AAG Podcast Ep 21 - Xbox One and PS4 are just as powerful as eachother

Paul from All Age Gaming writes "This week on the All Age Gaming Podcast we cover the latest video game news including Call of Duty and its supposed $1 billion dollars in sales, plus we take a look at the new Xbox One dashboard and Kinect 2.0. Also, we have a great round table discussion about 1080p vs 720p and the whole resolutiongate debacle. Also on the show, plenty of game reviews, upcoming games, reader mail and more. You don’t want to miss it".

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neocores1589d ago

Alright then let play in 480 fuk it right

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MRMagoo1231589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Hmmmmm they "prove" the consoles are just as powerful as each other yet the FACT is the ps4 is more powerful i wonder how they manage that, and if i remember correctly isnt this the same biased guy from the last sh!tty podcast where they down play all the Xbone negatives then went on about the PS4 not playing MP3 at launch as if it was a big thing.

Another waste of time thanks.

Games_R_Us1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Tell you what Mr Magoo. I actually run two shows for two different sites. DJ is my site, where we focus on Xbox, its our preference there. AAG is the other site I work for and produce their show for. We are multi plat there. We love gaming and we love all systems, some of our preferences are XBox, some are Nintendo, some are Sony, we are diverse and cover all consoles.

Nice of you to share such a disrespectful opinion. The whole debate is not about winning a game at numbers mate, pixels comparisons and resolution suck. Even go an watch the Angry gamers latest video. Gaming is something we should all enjoy and not try and convince others of what to get.

I'm calling you out Mr Magoo. If you got Skype and a headset, lets have you on the show and lets hear your side of the story. Lets put you on the air. We do it all the time with our guests, happy to have you on for a professional and proper discussion on these topics.

Are you game? Send me a PM if your keen, otherwise stop flapping your chops if your not prepared to go on air to back it up.

iamnsuperman1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

You can call him out all you like but you are opening up yourself to ridicule with a title like this. We all know the PS4 is more powerful(Microsoft acknowledged this straight after E3 when they started playing the software game over the power game. Hell the only power game they played was the cloud power game which soon faded out of the PR strategy).

It is a pet peeve of mine to just have a blatantly wrong title (which is what you have done). Better titles could be "does it matter", "it's always been about games not power"..... because they better reflect what is actually going on not X is as powerful as Y because it isn't

cyclindk1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Just touch on one aspect, pixel counting itself IS ridiculous, but TWICE the number of pixels is no small thing, not to mention what it implies overall about the possibilities with future titles. If one cannot see that far into the future, it's very shortsighted.

And it isnt simply gamers, the developers and very nearly every other credible source is indicating the same thing. I am not saying anyone should NOT enjoy one console over another, but rather, why ignore facts? It shouldn't be a slight against anyone because one console performs differently than another, but it really tends to sound that way when certain aspects are so obviously downplayed, as if some personal offense has been taken and must then be defended against.

ShinMaster1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

You're free to like whatever you want.

But at least be honest about it. So the PS4 is more powerful. Ok get over it.
Games like COD ran at higher resolution on 360 than PS3. We didn't have all this constant damage control over it. Instead of downplaying the facts, come to terms with them and continue liking whichever console it is you like.

You said DJ was Xbox focused and AAG was multiplatform, yet both of these podcasts seem Xbox focused. Talk about obvious bias.

ziggurcat1589d ago

your stated bias towards xbox renders your power comparison moot.

1080pgamer1589d ago

@Paul B

*Checks comment history*

Trolls will troll.

1589d ago
Kryptix1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )


You're misinformed, outstretching the image doesn't magically create new pixels, it stretches it to fill in those empty pixels on your monitor.

"Sony supporters will go to to try and justify the Ps4 being more powerful."

"I have to assume your rebuttal would be 1080p is better and take more power. Yes that is true but there is a difference between working hard and working smart."

You contradicted yourself.

Now you know why you only have one bubble, you don't go with the facts and you're inconsistent with your comments.

"Look a 1080p image consists of 2073600 pixels. An image 720p upscaled to 1080p has guess what 2073600 pixels."

"After upscaling the difference between the 1080p and 720p upscaled to 1080p could be between 0-400k unique pixels (not more)"

You just contradicted yourself again, you said native 1080p has more unique pixels than upscaled 1080p. Why do you think native is better than upscaled? Those unique pixels, it makes the image have less jaggies.

Why do you keep agreeing with the benefit of outputting an image natively and then saying it's the same thing as upscaled.

That's the problem with Xbox fanboys, they see fact and find ways to downplay it.



Go talk to BlackBusterCritic from YT, he'll Skype you for an Xbox One argument and wreck you at the same time. I'm telling you, the PS4 holds more power, why do you think it can output at higher resolution natively? Well, check him out, he'll make room for you, he always does and never seen him lose an argument. But I suggest you save yourself the ridicule.

jessupj1589d ago

I would love to have a civilized debate on your show. I'm being very serious.

I have a head set and skype. Ready to go whenever you are.

I must warm you though. I use facts and carefully thought out, logical arguments.

Gamingcapacity1589d ago

Why do people downplay the difference between 1080p and 720p. It's clear that the PS4 has a lot more power than the X1. At the moment the extra power is used to produce more pixels, that same spare power could be used in difference areas.

Say if a developer decides to make the game 720p and use that extra power instead for things like for more characters on screen, better particle effects etc.

My point is that while the extra power is being used for something like extra pixels, once the developers gets to grip with the hardware it could be used for things that directly improve gameplay and used more effectively to make games look better.

@Paul I haven't listened to your podcast but if you use a title like that you have to expect heat.

Ezz20131589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

@paul B
look man
i get that you like xbox more and nothing wrong with that at all
but plz stop with :
"Xbox One and PS4 are just as powerful as eachother"

because every one know they don't have the same power
plz don't bring another console war here
i'm sooo tired of this already

MysticStrummer1589d ago

@Paul - Who said you can't prefer whatever you want? The point is that PS4 is demonstrably more powerful than XB1. It's been in the specs for months and now it's on the screen. End of story. Like what you want, just don't lie when you want.

@ed - Another nonsensical rant for the books. Thanks for that. You're a true asset to N4G.

Battlefieldlover1589d ago

Your full of it and we all see/hear it. Nice try buddy.

Boody-Bandit1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

"Another nonsensical rant for the books. Thanks for that. You're a true asset to N4G."

*pause for applause*
Well said on both fronts Mystic but the latter deserved applause.

Seriously some of you guys need to just stop. You want an X1 over a PS4? That's great. Enjoy. Have a blast. Just don't make nonsensical post trying to downplay the differences in direction, approach and most of all power between the PS4 and X1.

Once again MS chases after a different audience while Sony is focusing on their consumers that have been with them from jump.

This is new 4 gamers. Gaming should come 1st and that is exactly what Sony is doing. Oh but get this. Sony will offer most of the same features the X1 will have to offer but at a lower price point and more power. Explain why you want an X1 over the PS4.

Please don't tell me exclusives. At least Sony has common enough sense to allow their devs all the time they want to finish their product instead of rushing it out the door. If you can't see the Ryse, KI, DR3 and Forza 5 would've all been better served with more time in development you have to be blind or in denial.

I honestly believe MS had no plans of releasing the X1 this calendar year. Everything from their policies, restrictions, flip flops, discombobulated messaging, PR and line up of games points to "WE ARE NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME!"

Kid yourselves all you want but don't try and drag others into your delusions.

gamer20131589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Yeah, there is no place for sensibility here. *sarcasm*
On another note keep up the good work keeping it real!

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cyclindk1589d ago


Total psycho! I didn't say anything remotely fanbyoish, I stated, more or less, that people should simply look at facts...


And just to note, this is not a nod in either direction, but 1080p is quite literally TWICE the number (natively) of pixels, i.e. twice the picture clarity, of 720p (native).

cyclindk1589d ago

Hmm i never looked at it from that perspective before, good point.

Ive made up my mind annnnnnd.... I concur with your argument.

Hicken1589d ago

They're hoping that if people keep saying it, it'll become true.

MRMagoo1231589d ago

Like i said above , its the same guy from that stupid joystick podcast, he is just trying to push his xbone agenda on ppl, the show is about as professional as the muppets but the mupppets make more sense. They dont even try to hide the bias.

MasterCornholio1589d ago

Like the developer from Activision said " I wouldn't agree with carmack"

There is a difference but how much of a difference is the real question. But so far the massive difference between some title in terms of resolution hints at the PS4 being more powerful than the Xbox One and its DGPU set up.

Lol I'm just kidding about the DGPU.

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