers provided by Microsoft,lacking with Sony,

Better UI experience, Skype calling, able to watch TV, able to move around the dashboard using voice only, host of other features.

XB1 is 1080p box, just because some gaming developers are not reaching it at launch. Doesn't mean it can't be achieved. Gaming developers have already said its likely when they get more time with the XB1

100 extra you do realise Sony included no camera right so they could offer their console at 400! think before you say stupid stuff.

I got Fifa 14, Kinect and XB1 for 500- price was never really an issue as i got a bargain.

TwistingWords1493d ago

What about the console police in general who said 6 months ago to the PC guys that resolution and FPS doesn't matter?

AutoCad1493d ago

Paying 100 extra for an everything machine.

Kayant1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


"100 extra you do realise Sony included no camera right so they could offer their console at 400! think before you say stupid stuff."

I think you're the one saying stupid shit here. Why would they add a $40 premium to the console if they included it and wanted to compete on price?? Even if they did it would still be cheaper so the price advantage will still be there.

They have said it wasn't included because it would have resulted in more money being loss per PS4. "$399" was always the magic price for them.

"Sony's Masayasu Ito says US$399 was deemed "the magic price" for the PlayStation 4 – Efforts were made to include the camera at the US$399 mark, but pressure from above forbade Sony Computer Entertainment from making too much of a loss on the PlayStation 4 hardware."


Also can we please stop the camera nonsense. It obvious the main reason MS included kinect is to sell you the experience they want you to have with XB1. it's heavily integrated to the OS. PS camera is more of an optional gaming peripheral for some games or things like live streaming, facial sign-in. The fact you can use any mic for OS voice navigation shows this. It's not an integrated/core experience they're trying to sell like what MS is doing.

The is why things like snap/switching apps make sense because it's so much faster/more convenient to do with your voice.

AceBlazer131493d ago

Can never understand idiots saying the extra hundred is worth it for the exclusives. Within a month they'll become obsolete and while your stuck playing kinect adventures and fitness in 2014 we'll be playing the order, infamous, driveclub and so much more.

mistertwoturbo1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Didn't you know? 1080p doesn't matter, the gameplay is what matters. Play the games, not the resolution. Play the games, not the controller. Play the games, not the HDTV. Play the games, not what you see on screen.

Just don't talk about Forza 5, all of a sudden 1080p will be relevant again.

Keep up with the times man.


Ju1493d ago

In all honesty, the XO features look cool.

But after you are over that you will notice that 99% of time what you do with those machines is actually play the games. And to do that, you need the best HW to actually achieve the best result. And that HW is the PS4 - by a mile.

The OS can be as cute as can be; who really cares if the majority of the time what you do is game and you never see the OS - with that said, I still have the feeling MS is overdoing the "front end" putting the wrong priorities onto things which don't really matter for a (primary) game console. I still have the feeling the OS is feature over loaded and still lags (snappy) behind the PS4 OS this time - which has 0 lag what so ever.

I am not really surprised, though. MS - having a PC mindset - is trying to turn a console into a general purpose machine. That's not what I want. I'd get a PC for that if I really want that (or/and maybe a SteamMachine).

ambientFLIER1493d ago

Crazyglue, how do you still have 5 bubbles, with all the garbage you post and all the xbox articles that you troll?

christocolus1493d ago

lol..are people still on about this?...the game was at ms event few days should read the preview it runs smoothly and looks very good..who cares about the resolution?.no matter how fbs downplay it the xbx one is of great value to those getting it &its going to be an amazing system. all my gaming pals(psfans and xbx fans alike) who have seen ryse never even bothered asking if it was 1080p or 720p ..cos really majority dont actually shocked people are still going on about this launch is a few days away people. those interested in this resolutiongate or whatever it is called can have fun doing the comparisons ..i and others will be having fun playing the games...or meet me on xbx live playing ki on the 24th.

AD7051493d ago

Yeah but teh xboxz can allow me to skype and play games with friends and watch TV all at the same time with my voice! So yeah paying 100 bucks extra and another 60 bucks a year to use things I can use right now for free is totally worth it!

stuna11493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


I always thought someone else was supposed to tell you the "Bedtime Stories"; Not you telling yourself the story! Well, if it helps you sleep better at night.....I guess it's ok!

All these hypocrite in this article are mind numbing transparent when it comes to obvious cracks in the arguments when they rush in to defend, not even the Xbox1, Microsoft themselves. Microsoft have failed to give plausible reasoning as to why any of this is happening. Instead of labeling everyone fanboys, maybe they should focus some of that pent up anger towards the ones who deserve it! Who would be Microsoft.

BitbyDeath1493d ago

360 just went through 3 years of no games and now xbone is expected to provide better than PS4? Your living in a dream world. Things will be same as last gen since ms still lack in studios. They only have 1 retail first party game at launch.

BOLO1492d ago


"Skype calling, able to watch TV"...

Wow! Just wow! Spoken like a true "gamer" or M$FT sales rep...Guess Xbone has made television completely obsolete.

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Lwhit61493d ago

Hopefully it red rings or something along those lines. Now that would be a site to behold!

FITgamer1493d ago

Hopefully it doesn't, then their sales will double.

Utalkin2me1493d ago


ROFLMAO......Good One

Campy da Camper1493d ago

I don't wish any gamer to go through what I went through early last gen. I'm not a MS supporter by any means but if some kids parents saved up to buy him a Xbox one for Xmas and it rrod I'd feel really bad for them.

I personally don't think MS has consumers best interests in mind but I want them to be corrected in their pocketbook being hit not a struggling family who are not up to date on the console wars.

JessiePinkmanYo1493d ago

Lwhit6-Yeah, because a $500 console that red rings would be just great for the gaming world. A lot of Non gamers (parents, grandparents etc) STILL refer to gaming machines as "Nintendos". All they'll know when they read a tech article on CNN is that the new game machine little Johnny wants for Christmas will be a waste. Like Campy the Camper said, that's even more sad if that struggling parent forked out money for a system that's DOA. The same can be said about Playstations YLOD. BOTH are bad for the gaming community.
I'm getting both, X1 and PS4, but I really don't understand some peoples' fetish with bashing the console that they don't own. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Enjoy your system of choice and be THANKFUL there's competition, otherwise, gaming would suck.

Lwhit61493d ago Show
andibandit1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


youre wrong on so many levels its astounding....firstly getting rid of the only real competition for ps4 is not gonna do the gaming community any good.
secondly you be amazed by what a father is willing to do for his children.
Thirdly wth would a rrod scandal benefit anyone? other than you to get some cheap laughs...if this resolution gate is as bad as it seems at least theres some hope that ms pours their energy into making some hellishly good exclusives.

dennett3161493d ago

Why would you want that? That's just dumb...stop wishing for crap that will inconvenience other gamers. Preference is fine, let's just not be stupid about it.

For me, right now, the Xbox One just isn't worth it. Has some interesting looking games, but MS' attitude towards first party exclusives last gen was telling - they near abandoned them. They had their big guns - Halo, Gears and Forza - but not much else. Sony had (and still have) a lot of studios working on exclusive content that is more varied than that offered by MS.
Add in that the multi-platform situation seems to have reversed from the current generation (where the 360 usually had the superior versions of games), and the choice is a no-brainer. Especially with my distaste for Kinect, and the fact that the price is just too high for the level of tech they offer.

When the One has a Kinect-free SKU, or undergoes a sizeable price drop, then I'll buy one if there's a decent amount of true exclusives I want.

At least dislike something for valid reasons without resorting to nonsense like you posted.

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LordMaim1493d ago

Just don't listen to Microsoft PR, cause they don't want you to see the truth.

ProjectVulcan1493d ago

The irony of your reply is that your gif's resolution is really low its too small lol

LordMaim1493d ago

@vulcanproject: Heh! Is this better?

falviousuk1493d ago ShowReplies(12)
Infamous2981493d ago

Seems that band-aid (ESRAM) is a real bottle-neck

Playstationologist1493d ago

Close console competitors have never had so many major differences, I don't think this will end for the entire gen! Unless xbone can go super saiyan and get it's performance up to par with ps4. Even then I think the entertainment will continue.

Magicite1493d ago

No more parity!!! Hooray! Gamers rejoice!

sigfredod1493d ago

Another stone to the bone grave

MRMagoo1231493d ago Show
come_bom1493d ago

Microsoft really needs to get their act together. It's unacceptable that games in 2013 from new consoles don't run at 1080p.

Since it's too late to improve the hardware, I hope Microsoft improves their drivers and OS from the X1, so that all future games from the X1 are 1080p.

andibandit1493d ago

lol ms is really off to a bad start, and we havent even begun yet

kevnb1493d ago

Xbox one can't even compete with a midrange pc... Ps4 is Atleast reasonable and $100 cheaper

solar1493d ago

but console gamers always say they dont care about graphics.

falviousuk1493d ago ShowReplies(1)
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richierich1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

They spelt Marcus Beer as Marcus Bear in that article anyone else notice this?

richierich1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Apparently they fixed it just now I wonder did they read my post

andibandit1493d ago

just want to write that I was here when it happened....

Xsilver1493d ago

Lets see how this turns out :3

KrisButtar1493d ago

This is the 1st I heard of the AC4 rumor and in the article it mentions Destiny as well. Hopefully they can fix this problem for the next generation of games

majiebeast1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Destiny is freaking huge though i think it spans multiple planets with your own airship and everything.