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Submitted by JoelT 820d ago | news

Retailers Not Willing to Match PlayStation 4 ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ from Target

Joel Taveras writes, "I was wondering if competing retailers would match this deal. I made some calls to Gamestop, Toy”R”Us, Best Buy, and FYE to see if there was a way for those retailers (with their price match policies) to participate in the promo and the answer was ‘no’ accross the board." (PS4, Target)

GarrusVakarian  +   820d ago

There's still hope for Amazon.
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Zuperman  +   820d ago
Walmart said they would if you bring the ad.
GarrusVakarian  +   820d ago
Im from the UK, no Walmarts here :(
ABizzel1  +   820d ago

Wal-Mart usually doesn't match B2G1 sales, Percent off sales (ex: 30% off), or buy an item get a gift card sales.

But if you can get it do it.
barb_wire  +   820d ago
@ Lukas..

Asda is owned by Walmart. Don't think they'll match a US retail ad though.
aceitman  +   820d ago
nope I brought the ad in to walmart and the lady said only price matches not promotions as buy2g1free. she showed me there rules.
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xHeavYx  +   820d ago
Didn't Amazon say they would have the same deal starting tomorrow? Not sure which region though
lilbrat23  +   820d ago
I called my Walmart they won't do it only B1G1. :-/
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Neo Nugget  +   820d ago
BOGO is even better ^
Aceman18  +   820d ago
i just came from target and the only PS4 game they had was CoD Ghosts :(

imma go back on tuesday to see if they have the other releases so i can get the deal.

hopefully they have NFS, not sure what else and get Ghosts for free as i don't want to spend cash on it.
v6volume  +   820d ago
My Walmart will match it. They'll just charge $40 per game
mikeslemonade  +   820d ago
Amazon essentially has the buy 2 and get 1 free if you pre-ordered one PS3 game previously. The preorder unlocks a code where you can buy one game and get one free.

Anyway it's better than nothing but I wasn't planning on buying more than one game. I'm probably getting KZ and BF, and then selling COD Ghosts for $40.
Elwenil  +   820d ago
Amazon is matching it here in the US, at least with PS4 games:
JoGam  +   820d ago
Damn, I'm broke. All my money is tied up in the PS4 that AMAZON still didn't charge my debit card for. I get paid Friday so hopefully I can grab some good games then.
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Lwhit6  +   820d ago
You'll get charged on the 13th (if you selected two day shipping) or the 14th (if you selected one day shipping). Just something to think about.
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aceitman  +   820d ago
I spoke to amazon she said they been getting a lot of calls and she thinks there may be hope.
lilbrat23  +   820d ago
Amazon won't charge you until the unit ships.
GBELKIN1  +   820d ago
Amazon doesn't charge your card until the item ships. When you see shipping soon your card get charged for the purchase.
mikeslemonade  +   820d ago
HAHA i wonder how many people don't actually have enough money when they pre-ordered for the PS4 or the Xbox one for that matter..
xPhearR3dx  +   820d ago
No they won't. That rep was wrong and a follow up story confirmed they wont be matching it.
jmac53  +   820d ago
I'm thinking Amazon will probably do something like this but nearer to Black Friday. Hopefully they do it for launch.
GarrusVakarian  +   820d ago
Well i have until the 29th to wait for Amazon to do something similar, not looking likely though.
prodg52  +   820d ago
Just got an email from Amazon today and they're matching the BTGO offer. I preordered killzone and it's already been shipped, but they still allowed me to preorder another game and get one free.
lsujester  +   820d ago
Yeah, it's all over their website now. Officially starts Tuesday morning.
Oschino1907  +   820d ago
Amazon sent me an email a few min ago. If anyone has two games pre-ordered they let you pick another for free!
admiralvic  +   820d ago
Amazon matched it.
level 360  +   820d ago
After that ad and this article, for sure Target will be inundated with a lot of on-line and over-the-phone orders.
aceitman  +   820d ago
target online only has 1 ps4 game for the buy 2get1free and that's not available and that will be the only ps4 game. sucks ass they said it is mainly in store only with the rest.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   820d ago
I'm surprised by Best buy usually they're pretty good about price matching.
Stringerbell  +   820d ago
Not in my case. Best Buy in my experience has always tried to get out of a price match. One time they didnt want to PM because the game was sold out online, even though it was still available in stores and the store I was price matching was literally across the street (I had a gift card to burn).
Lwhit6  +   820d ago
Wait, what's a Target?
Campy da Camper  +   820d ago
retail box store in the USA. Sells clothes, electronics, home furnishings etc.
Lwhit6  +   820d ago
Hahahaha I was kidding. Just saying that because the only people I know who shop there are moms.
osamede1  +   820d ago
you sound like a kid.....
Trypticon  +   820d ago
Just asked Amazon if they're willing to match it and they said they can't. Bummer. Might just have to cancel with Amazon and try my luck at picking it up at a Target.
admiralvic  +   820d ago
Amazon did end up matching it.
Starbucks_Fan  +   820d ago
Well my local best buy said they would price match it
DarthBigE  +   820d ago
Lucky! mine said they wouldn't...only match "prices" not promotions or bundles...
Lboogieskells  +   820d ago
Amazon, you were suppose to save us :(
s1lentone  +   820d ago
so amazon is a no go on b2g1 free? I was so hopeing for it. :(
Trypticon  +   820d ago
No go for Amazon. I asked and the rep told me she spoke to her lead about it and they said no.
HammockGames  +   820d ago
^ Same here

Jsoc  +   819d ago
Amazon has there own buy 2 get 1 free I was on there web site now... I hope this helps you it starts 11/10/13-11/16/13... Good luck
HammockGames  +   820d ago
Indeed are they are (now).

Just got my freebie code e-mailed to me.

An awesome start to the what should be an incredible week!
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matrixman92  +   820d ago
Best Buy is YMMV, walmrt is a maybe...everywhere else is no. I really wish my local best buy was doing it, because all ps4 games are alredy out
Rockefellow  +   820d ago
Just because the author couldn't get a store to match the offer doesn't mean ALL stores in a chain won't do it. Many stores are rigid in their policies, but plenty of them can be flexible.

Just go on Cheap Ass Gamer for proof-- quite a few people have gotten Best Buy and Wal-Mart to match this, with photographic proof of the games and receipts to boot. One guy even got it matched on Saturday-- before Target even began the sale.

This shouldn't be under the news category, honestly. This will vary for every single person reading the article, and could even persuade people not to bother trying just because the author wasn't successful. Give it a shot, people!
rayzorn  +   820d ago
that is where I found out and my best buy matched. I almost went to target to try and get that 30percent off coupon but it sounded like a pain and I had 100 in bb gift cards.
carmelo43  +   820d ago
I just called my Bestbuy in the Bronx and they are doing buy2 1 free to match target which is right across the street lol
twdll  +   820d ago
It is not for PS4 games only select older gen games...
GBELKIN1  +   820d ago
That is incorrect as the ad states PS4 games included.
twdll  +   820d ago
We'll I stand corrected. It may not work online, as I tried and it did not work yet. If it is indeed legit... Pretty freakin awesome.
nominal266  +   820d ago
People, read into the details. I hope you dont think the ps4 games count for the b2g1.


Click on the link,
Click on the bottom half of the 1st ad (where it says B2G1)
Scroll through the list.

I dont think this promotion is properly understood? or am I missing something?
ALARM-clock  +   820d ago
Scroll to page two, brah.
Sitdown  +   820d ago
You missing page 2.
nominal266  +   820d ago
Oh really?... well I hope this is in my neighborhood.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   820d ago
I'm confused now. The ad does seem to only list current gen games, but it also says all games, all week.
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admiralvic  +   820d ago
Another page shows PS4 games explicitly.
Razorback221  +   820d ago
Walmart will price match it. It is there policy to match buy one get one as long as the price is also listed on the ad. Which it clearly is. Go to walmart corporate website and print off the ad policy and take it with you. If they argue. Ask for the manager.
Sitdown  +   820d ago
Post that link please...
Razorback221  +   820d ago

It's towards the top. Specifically states buy one get one types of sales as long as price is printed on the ad as we'll, which it is.
Razorback221  +   820d ago
Also, if the cashiers says they don't know how to do it. They just do a price override for $40 a piece.
Sitdown  +   820d ago
Thank you. Have a bubble. Now to work up the nerve to go to Walmart and then hope they have the titles I want in stock.
ELFANKOOSH55555  +   820d ago
what about about buying ps3 games from target and return them within 30 days for ps4 games,is it possible?
vacoby5  +   820d ago
Wow, I honestly would think so, if there the same price
Higgs1  +   820d ago
Just got back from BB, they checked with a manager and price matched no problem. Walked out with BF4, KZ, & COD!!! Yeah buddy
Sitdown  +   820d ago
Send me your games with the receipt or it didn't happen.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   820d ago
I'd keep an eye on Black Friday ads, but also keep in mind, "Black Monday" is the day to get deals online. It's become the biggest online sales day of the year, so don't lose hope if you miss out on Friday.
rayzorn  +   820d ago
idk if I got lucky or not but my best buy price matched me this morning and sold me ps4 games at b2g1.

picked up battlefield 4, ac4 and madden 25. they did it no problems when they saw it online. had a ton of games to sell none where out though they had to get them out of a cage in the front of the store.

had xb1 games in stock also. but I didn't pay attention to what games they had for it

was bb in boardman oh. if anyone is close to there
UnrealThreats  +   820d ago
Best buy said they would match me.
vacoby5  +   820d ago
Simply just go to Target everyone. I got NBA 2k14, Knack and kz. I plan on returning kz when something else comes out. But they had those games plus Madden and cod out. Tell them to scan the product to show you can buy it if they say you can't. Hope this helps
Smoey  +   820d ago
Be that guy who buys everything and then sells it on eBay. Free PS4 and all the games at release if you do it enough.
CruelAib  +   820d ago
yesss amazon is deal it i just received the email
YoloSwag420  +   820d ago
same here!
UnrealThreats  +   820d ago
Really? link it. I cant find it on the amazon site.
shadowsatey  +   820d ago
I got my e-mail today. It said "thank you for pre-ordering a PS4 game." Though, I didn't pre-order a game, but the Killzone bundle. Perhaps, that's what it's referring to? "Select games on Amazon are Buy 1 Get 1 Free." "Select" titles:
Deadpoolio  +   820d ago
Why is this even a question let alone a story....Of course nobody is "price matching" they price match not promo match, jesus people are stupid
weazle  +   819d ago
There isn't really 3 launch titles that I am wanting. I may take advantage of this and sell them on ebay and make a little money there.
PSnation4  +   818d ago
just sucks if u buy M rated games at target they actually need to scan ur drivers i.d for them to sell it to u.. not even for the date of birth but to actually scan to take ur information.. got the 3 games but took 30 minutes just to force the manager to do it without having to take my id lol ..great deal though !!
nives  +   817d ago
Currently you can get PS4 games with a discount at:

- Target (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)
- Toys R us ($50 back on 3 purchased games)
- Walmart (free $10 giftcard for purchasing any game)

Source: ay/x173192738/Target-Toys-R-Us - Do-They-Even-Know-the-PS4-is-L aunching
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