PS4 Day One Update New Details: Game Discs Don't Have it, Dev Kits Identical to Retail Units & More

Some brand new details for the PlayStation 4.

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GarrusVakarian1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

"“The Xbox One does not ship with an OS. The end.”


If you don't have the have a useless $500 box?.

Kayant1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

To save everyone's time the above is the only real new relevant info.

Well if true Albert Penello sure wasn't joking....

I think MS should offer other ways of getting the patch like what Sony is doing via requested disc or online by saving it to USB.

GarrusVakarian1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Haven't MS addressed how people without internet are going to be able to get the patch, or is it a big middle finger to people without the internet?

BoriboyShoGUN1494d ago

they dont give a damn once they have your money!

mhunterjr1494d ago

Well, that comment doesn't make any sense at all... first of all, the day1 Xbox update is only 500MB and takes 2min to download... There's no way you are downloading the entire OS in that timeframe at that small a size.

Alas, it's true, you won't be able to access the user facing parts of the OS w/o first connecting to the Internet. For that, I agree with you, MS should have at least allowed the update to be installed via a disc.

Manic20141494d ago

I think part of the patch is to remove the DRM they had on the OS. Also i dont think people without internet will even buy a $500 Console, as for those at a military base, MS have to sort some shit out......

Ezz20131494d ago

was it confirmed that it's 500mb ?!

Flutterby1494d ago


You can download 500mb in 2 minutes ?? So it takes you 4 minutes to download a 1gb movie ? Even on utorrent it takes me about 10 mins and that's with loads if good seeders

Kayant1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )


"first of all, the day1 Xbox update is only 500MB and takes 2min to download"

You have to remember that won't apply to everyone.

"There's no way you are downloading the entire OS in that timeframe at that small a size"

Yh i agree doesn't sound plausible but this video of the set-up seems to back up what he says.

It doesn't look like you can access anything without connecting first for the update.

Edit - It's kinda confusing because this was the last video uploaded so either he already got the update before doing it video showing he was banned or he removed the patch to record the video.

Also this - "After hooking up the Xbox One and powering it on, Weingarten was prompted to connect to his home Internet, and then set up his Kinect 2.0. There didn't appear to be any way to back out of that. After connecting to the Internet the console began pulling down a 500-megabyte day-one update, which will be necessary to play games"

Looks like update is required to do anything. That's quite bad IMO.

LordDhampire1494d ago

A 500 mb patch will take me all day or probably 4 hours during the night

One_Eyed_Wizard1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

500mb does sound a bit small for an OS even for a console OS. It probably has half of it pre-installed, the rest is the day one patch probably.

Edit: Also it is kind of annoying how people will go on about how fast they can download 500mb or 50gb or whatever. I have an amazing connection that will download 500mb in a few minutes, yes but you don't see me being an internet speed elitist about it. Not everyone has access to fast internet, people.

gaffyh1494d ago

Just download it from the website now and stick it on a USB stick. Then you can avoid all the update slowness.

static52451494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )


The person that confirmed to download the 500MB in 2min also his download speed from the internet was around 60 Mbps. While most people have between 6-20 Mbps. So it will take alot longer to download

UltimateMaster1494d ago

The only reason why the Xbox One requires that day-1 update is that they need you to agree to the terms and condition of the console and that's why there's no other alternative like putting the firmware on a USB stick like the PS4.

It's very obvious that the only reason they did that was because they want you to agree that they can re-implement the DRM policies at any time they choose.

Not trying to be a fanboy, just stating the facts.

What's also in those T&C are the privacy of your personal information and how they can use your private information/collect data.

Just read the T&C, for once in your life.

gamingisnotacrime1493d ago

Ms wants to force gamers into internet market. The big money is made on xbox live. They dont care about non internet gamers

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theXtReMe11494d ago

I dont want to believe tis is true. If it is, how irresponsible of Microsoft. They, of all people, know just how many things can go wrong during firmware and software installation. All it takes is a power outage or power surge during installation and you have a bricked unit. Someone could bump the plug out by accident or be playing with the unit itself and hit the power button. Any one of a million things could happen that could interrupt installation and leave day 1 adopters without a shiny new xbox one to play.

While any one of the things above may be rare, guaranteed... Its going to happen. Leaving quite a few unsatisfied customers to find solace in a PS4.

God bless Microsoft, as they've been one big disaster after another with this campaign.

Manic20141494d ago

I Doubt that would happen, As from what was leaked by the guy who got the console early, the OS is pre installed and he was sure moving through the dashboard without downloading the 500mb Patch. If there is a power outage, surge or connection problem the console won't become bricked. You probably have to re-download the patch.....

LordDhampire1494d ago

This is 2013, power outages and surges aren't that big of a deal. I doubt it would brick your console, you just have to reinstall

Deadpoolio1494d ago

@ MMEHTA: You Know that he downloaded the patch right? He was online with it hence why he got banned. Are you sure your not mentally retarded cause Microsoft has confirmed for months now that the console is useless without the patch

pyramidshead1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

That's not going to sit well with the uninformed...

Microsoft's customer service division is going to be put on blast come launch day if this is true. Bricking consoles on arrival lol, that's worse than that PS3 update that happened.

Wouldn't be surprised if a certain number of XB1 Entertainment Systems get taken back to stores so that the parents of all the young'ens can pick up an actual next gen gaming console.

cell9891494d ago

I can see that happening too, "this piece of crap does not work, I want a refund" "it's asking me to connect to the internet" "it's asking me to pay for a subscription" not everyone is as informed as the average xbone fan

TheHybrid1494d ago

Buying an xbox for a home without Internet is like buying a car in a country without gasoline.

This is a none issue. It's not MS job to make sure people without interest don't go out and buy their Internet based product. I for one am PISSED that Sony requires you to have electricity and a TV to be able to play. It's really just a big middle finger to the Amish.

GarrusVakarian1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

"Buying an xbox for a home without Internet is like buying a car in a country without gasoline."

Im sorry, but that is a very ignorant way of thinking. "A non issue", lol maybe not for you, but for many people that don't have the internet for whatever reasons, this is a MASSIVE issue. Are they letting us know it needs an internet connection to FUNCTION on the box? Are they letting the average consumer know in any way? Are they clarifying to people how to get the patch if you don't have internet? NO.

I hate the "its not an issue for me, so i have no sympathy for others" attitude that people like you have.

"It's not MS job to make sure people without interest don't go out and buy their Internet based product."

Yeah but they would gladly take that persons money, right? It's not their job to do that, no. But the fact that they haven't shows that all they are interested in is taking your money. Sony are a business all the same, but at least they tell you other ways to get the patch.....and this is for a console that still works without the update. Some common courtesy would be nice....a little warning, you know?

You can stick up for MS all you want with your stupid comparisons like...."I for one am PISSED that Sony requires you to have electricity and a TV to be able to play". But this is unfair to people who don't have the internet.

BlakHavoc1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )


despair1494d ago

Wow, talk about out of touch of reality and living in a privileged bubble, I know many people without internet but are avid gamers. Are they to get shafted?

I for one would have no problem with the 500 mb update (even though it would take me nearly an hour to dl) but at least offer a usb update method like the PS4, I lost count the number of times I updated my friends ps3s via USB because they didn't have an internet connection.

GirlOnFire1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

What? Worst comparison ever...
A lot of disappointed kids this year for Christmas.

SoulSercher6201494d ago

That was a dumb comparison.

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TheXD3051494d ago

Xbox One has 3 different OS

sigfredod1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

short answer: yep
a $500 paperweight

BABY-JEDI1494d ago

It's a bit big for a paperweight IMO.

HardcoreGamer1494d ago

you can play ps3 games from outside the box, its not a crazy issue like the xbox one, you cant do anything on it. thats what really annoys me.

Kushan1494d ago


It takes me just over 30s to download 500Mb. But my connection is a slightly overprovisioned 120Meg connection, so I may well be an exception.

500Mb in 2 mins would require somewhere around a 35Mbit connection, which is quite high but not incredibly uncommon. Saying how long something will take to download is rather pointless, though, as you can't be sure what speeds someone else has.

Ulf1494d ago

"“The Xbox One does not ship with an OS. The end.”

Um. LoL. I call BS.

We've seen people using it.

This lie alone invalidates everything else the guy said, as far as I see it.

KYU21301493d ago

we have all seen people use it. the fact is they had to set up the console before they used it. which means they had to do the update first . As for everyone saying 500mb can't be the OS. why not? its a console not a PC. Think back to when and OS for a pc was on a CD or even split on 2 CDs. its very possible that what you are getting when you buy an XB1 is a box with the basic OS and then you have to install the remainder before being able to access the rest of the unit.

Ulf1493d ago

KYU2130, do you mind if I call you out on your comment in a week?


ALLWRONG1494d ago

PS4 fan: "internet is required for Xbone to work:
Xbox fan: "so does the PS4"
PS4 fan: "lalalala I ain't listening to you lalalalala"

GarrusVakarian1494d ago

Your username has never been more true.

ShwankyShpanky1494d ago

But... um... the PS4 still plays games without ever hooking to the net.

SoulSercher6201494d ago

Sony confirmed you don't need the day one patch to play PS4 games. How about looking that up?

Saviour1494d ago

rly people without internet in 2013? why thy evr buy consoles thn? Consoles games are useless without internet sicne most are unstable without internet

GarrusVakarian1494d ago

"Consoles games are useless without internet sicne most are unstable without internet"

...What?....i don't even.......

cell9891494d ago

What The Actual Fuq??? Have you ever played Fallout, Mass Effect, Uncharted, or pretty much anything that's not an MMO? Exactly what kind of games do you play? COD? Cause even that has something called a campaign and offline multiplayer inconsiderate jerk, Not everyone enjoys an internet connection like you do pompus p**k

SirBradders1494d ago

you do know there are countries which are still 3rd world. your type of attitude is why the world is so fucked in which 1% of the population hold more riches then the rest of the world combined. You should have your internet stripped and games confiscated.

gamingguy1493d ago

@ cell989 that is true they have an offline mode but most of those games you name had issue with the game at launch and had to have a patch via the internet. Now game need the internet for content updates even if it is single player

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Objective1494d ago

“The same won’t be the case with the Xbox One. MS are a software company and they’ll be working hard to ensure this is a smooth process. I am actually more concerned that PSN will fall apart when I am downloading the 300 MB update."


BadlyPackedKeebab1494d ago

While I have faith I already have the update on a pen drive ready to go if there are issues on the 29th.

BadlyPackedKeebab1494d ago

Cant find where I originally got it on the playstation website.

Ive made my backup available here. Obviously use at your own risk. The update is the update and the restore is the restore file (shouldnt be needed).

AlexanderNevermind1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

@ Livecustoms

It got leaked on the ps website a few weeks back. I believe they've since taken the link down. I have it on my pc as well. My only concern is that it has changed since then.

@ BadleyPackedKeebab,

great job providing the link for thers!!

BadlyPackedKeebab1494d ago

indeed as @AlexanderNevermind says there is a risk it will change. Use this as a last resort obviously.

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awesomeperson1494d ago

Luckily you can still play games without the Day One patch, so if it's spotty (as it could very well be), then just hop onto Singeplayer.

That being said, it's a staggered console launch. There won't be more than a million (and even that's probably overestimating) trying to connect at the same time on launch day.

On top of that, there's other avenues to download the update, you can do it now from numerous mirrors.

I think that Sony will be just fine come launch.

GirlOnFire1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Sony doesn't worry that you do.
Microsoft does worry that you use their game console so much they ban you.

RE_L_MAYER1494d ago

Online is preety mutch a mandatory thing now-I kinda agreed with needing internet just like having electricity in your home-you dont pay for it you dont get it as for people who dont have internetz try to get it and if you cant then im sorry

pabadamus11494d ago

I hope the PS4 update goes smoothly. The only good thing is it is not necessary to play games out of the box. If the servers are taxed, play a game while it downloads in the background.

despair1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

they will have it up to download from the playstation website as well, so we can most likely get it a couple days before and update via USB without worrying about server overload (which also shouldn't be a problem).


I thought it was only up for a short time before they pulled it? I think they wanted to either tweak some stuff first or wait a little closer before releasing it.

SuperBlur1494d ago

You can already download it . Im on mobile right now but look it up its real. :)

pabadamus11494d ago

COOL! Thank you both @ despair & nomercy. Didn't know that was an option. I will definitely download before hand.

Sadist31494d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the PSN falls apart on the 15. I guess I'll find out this Friday. Sony hasn't really been discussing if they made upgrades to their network. I would hope so, but they have been really quiet on that matter. Every time they mention PSN, all they talk about is free games. They need to discuss the improvements to the online infrastructure, cause if it sux I know what system I'll be playing most of my online games on.

Livecustoms1494d ago

I couldnt agree more, from someone coming over from xbox live im quite worried about PSN becuase all i hear is how inferior it is to Live.

SuperBlur1494d ago

Inferior ? Pre-hack fiasco perhaps. Nowadays it is quite functional..
They already have the infrastructure ready to handle the heavy traffic of the ps3 user base. Worry not i say as i am sure they are ready to welcome the many ps4 they've shipped.

despair1494d ago

its fine, the store still sucks ass but hopefully that is fixed for the PS4 (it has been steadily improved since the revamp), online is good and download speeds are pretty good (though the maximum connection I've been able to test was a 15 mbps connection). Online gaming is also not a worry.

sigfredod1494d ago

Not me, already have the patch downloaded and ready on my USB pen :)

GirlOnFire1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I've played Xbox Live for 10 years... PSN I've played for 2 years online. There is little difference expect Xbox Live Party, which is on PS4/Vita. Oh and PlayStation 3 had dedicated servers for their major titles online free. Sony needs a little love back that is why we now have to pay for most online games to play(still 10$ cheaper than XBL and free stuff). Have a nice time on PS4 i know i will. ^~^