PlayTM: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Preview

PlayTM writes: "Sam and Max fans are harsh critics. Prior to Telltale releasing the new series of episodic point-and-click adventures featuring Sam and Max back in 2006, scepticism and criticism were the resounding chorus of a large element of the receiving community. Sam and Max Hit the Road was now a nostalgic memory of how games used to be, and almost no one dared to hope the new games could be up to scratch. This, even though Telltale is now home for many of the original LucasArts developers.

As it turns out, the new series was not only incredibly faithful, fun and hilarious; but it was so successful that Telltale are now releasing a second series that is even better."

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wiizy3859d ago

its easy to say wiiware is going to be fantastic. i already have 5 games i want to buy