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Xbox One Kinect tracks the controller in Dead Rising 3

With Kinect as standard with every Xbox One console, developers are making use of the functionality in their games including tracking the controller itself. (Dead Rising 3, Xbox One)

rela82me  +   598d ago
That was actually a good read, brings up great seller for the kinect in hard-core games.
christocolus  +   598d ago
yeah it really is....lionhead is actually rumored to be working on a game that uses a lot of ideas from the kate and milo tech demo..so im keeping my fingers crossed...
JokesOnYou  +   598d ago
"What’s interesting here is that unlike the Sixaxis sensors in the actual PS3 controller, the Kinect was actually tracking the position and movement of the Xbox controller. It has been widely reported that Kinect is able to determine who is holding the controller at any given time, but seeing it in this simple application within a game made the idea appear to be a lot more complex than merely tracking a fairly static object in one’s lap. The Kinect tracking the fast shaking movements of the actual controller instead is interesting indeed."

-This is only the beginning folks.
christocolus  +   598d ago
brother its only the beginning indeed....greatness awaits ..scratch that...kinect is freaking great.
andrewsqual  +   598d ago
Even when plugged out like 95%+ of launch users will be doing?
rela82me  +   598d ago
I doubt 95% or even 5 percent will unplug their Kinect. Sure some may not like it, but there is no reason not to utilize the functionality it provides. Sure some dont want to play kinect only games, but there is no downside to the functionality it brings to navigation and voice commands. Definitely if it's included in the box.
Jeedai Infidel  +   598d ago
I think the only ones that will unplug the Kinect are the ones that say they are "forced" to buy it, lol. Which translates to PS4 fans that aren't really buying the XB1 ;)
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tethered  +   598d ago
@ Jeedai Infidel -

Not true. I didn't have a problem with MS including it with the system at a higher price. I will gladly pay more for a quality product. (like I did with the PS3) What I had a problem with was, for a long time, I thought you couldn't unplug it. My issue was that I don't want to open up my living room or my family to be listened in on or peeked in on without my knowledge. (go ahead and call me a tin foil hat wearer. lol) Now that I know that most games will work while it is unplugged, I have no issues with the XBOXONE. I will pick one up in the future. MS gave the power back to the gamer to control what we do in our living rooms. For that I give them credit.
fattyuk  +   598d ago
"There’s a lot of potential ideas from having Kinect track more than one item on the player and means that the early ideas of perhaps having sword or gun peripherals which undoubtedly provide more realistic feedback than just swiping air, could become a possibility with some games on Xbox One"

Yep just what gamers want, plastic "peripherals".

was hoping they were being fazed out with the wii! Sony tried with the move sharpshooter, whilst it was ok it wasn't anything anybody really wanted or would use.
Jeedai Infidel  +   598d ago
It would be cool if you can use your own peripheral, like say a toy lightsaber for Star Wars games, if you choose to, or not. I can picture myself knocking sh*t over all around my place like George Michael Bluth.
Whitey2k  +   598d ago
All kinect is that its another ps camera both can be able to do the same thing
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True_Samurai  +   598d ago
But is it as precise as the kinect 2.0 is the PS camera just a catch up kinect 1?

Never mind I just notice you wasted a bubble is everything the PS eye does that kinect 1 had already done
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thehitman  +   598d ago
I feel a lot of ppl are ignorant to PS Eye just because Sony doesnt advertise it as much. The PS Eye is VERY accurate and when Sony coupled it with the Move technology its very precise as well. Sony put the Move technology in the DS4. The playroom does exactly what the Kinect does but its way cheaper. Kinect 1 was catching up to the Eyetoy and not hte other way around. I think they only difference between the two is that Kinect can display in higher resolution which for a camera that is good but not make or break deal and the software that comes with Kinect which hasnt shown to be all that great.

Kinect is a over glorified 149.99 camera and the the PS4 camera is a reasonable priced 59.99 peripheral.
karl  +   598d ago
lol.. there is no way kinect can track the controller with the precision that the ps eye can couple with the lightbar on the controller...

kinect is just another MS poor thought out device
Bigpappy  +   598d ago
wow 'thehitman', you are making some bold claims. Not even Sony has made such bold statements.

In fact, you guys were how Sony is so quick to react to what the competition is trying to do. Well, here is the perfect time for them to show that their cam can do ALL Kinect can. I think PS4 releases on Friday 11/15. Better get moving fast.

Have any of you ever stopped to think of how Kinect with know who actually has the controller? I would try and give a hint: Why do you think the guide button is white rather than green?
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AutoCad  +   598d ago
ps move is trash, i returned that pos as soon as i played socom 4.waste of my money.
wicked  +   598d ago

the xbox controller has IR leds in it, that the Kinect uses to help track the controller, so the same tech as ps eye uses.
kneon  +   598d ago

Does the XB1 controller also have accelerometers in it? In the Move and DS4 that data is used along with the camera to refine the position accuracy and deal with those times when the controller is momentarily obscured from the camera.
thehitman  +   598d ago
lol big pappy I have a ps eye for ps3 I know what it is perfectly capabale of. Now do I use it no, but doesnt change the fact it can do 95% of what Kinect can do. Once again people gobbling up to MS marketing its very comical. Sony been researching motion technology before MS even thought about Kinect.

Like 10 years ago before the first eyetoy was made I was at the Jacob Javits Center in manhattan, NY for the gaming electronics convention and Sony had this motion detector that they advertised w/ tekken and when you kick you could kick and punch etc and you would fight standing up. It looked like a huge camera stand. Motion technology is ancient, Kinect is not special and anyone who thinks so well just keep letting MS fool you.
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strickers  +   597d ago
The PS Move are far more accurate than any Kinect. You guys just suck up whatever you hear. Try thinking or maybe some research .
JasonKCK  +   598d ago
Some people here should do some actual research on what Kinect is and how it works before commenting.
kenmid  +   598d ago
@Whitey 2K except for kinect having a ir blaster, 1080p rgb camera, deep feel of view, can track your finger, can tract all your bones in your body, can track your heartbeat. These can camera or not the same.
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kenmid  +   598d ago
What are yal disagree with, I'm stating facts.
True_Samurai  +   598d ago
Lol I did too you see I got a bunch of stealth disagrees
mcstorm  +   598d ago
People seem to forget the pseye also need the perfect lighting condition and dose not work in the dark in tracking people it only tracks the light on the co trolleys in the dark. Kinect can track in more or less any lighting condition.

Yes the Kinect is an evolution of the eye toy but it is better tech then the Pseye and the biggest difference Microsoft are pushing its tech and Sony are not.
kneon  +   598d ago
Move detects the controllers in any light, bright or dark since they emit their own light. I expect it may not work so well outside on a bright sunny day, though I would expect Kinect to also have issues under such conditions.
mcstorm  +   598d ago
I know it works with move in the dark I said that but the eye toy can't track people etc in the dark it needs light that is what I was saying.
Whitey2k  +   598d ago
Lets see

Xbone camera
1080p full body tracking
Track controller
hand gestures
Voice control
Stalks you!

Ps camera
720p tracks controllers
hand gentures
Voice control
Able to scan objects n bring it to life
Fone to camera like shown on playroom
kenmid  +   598d ago
So you when you said it stalks me are you saying when I go to the store the camera going to be in the parking looking at me? SMH....
LoTuZ  +   598d ago
No but it does follow you around. Lol
Clunkyd  +   598d ago
nah only when youre jacking off in your room
Jeedai Infidel  +   598d ago
LOL Clunkyd, they are going to need therapy after watching my depraved rituals.
Belking  +   598d ago
Kinect tech totally kills the eye. No question about that. It's a true 3d sensing cam. I'm still waiting for Sony to show why anyone would be interested in it. Feature for feature it kills Sony cam and that's why you will never see them make any comparisons. Not only that but xb1 is built with kinect in mind and Sony is basically just having a mee too response, but they know kinect is pretty awesome tech. They will do their own voice thing but it will not be as well executed and most likely limited.
SirBradders  +   598d ago
I agree that the kinect 2 is a bit ahead of the eye but common man sonys eye has been around since ps2 10+ years ago so of course they are gonna keep evolving it if people keep buying it. The only difference is MS are trying to really push people to buy it and my thinking is this kinect games are way cheaper to produce i mean millions cheaper so if you slash the price slightly they are still gonna make a huge profit. Why else would they force it on every console aside from trying to differentiate themselves because they know sony make alot of IP and have always catered for core gaming first.
alexg587  +   598d ago
Im a hardcore gamer and im getting a console that best caters to that...kinect is for casual gamers its fun for like a day then gets old really fast i dont car how advance ppl say it is.. why else would the the xbone exclusive RYSE shift from this " awsome" kinect game to a standard controller based game lol..shows how advance that tech is smh
RBlue_Desire  +   598d ago
Well, I might buy Xbox in future if there is
-> A Star Wars Game
-> A Lightsaber for kinect that glows. (<_<)~

Because that would be totally cool, and force choking or using lightning with other hand.
Jeedai Infidel  +   598d ago
Especially if it lets us use those baddass Force FX lightsabers.

I just realized that I will always be ten years old.
justSumDood  +   598d ago
This is old news.

We already knew this. At any given time kinect can accurately track your head, your friends heads, your controller, your friends controllers, dermal implants, your wifes nipples and your penis all at the same time.

And ALL this in the name of gaming!
Jeedai Infidel  +   598d ago
What the hell is going on in that scenario! :0
captain_slow82  +   598d ago
the new PS eye can do the same things as kinect and vice versa and who really cares when its a gaming console we are buying.....

anyone with a smartphone give voice commands a try i have an while its a funny gimmic a gimmic is all it is.

no smart phone? go to google and try search with voice again a gimmic that gets used a couple of times at max

and guess what ps4 has no problem doing the same if anyone says otherwise there full of crap
mcstorm  +   598d ago
I have to disagree about the smart phone voice as a gimmick as I use mine alot when in the car or riding my bike for things like reading out text messages I have just got and replying to them. Yes some of the voice commands my phone has ill never use but it is used for some instances.
iamnsuperman  +   598d ago
Is this so when I put the controller down the game will shout at me for not playing?
Fireseed  +   598d ago
No, but it could automatically pause the game for you.
iamnsuperman  +   598d ago
I may have not been clear I was joking/not being serious but yer that is a cool feature to implement
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MikeGdaGod  +   598d ago
the Kinect and the PS Eye are essentially the same. the biggest thing that will make PS Eye more viable is the PS Move (specifically because it has buttons) and the DS4 light bar.

Kinect makes me think more Star Wars rail games are coming
JasonKCK  +   598d ago
Kinect and PS Eye are not the same. I don't know where you guys get this stuff. Use Google or something.
Volkama  +   598d ago
Lol @ lightbar. Seriously, you think that's an advantage?
Khajiit86  +   598d ago
I have owned kinect and ps move. The light bar gives you extreme precision because the camera has no problem tracking the light where the camera you need really good lighting in ur room. A few times I could not play kinect because too much light was coming in to the room. Either way I am not into motion gaming so I do not care which camera is better but each has its own strengths and weaknesses.
Volkama  +   597d ago
The One pad has it's own 'lightbar' though. Except it isn't actually a garish bar of coloured light. It's a tiny infrared dot.

All the benefit, none of the reflection on your TV screen.
Ashby_JC  +   598d ago
if they are indeed the same. why haven't I seen one advert from Sony regarding this?

ms Kinect is something that the xbone is heavily promoting.

can you show us some videos etc showing me the pseye doing any of this...


the same...gtfoh with that bs!
MikeGdaGod  +   598d ago
my point is Kinect is cool for games where the goal is jumping up and down, but the PS4 camera w/ move controllers means devs can use motion in games in ways that are more in depth

for instance, if someone were to create a hardcore motion Star Wars game, move controllers would be much better inputs than your bare hands
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Khajiit86  +   598d ago
They wont understand until they see how the light is used. I remember holding the racket in the game and twisting the controller and the racket in the game twists exactly how I twist it.
Ashby_JC  +   598d ago
for all that says the ps eye is the same or can do much of what the Kinect can do...watch this video....then find me some videos of the ps eye with the ps3 or ps4 doing the same or close to it..

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