Revealed, the game of the future

What the game of the future will be like, what you will be playing it on and who you will be playing it with. And it is probably going to be nothing like you think it is.

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realistgamer3885d ago

ah i was too lazy to read the article but yeah games of the future are going to be cool!

Shadow Man3885d ago

The guy from the pic looks like The Tron Guy.

wallace10003884d ago

I was just about to say that TRON!!!!

xtreampro3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

this is the most bull-sh1test piece of crap i have ever read in my entire life!!....!!IDIOTS!!

yesah3885d ago

"spend your entire life in there", nerds paradise living inside WoW.

ravinash3881d ago

Until they fall down dead because they forgot to eat.