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Submitted by ragequitcast 749d ago | news

Camping for Next-Gen has already begun

Over the years there have been many camp outs for various products, concerts and movies. With the arrival of the Playstation 4 on the 15th November it looks like the first camper is getting a jump start on others. (PS4)

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GarrusVakarian  +   749d ago
LOL, that's dedication right there. I much prefer to pre order on Amazon and get it delivered to my warm, cosy house.

LOL at the picture of the tent.
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lnvisibleMan  +   749d ago | Funny
Amazon made a killing on tent sales once the ps4 preorders sold out.
JoGam  +   749d ago
inveni0  +   749d ago
Yeah, Amazon has made video game purchases the easiest they've ever been.
0ut1awed  +   749d ago
From the article..

"it just questions whether he has a pre-order or not"

Considering he's camping out 5 days before launch, do you really not know the answer to that question?

Why would someone with a PRE-ORDER (aka a day one guarantee) camp out 5 days (or even 24 hours) prior to the launch?

I guess the writer has to have something to write about but come on.
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Flipflopp  +   749d ago
Reminds me of the PS3 launch. Most of the people camping weren't gamers. Just people buying to resell on Amazon and Ebay. Then they had the nerve to say I camped out in the cold to get this, why shouldn't I get twice as much as I paid for it. The games were sitting on store shelves because not enough people had the consoles to play them.

I hope this launch isn't as bad as last gen was. Glad I got my preorder in.
FamilyGuy  +   749d ago
That was hilarious.

OT: 5 days is overkill, this guy might get robbed. Maybe he's being paid to wait in the like this early by a friend or something though?
joe90  +   749d ago
Yeh, you can tell how many people really want the PS4 just by looking at the picture.
mikeslemonade  +   749d ago
that could have been staged and there's not enough evidence show anything
Ritsujun  +   749d ago
There're free 2nd-hand consoles and handheld consoles inside that tent.
GameSpawn  +   749d ago
Camping is pointless in this day and age. With multiple online retailers, you can place your order and get it when you get it. Sure you'll never see them on the shelves, because 90% of the consoles will be sold via the web before they have even left the retailers' warehouses.

I guess this just gives some people a rush and makes them value getting one off the shelf that much more, but those lines are getting smaller and smaller each year/generation because of online ordering. Hell in the near future camping like this may be reserved only for Black Friday door buster deals.
Maxor  +   748d ago
Amazon is simply the best way to preorder anything PS4 related. Only chumps camp out now.
ChrisW  +   748d ago
If I really, REALLY want something... and I didn't get a pre-order, I will simply wait until it's in stock again. My time is too precious.
Crazay  +   748d ago
I don't think the the system is going to be as tough to get as many think. The futureshop near my house was saying they got way more systems than what they sold as preorder. They had 49 preorders and she had an additional 30 with no names attached to them
Sitdown  +   749d ago
Somebody should innocently walk up and ask them what they are doing, and then inquire why they just didn't preorder from Amazon.
Livecustoms  +   749d ago
They probaly want the whole experience, even if it means freezing in a col November lol
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   749d ago
this kind of dedication from people worries me, cause there are lazier people than that. there's not much for someone to follow your car home, wait for you to get out and rob your ass. where im from there are alot of thugs and shit. 22 packed. :/ fk the dumb shit
azshorty2003  +   749d ago
Thats my first question. This launch wasnt like last were Preorders were only open for one day and for a short while because stocks were lower last generation.

This time not only did they last for days in the beginning, but they reopened numerous times.

This time around, any one that didn't preorder is really at fault.
@ dead don't houses have drive in garages ? I would make sure I got into the garage before risking anything like that happening. Lol
rainslacker  +   748d ago
If i had the pre-order, which I do, I would rather take the 5 days off after it's release instead of before. But to each their own.

As of right now I'm just hoping I can get the weekend off. Bad times at work I'm afraid.:(
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BoriboyShoGUN  +   749d ago
Freaking dedicated!!!!!
Gotta give it to this guy, just hope he doesn't sit there for days then they tell him the
line is on the opposite side.
arabiensoldier  +   749d ago
Wow, if that happened I would probably drop a tear for him haha
Rainstorm81  +   749d ago
Yep got mine preordered ill waltz in at midnight....and dance right back out.

I used to camp out in front of stores, but the last system i camped out for was the 360, and it certainly wasn't for days..just the night

In the famous words of Roger Murtaugh - "Im getting too old for this Shyt"
LoneWolf019  +   749d ago
Dance right back out in like a hour lol
rayzorn  +   749d ago
I camped outside for 3 hours for a n64 back in the day and got the last one. that's the longest I ever waited.

not really even considered camping I gues.
Nicaragua  +   748d ago

We call that "waiting in line" rather than camping.
Lwhit6  +   749d ago
I live really close to the Amazon warehouse where the PS4s are at. They ship on the 13th so I'm gonna try to pick it up early! :D
MNGamer-N  +   749d ago
I think people that do this have mental issues
GarrusVakarian  +   749d ago
Or they are just extremely passionate and dedicated to their hobby?

Different strokes for different folks.
Tsar4ever  +   749d ago
Man, some buyers have WWWAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY to much FREE time on their hands.

And also 6 of of 10 of those early purchasers will be re-selling those launch-day buys back on Ebay or Amazon for twice or three times the price. And WILL BE SELLING them too. Some desperate prissy idiot with money to burn would have no prob paying $800-$1200 to make sure little timmy have his christmas present on time.
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mark134uk  +   749d ago
i just pre order then go and fetch it in the morning when no1 is around lol

if i went to midnight launch id just be cold then by the time i get home around 3am id go to bed anyway and play the day after
Stuart81  +   749d ago
I've never camped for a release of anything but I do enjoy the feeling of being there at the store for the midnight release and picking up my new console in person. Although convenient the whole ordering online and having it delivered takes some of the magic away. Especially if you are one of the last deliveries and you spend most of launch day waiting whilst others are at home playing lol
Sci0n  +   749d ago
LOL hilarious but this gen I thought there would be less of that since most of the people that wanted the console bad enough preorderd it and solidified themselves one. Most of the people that camp are the ones who didn't preorder or do it for first come first serve purposes. This guy could camp those doors and best buy will still call everyone who paid there consoles off ahead of him. I don't know how they do there preorders but that's how its going to be at gamestop
Sevir  +   749d ago
Screw the camping crap, Dedication or not, i just cant be caught in a tent outside a store. I just doesnt make sense, You wait 5 days, then get it, pack up your tent and leave!?

I'm doing the midnight launch but I'll be at Gamestop at 6p with my receipt and o grab my number, pay for an extra DS4, and while i'm waiting i'll order some pizza from Oggi's and watch the PS4 Launch event from my phone till the clock strikes midnight! and then I'll have my tazer ready, just in case some idiot tries to pull a fast one when I walk out of the Gamestop with my PS4, Knack, Injustice:GAU and DS4 in hand!

:) Greatness in 5 days! I can hardly believe I'm joining Sony and other Ps4 gamers at launch! this is a first for me! I seriously cant wait to experience it!
SDS Gamerfiend  +   749d ago
If they'll camp now imagine how they'll camp in COD and BF4 LOL!!
MizTv  +   749d ago
Glad I went to gamestop the day after e3 and got the first preorder for ps4 in that store
Not camping for me
chaosdemon09  +   749d ago
Ya really I preordered right after e3 on amazon. I think some people just like camping for things lol
mkis007  +   749d ago
LOL this is in my city! I was just there, but the employes inside say he was there for black friday.
N311V  +   749d ago
Are they having a laugh? Not sure I believe this.
JoGam  +   749d ago
Believe it dude. I've seen this before.
Campy da Camper  +   749d ago
Agreed. They put even me to shame.
reaperman  +   749d ago
Just imagine if the person camps for a whole 5 days only to find out that they don't have any consoles unless you pre-ordered one. And if person has ordered then no need to camp out.
R_aVe_N  +   749d ago
I believe that Best Buy has already confirmed they have 25 units per store that are not pre-orders if I am not mistaken. It would be pretty funny if they didnt have any for sure lol
ragequitcast  +   749d ago
Indeed each store will have 25 Consoles for non-preorders. So no doubt they will go super fast, I would even expect that some people with a preorder might even try buy a second one if they can.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   749d ago
R_aVe_N, I read that too, they stated "up to" 25, but that was in Canada if Im correct. "Up to" doesn't give much hope. Are they extra consoles from Sony, or is Best Buy gambling on 25 people not able to pay for their preorders?
Also remember, if these consoles are going for big bucks on eBay (which is already happening) those extra 25 will probably be snapped up from employees at Best Buy looking to make a few bucks.
Sci0n  +   749d ago
That would really suck, I would cry for the camper if that happened to him LOL! He must just have vivid memories of missing out on a launch PS3 because he wasn't at the front of line. Stores back then did it the savage way with first come first serve.
KYU2130  +   749d ago
Actually most retailers are doing the one per customer sale. I know Frys electronics is doing that. Since they announced at the last minute that they were doing a midnight launch for the both consoles. The same goes for walmart.
Bathyj  +   749d ago
It's worse than you think. He's camping for an Xbone and has to wait an extra week.
ragequitcast  +   749d ago
Ha we really hope not, that would just be outrageous :P
mistertwoturbo  +   749d ago
Seriously? TWO WEEKS?????

That's insane.
AusRogo  +   749d ago
Hahhaahahaha! I lost my shit at the pic of the tent lol. Give the man a ps4 if he hasn't pre ordered, thats dedication alright.
ssj27  +   749d ago
yes and they should not give one to that smart guy who pre ordered right?

this guy is a drama queen he need attention and he got it is 15min of fame but is sad that they even allow such a thing sine is very dangerous.. thanks to the internet now you could get get same or better deals than black friday at retail stores without the drama and danger..
davidj88  +   749d ago
Calm down ssj27, it's not like person is posing next to the tent with a sign saying ''look at me, i'm camping for the PS4''. Sure it's somewhat ridiculous to see someone camping outside a store this early for something but it's their choice.

I say good luck to them, it would have been easier to pre order and have it delivered to you but maybe that wasn't an option for this person at the time and now they feel their only option to have it on release is to pick it up at midnight.
ssj27  +   749d ago
He is kind of doing that! and i'm calm lol
I just got a email from amazon and i got a deal! "buy one get one free" thanks to pre-ordering the ps4 killzone bundle!

I'm actually super happy!! lol
mitford  +   749d ago
there was me waiting for some cod footage
Sadist3  +   749d ago
Idiots. It's not that serious, just wait until more shipments come in the stores.
Idba  +   749d ago
Which would be a month after the initial release
JoGam  +   749d ago
With Black Friday and Christmas coming, its going to hard as hell to get a next gen system. You would have to do ish like that to get one at this point. Its going to be "Jingle All The Way" all over again.
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Rainstorm81  +   749d ago
I remember camping out for a PS2 and after those sold out it was near impossible to get one til around FEB-MAR.....YOu would hear rumors of shipments and if you didn't get there early they were gone

I got mine rom Target and they only had 46 PS2s, i think Sony will be somewhat more prepared with the PS4
fattyuk  +   749d ago
"It's not that serious"

jhoward585  +   749d ago
I think Best Buy(and a few other stores) hold pre-orders for 24 hrs if its not paid in full.
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Lboogieskells  +   749d ago
This dude is going to be smelling like sweaty ass come Friday.
C0LLAT  +   749d ago
lol! I was thinking the same thing. someone will start a new line because he will stink so bad.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   749d ago
I live in California and what usually happens is they have a relative or friend to watch over their tent so they could go shower or eat at home then they return. i remember this because my brother did this for the Wii with my dad except it was only 48 before launch.
Lboogieskells  +   749d ago
What's stopping the guy from getting skipped? or someone starting another line?
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The_Devil_Hunter  +   749d ago
They wont, skipped maybe but starting a new line is not going to happen the store reps are the ones that have a say where the line goes plus if you're the first one there they will know who was there first and recognize your tent. When my brother did this they used fold out chairs and slept in my dads car but left the chairs and a decoy tent just in case.
PsylentKiller  +   749d ago
That's what I did when I camped out for the iPhone, CoD, Xbox 360. People are a lot nicer than you may think. Especially at events like this. Your all there for the same reason and so people will watch your things for you if you need to go to the bathroom because they would want the same. For the iPhone 5 release, I camped out for 24 hours. The next person online didn't show until a few hours after I got there. Most people showed up at about 7 p.m. Someone brought a radio. I brought Kan Jam. There was a poker table set up. It was like a block party.
joeyisback  +   749d ago
Warzone gamer is going to start camping outside the Sony store in nyc starting today or tomorrow
BoriboyShoGUN  +   749d ago
Nice!! Represent brothers!! I myself have school and a full-time job but I'll pick up my preorder at midnight for sure! I went through this sleeping outside business with the 360 in Buffalo in November at that!! Not this time but it is fun being out there ;)
ragequitcast  +   749d ago
Camping outside a store for a console would be more fun than watching one of our Sabres games these days :(
unjust75  +   749d ago
Best buy wouldn't allow this at least not 5 days before the launch maybe the night before, but not 5 days.
ZBlacktt  +   749d ago
Should have pre ordered it and go in and get it anytime.... day after whatever.
MasterCornholio  +   749d ago
I preordered from game and I have 5 days to pick up the system from the release date.


Nexus 7 2013
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christrules0041  +   749d ago
I pre ordered from EB Games and there is the 5 day holding limit. But unless something extremely seriously happens like someone is dying in my family. I am not missing this midnight launch!!!
Juangie3  +   749d ago
HE probably became so good at camping by playing COD LOL
Campy da Camper  +   749d ago
I resent that!
Sci0n  +   749d ago
He's waiting on a care package shipment with PS4's in them to drop in lol.
NewAgeisHere  +   749d ago
Camping 5 days before launch - only in America people......i love ps4 but I've never seen anything like that in Europe.......that's just too much although it's funny...
BattleTorn  +   749d ago
I've "camped out" - and by that I mean sit in a lawn chair for 4hours, for two games Skyrim and GTAV. (Actually only 2hrs for Skyrim)

I would never do it for a console though. Unless there was a crazy good launch time, which I feel there isn't.
NeoTribe  +   749d ago
I don't understand how someone so dedicated is also so stupid he didn't preorder it when it was announced. I'm going tuesday morning after work to pick up mine...
NewAgeisHere  +   749d ago
It's the thrill of camping for him I guess....Xd
Lboogieskells  +   749d ago
lol Who remembers that youtube video of the guy waiting in line for a launch console? He hammers it in front of hundreds of people? lmao

EDIT: found the vid
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Sci0n  +   749d ago
he beat the shit out that brand new PS3 with a sledge hammer and even jumped on it. I remember seeing that vid. I am looking for the vid when the dudes at the 360 launch was driving around with the console hanging out the window teasing the people who where camping outside and he accidentally drops the console out the car window and a kid picks it up and runs! That vid made me laugh to hard.
JuniorCE  +   749d ago
I am getting my PS4... But this is crazy.... I mean Best Buy already confirmed is going to hold each unit of the PS4 for 8 days... I will be arriving at 10pm (november 14th) at the store lol
_FantasmA_  +   749d ago
This isn't new at all. I remember seeing the whole sidewalk in front of the Best Buys in my ares covered with people in tents and sleeping bags more than a week before the PS3 launched.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   749d ago
Yes, this I remember very well.
PsylentKiller  +   749d ago
We got hit with a hurricane during that week. I drove by to see if people stayed, they did. There were about 20 tents. Some were flying across the parking lot with the owners chasing after it. What was even more hilarious you ask? Walmart only had 7 consoles to sell.
giovonni  +   749d ago
I did this for a 360, but will never ever do it again. I have pre order my system and it will be in front of my house on Nov 22 I'm a warm blooded creature and refuse to be in the cold for something that doesn't love me back.
Npugz7  +   749d ago
More like freaking idiot! It's called preorder dummy!
MCTJim  +   749d ago
I never understood the whole camping out concept. Why not pre-order, its not like you couldn't get one for the 2 months + afterwards.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   749d ago
Good thing I pre-ordered mine, the day after E3.
90Supra  +   749d ago
That's how its done...

I was at work while Sony's E3 conference was going on...

Drove straight to Gamestop afterwards and pre-ordered 2 consoles...

Only had to wait for the SKU to show up in their system.....'bout 20mins
mochachino  +   749d ago
Guy really should have pre-ordered.
bornsinner  +   749d ago
dumb fanboy he doesn't realize that he could get a pc if he wants the best graphics, or an xbone for best features & dedicated severs, all delivered to his house. sony fanboys are the worst.
Shadowsteal  +   749d ago
And PC and Xbox fanboys don't realize that the best games are "Only on Playstation". So who cares if you're playing a crap game like Crysis 3 with mind-blowing graphics. Cover a shitty donut with cake, it still tastes shitty. And "features and servers"? yeah okay lets play some Gears online which had the worst glitches ever, get out you tool.
bornsinner   748d ago | Trolling | show
Shadowsteal  +   748d ago
Have you ever even played Super Stardust HD? Its a phenomenal game and Resogun is free for PS+ users. So we're gonna get a great game for free. We're going to get The Order:1886 and Infamous early next year. And Xbox gamers will only get the garbage 360 looking Titanfall when everyone will be playing the Destiny. Let alone the rest of the game announcements from the dozen Sony studios.
dumahim  +   749d ago
I try to bring up the page and all I get is a pic of both consoles and the title.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   749d ago
dumahim-Same here, Im using windows 8. It comes up on my iphone though.
jacksjus  +   749d ago
Obviously this individual has no life. God bless him. Lol!
DomceM  +   749d ago
PC gamers have been in the next gen for a few years and no one had to camp. lol
DivineAssault  +   749d ago
i used to go camp out 12hrs or so b4 launch of a console but i cant do that sh*t anymore.. I put money down & ill get it when im able that day.. Not freezing my balls off for no reason lol..
JessiePinkmanYo  +   749d ago
I learned my lesson from the 360/PS3/Wii launch. PREORDER. If you haven't, your choices are to camp out, pay through the teeth on eBay, or wait it out for possibly quite some time. If I remember, consoles didn't start showing up in stores till Easter or even after. I DO feel sorry for the parents (usually not informed) of kids wanting one for Christmas, but to anyone else who expected to waltz into Gamestop and pick one up? Not so much. Preorder options were aplenty, even with no money down from Amazon or MS Store. Now, people are already selling their PREORDERS on eBay for $7-$900 for X1 and PS4. Id post links, but unsure of the rules here-Go look yourself.
Its gonna be crazy, and I wish everyone the best of luck on the 15th and 22nd. Im fortunate enough to have a wife who is also a gamer. See you all then!
AceBlazer13  +   749d ago
Weren't ppl getting robbed their copies of gta v? Don't see whats stopping them now. Thank god for amazon.
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