How Gioteck's PS4 headsets will work

Gioteck show diagrams illustrating how their PS4 headsets will work.

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Lwhit61628d ago

Don't need to know how they work. Sony Pulse Elites baby!

0ut1awed1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I'd actually never heard of those until your comment.

After doing some research I think I'll pick up a pair. The fact that they worked with a Vita too probably sold me the most.

Edit: It works with the Vita via the standard 3.5mm headphone cord. That's pretty lame. I think I'll keep looking for now considering this headset will be used with my PS4, PC, and Vita.

If I was just looking for a PS4 headset though that Pulse seems like the way to go.

KwietStorm1628d ago

The Elite Pulse headphones are the ones you never heard of?

0ut1awed1628d ago

Yup. I don't currently own a PS3 (although I have in the past) so I guess that's why the news slipped under my nose.

Lwhit61628d ago

These headsets work with anything and everything. 3.5mm jack hooks up to a USB which you can plug into anything for power making the headset wireless. So you could have wireless headsets while playing vita but your vita would be hooked to a USB and then hooked into and power source.

Amazing sound quality though. Perfect for bass heads

Elwenil1628d ago

The only thing I don't like about the Playstation headsets is that they are all "simulated surround sound", which is honestly not that good compared tot he real deal. I had a one of the first generation Playstation headsets and while it was nice and had decent sound, it balancer between the comms and game sound went out almost immediately and again, the sound was not what I thought it should be. So far I have not found an actual surround sound headset with a comm mic built in that meets my standards or even equals my ancient pair of Turtle Beach X-51s for my PC. I'm still waiting to see what all is available to work with the PS4 because I feel like I need something to keep the peace while gaming late at night.

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zeroskie1628d ago

Can someone explain to me what's so good about the Pulse Elites? I'm considering getting new headphones. Wondering if there's some special functionality for the PS4/PS3/Vita. Is the audio quality good for regular mp3 players like apple devices too?

LeoDDestroyer1628d ago

Well they are better designed than the standard edition. Sound quality is better especially with the pulse effect that give you rumble in your ears if you like. The mic is embedded in the ear cups so no extended boom. Also have 3.5 mm jack input so you can connected to other devices like cell phone with power on or off.

It can also work as a pc headset if you like just without the 7.1 surround sound that you'll get on the ps3.

boneso821628d ago

Looks the same setup as I can use for my turtle beaches... I hope so, don't fancy the mono ear piece for multiplayer chat.

creeping judas1628d ago

I am hoping to see a headset soon, that will be compatible with both the PS4 and the X1. Nothing beats gaming with an awesome head set!!!

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