European Gamers Can Win a PS4, a Sony BRAVIA TV, a PS Vita and Loads More from Sony

European fans get ready to try your luck and win a PS4, a Sony BRAVIA TV, a PS Vita and loads more

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Nyxus1494d ago

Participated, would be nice to win, but I don't expect it. :P

Kayant1494d ago

Yep... Annoying it's timed :( but oh my is it an amazing package.

Blackdeath_6631494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

the timer tripped me up too not sure i got the first question right

EDIT:lol entered again seems like the questions are different for everybody only one winner and it will be the guy who is fastest so very unlikely

Jaces1494d ago

The one that always trips me up is the fifa question. I tried a second time with my alternate email address and got all but that one right. Not sure on time but it was below 10 sec I'm sure.

Baylex1493d ago

LOOOL I did in like 30 seconds ahahah
Now I know that I lost... I wonder how many seconds would take the winner?? maybe 3 or 4?

360ICE1494d ago

We two are very different.
I didn't participate, would hate to win, but I kind of expect to.

Mikelarry1494d ago

bah anytime i try yo enter i get the error message

Disallowed Key Characters.

franko1494d ago

I can't cause there's no Croatia in selected countries. Like many other...

lazyboyblue1494d ago

Well I got em right but it took me 12 seconds :-(

gamewizard991494d ago

I didn't see the timer until I was already on the 3rd question, got about 14 seconds. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.