Planet Xbox 360: Interview: Team Behind Enemy Territory: Q.W.

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "Recently at an Activision press event in the lovely San Francisco we were given not only a chance to go hands-on with id Software's upcoming shooter Enemy Territory: Quake Wars but to sit down with the Executive Producer, Kevin Cloud, and a designer for Nerve (company working on 360 version) to chat a little bit. Overall the experience we had at the event was positive, the game was generally good but could use a good nit of pollishing and bug-fixing before the final retail version is anywhere near completion. Check out the full interview below with the exclusive information that there are 12 maps in the game, all unique in nature!

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Interview [Kevin Cloud - Executive Producer (id Software); Greg Stone - Head Designer (Nerve Software Can you tell us a bit about how long this game has been in development and if you are excited to bring it to the Xbox 360?

Kevin Cloud: Basically this game has been in development for over two uears, basically we just started noticing around the office how much fun we were having Enemy Territory: Return to Castle Wolfenstein" and decided it was time to take the Enemy Territory franchise to a new universe."

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warhawk12343888d ago

I can not wait for this game. played it on pc Pretty happy with the pc version but to use a controller will be nice.