PlayTM: SingStar: Summer Party Review

PlayTM writes: "SingStar, the karaoke game that's inspired either love or loathing in many a party guest across the land for years now, is back with a new compilation ready for the summer and sure enough it's as tricky to review as ever. It's all about the music you see, the game hasn't seen any real changes for ages now so how good each release is in the grand scheme of things comes down to how well its track listing suits your own personal taste.

SingStar games tend to come in two distinct flavours, there's the genre entries such as 'Rocks' 'R&B' and '80's' which contain a set of tracks all from a particular style or era. The other kind takes a broader approach and tries to cram a little bit of everything onto the disk in an attempt to ensure that whatever the audience there is something for everyone. This new SingStar Summer Party release fits firmly into the latter category, offering songs from people like Sugababes, Adele and Rihanna (yep, that horribly annoying Umbrella one) next to tracks from Pulp, Razorlight and Kaiser Chiefs stopping off at people like Wham!, Amy Winehouse, Chesney Hawkes, Mika and KT Tunstall along the way."

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