Xbox 360 sales pass 19 million

According to this Eurogamer report, Xbox 360 sales have now passed 19 million globally.

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TrevorPhillips3857d ago

19million i was expecting more

hey hey hey3857d ago

guys please try not to be hating be glad that a great system with the best games is doing well stop all this fanboys stuff and just get the console you want.

robep33857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

All the people on 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 or even the worst i have heard so for someone on number 11 just curious!!!because of scratched discs RROD etc!!!


Fallen_Angel3857d ago

why did you think the 360 was going to skip 19-29 and go striaght to 30 million sold ?

sammy_mantra3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

MS sold around 17 million x360s worldwide

MS sold less x360s this YEAR in USA compared to what they sold last year

298k,270k and 285k for JAN, FEB and MARCH 2007


230k , 259k and 265K for JAN,FEB ,MARCH 2008

in europe better not mention X360 sales

so 17 million is the actual SALES figures

@who dares to disagree with me??? MS sold 17 million to customers and they shipped 19 MILLION ---there is no other way round . They reach 10 m sold in USA last month and they havent reached 6m SOLD in europe. PS3 has passed x360's LTD in europe and is leading in JAPAN by 1.5 million units. There is no way x360 could reach 8 million units SOLD in EUROPE when it hasnt even reached 6 MILLION there.

any multiplat game except RB6V has sold more on PS3 in europe because of PS3's larger installed base there of 6 MILLION UNITS

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MANTIIS3856d ago

yeah. whooptie doo. The number should find its peak, and stagnate soon.

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Template3857d ago

19 million shipped
About 17.5 to 17.7 sold

By the time Microsoft pulls the plug on the system in a year or so it is going to barely be passed the first Xbox installed base.

In the end, the 360 will be bought by the same people who bought the first Xbox and ignored by the 150+ million PS2 and GameCube owners who didn't care about the Xbox last gen.

Sez 3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

yeah and by the way the ps3 is selling. it won't sell 125mil. looks like the wii is steeling all the ps2 fans.

@below. and the way the wii is selling it may catch up to the ps2 before that time frame. so your point is what. nothing.

Max Power3857d ago

ps3 has a 6-7 year lifespan. a lot of ps2s weren't sold until a sizeable price drop, i'd wait until sony has given up on the ps3 to predict sales numbers

BeaArthur3857d ago

Template...if you think that the 360 won't expand it's fan base then you are just ignorant. In 2 years it has almost surpassed what the original Xbox did and it is ridiculous to think that it won't continue to sell. I'm sure the PS3 will far surpass it in sales by the end of this console generation, but to assume that the 360 will only sell a few million more over the next few years is just short sided.

Gaystation 33857d ago

Question: What console is in 3rd place?
Answer: Playstation 3
Question: What console is 1st place in software sales?
Answer: Xbox 360

The 360 has been an enormous success, and continues to be the platform of choice for developers and consumers.

Capt CHAOS3857d ago

The 360 is doing way better than the original xbox, I still reckon it's got a few years left in it, though they do seriously need to think about an xbox 360.5 with a blu ray player.

NO_PUDding3857d ago

BeArthur, it's actually slowed down right at it's user base limit, and infact, it took this long to get it there last time. So BS aside, if the 360 sales are slowing now, it's becuasr market saturation. And it will be beign saturated by PS3 owners.

GTAIV is a major console selling turning point if you ask me.

And more to the point the Wii is still behind the 360, so it's also BS that that will take over PS2 sales. It has got the future proofing, and people will get bored. It's already started to happen, just not in sales.

badz1493857d ago

if 360 can outdo the original which had the install base of roughly 25 millions worldwide. the facts are here;

10 millions sold in 1st year.
8 millions in 2nd year.
roughly 1+ million in 1st quarter of 3rd year.

thus I don't understand when people said that 2007 was the year of 360 when it clearly was the Wii's as the number of console sold declined by roughly 2 millions and that's still a lot! based on current basis, this year the number of 360 sold this year is at most 5~6 millions which means another big decrease! that's just my rough estimation and as I'm no Mr. Patchter...please just take it lightly!

BeaArthur3857d ago

NO_PUDding...I actually feel that they have more of an issue with the systems reliability hampering sales. I feel they would have sold a lot more if the RRoD and other failures weren't so common.

Robearboy3857d ago

A vast majority who bought a ps2 also at some point owned an xbox and a gamecube, plus the fact that alot of the ps2's suffered the "disc error" problem meant that multiple purchased were made by one person, dont for one minute think that because the ps2 sold so many that the same will apply for the ps3, the ps2 was really the only console of that Gen to offer casual gaming, my Gran even had one to play sing star, those sales will now go to the wii leaving the ps3 and 360 to battle it out for the "real gamers", neither of these will sell no where near the numbers of the ps2, where as the wii might

lawman11083857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Face facts cry baby, just like the 360 GTA IV will outsell the PS3 version 3 to 1 AT LEAST!

Xbox 360 sales up 68% for first quarter

Danja3857d ago

didn't the 360 just crossed 18 Mill sold ??

I think it's how many shipped to retailers instead of sold to consumers..

Fallen_Angel3857d ago

@Max Power

"a lot of ps2s weren't sold until a sizeable price drop"

The ps3 has already had 2 sizeable price drops.

7h3ultim8p003857d ago

Did you read the article? SALES of 19 million. Aka 19 million SOLD, not shipped. Haters always gotta pull sh!t out of their ass.

LJWooly3857d ago

Both Microsoft and Sony count sold, not shipped. I don't see why you even brought that up, especially since Sony's policy of counting only sold units is stricter than Microsoft's.

Why are we arguing? This is ridiculous.

sammy_mantra3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

MS count SHIPMENT figures as SOLD

MS has sold around 17 million x360s to CONSUMERS

MS has sold LESS x360s in JAN,FEB MARCH of this year compared to what they SOLD last year

see my POST above TEMPLATE

That 19 MILLION is the SHIPPED figure.MS reached 10 million in USA last month according to NPD. X360 hasnt reached 6M sold in europe . How would it reach 8 million there . also if 19 million is NOT SHIPPED then MS sold 1 M x360s in JAPAN when MS couldnt even sell 500k there

PS3 has surpassed X360's LTD in EUROPE and stands at 6M in EU
X360 is around 5.8M there.

so it is like 12/13M PS3s vs 16/17 M x360s worldwide

in TERMS of SHIPMENT figures it is 19 M for X360 vs 14 M for PS3

wulan3856d ago

I agree with you

It is 16.5/17m sold to customers and around 19 million shipped worldwide

just add the numbers

10m in NA (x360 reached that last month according to NPD)
<6m in eu( confirmed by GFK)
500,000 in JAPAN(famitsu)

total x360 sales = 16.5/17 million units

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lawman11083857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

I love how the Sony Douche force has so little to say. First NPD now this and your little black dudt collector cant break 10 million.

You like OUR "World wide sales?" HA-HA

The 360 would have to NOT SELL AT ALL for you to catch it......Good luck!

Xbox 360 sales up 68% for first quarter

rhood0223857d ago

wow...lawman. I don't even know where to begin with your stupidity.

PS3 is at 12 million.
PS3 outsells 360 every month outside the US and was outsold by 5,000 units last month in the US. WOW thats some killing there by the 360
MS reports units shipped, NOT SOLD. They've even claimed that.

MS sales continue to decline, while Sony's continue to rise. There are even charts and graphs if reading isn't your strong suit. Soon they will reach an equilibrium (or balance if that word is too complicated for you) and then the rise and decline will start to have more of an impact.

sammy_mantra3857d ago

MS sold just 17 million

SHIPMENT of 19 million was passed............I repeat SHIPMENT

MS sold just 17 million X360s

they sold less than what they sold last year

LAST year MS sold 298k, 270k and 280k in JAN,FEB ,MARCH 2007

This year they sold 230k, 259k and 265K

so sales have plummetted since last year

WE all know MS and their typical LIES

wulan3856d ago

SALES havent reached 17 million for x360

10m in NA ( reached last month and confirmed by GFK)
<6m in eu (GFK)
500,000 in JAPAN (famitsu)

Total x360 sales = 16.5 million units

Total number of x360s shipped to retailers = 19 million ( 2.5 million on shelves)


you do realize that GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME sold less in the first 3 months of 2008 compared to what it sold in 2007 (ist 3 months)

**thx sammy for the numbers

Not to mention that GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME doesnt even exist in europe anymore

Cynical-Gamerzus3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

This is pathetic ..
At what loss?? Last xbox sold at the same rate (lost billions)but wasn't plagued with red ring of death meaning how many billions did the 360 lose ??On top of these lame numbers.
Next year is the end of the road for 360.It looks like the same pattern of failure as the first Xbox..
Next XBOX please!!...Lame budget PC technology..ill Pass.
Im happy with Bluray and Cell daulshock 3 and eyetoy ,and addons, 500GB hard drive to 1 tereabyte..
Thank you Sony..

Maybe instead of making a lowbudget PC clone and losing billions,MS should release a unique console with 10 or 15 cores, upgradable Ram and 250MBps SSD raid drives and True HD video out with 2 GB RAM and Bluray,or do something uniqe with controllers and stuff?

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TrevorPhillips3857d ago

they still have another 2yrs to sell more till then ull see the highest amount of consoles sold

Calcio3857d ago

With the amount that Microsoft pumped into the red ring debacle I very much doubt they'll pull the plug any time soon.