New ‘FIFA 14′ PS4 gameplay videos

GoodGameBro writes, "In various sections of the United States and Canada, fans of the Playstation 4 will be able to get their hands on a select few games for the system. One of those games happens to be FIFA 14, one of the most popular sports franchises in the gaming industry."

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MRMagoo1231653d ago

Im not impressed with the quality of the video, but i have to say the crowd looks really good.

BoriboyShoGUN1653d ago

*off topic guys sorry, but I've been checking Amazon still dont see any mention of any Buy 2 get 1 free deal for PS4 games??

mikeslemonade1653d ago

Soccer is garbage. It's all about NFL and NBA! People who disagree don't know what they are missing.

SniperControl1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )


"Soccer is garbage. It's all about NFL and NBA! People who disagree don't know what they are missing"

What the hell do you know about "Soccer"?!?

"Football" is as the rest of the world correctly calls it, the biggest sport on this planet, with over four billion of the worlds population following or supporting a team somewhere. Over 3.2 billion fans or 46.4 per cent of the global population watched the last World Cup in 2010. The World Cup was shown in every single country and territory on Earth, including Antarctica and the Arctic Circle

They say that somewhere in the world, at one moment in time, a game of "Football" is always being played.

Can you say that about NFL & NBA?

SniperControl1653d ago

I believe from the rumours i heard, that the offer is only open to people who actually pre-ordered a PS4 from Amazon.

Gutted really, as i pre-ordered the console from my local Game store and the games from Amazon.

Khajiit861653d ago


basketball is my sport. I like the nfl but the superbowl has what, 20 mil viewers, where the world cup has about 2 billion. Nfl and nba will never be as big as the real football worldwide, and that is a fact.

hay1652d ago

@mikeslemonade: Sorry, but NFL is prissy-pants version of Rugby. Now that's some SOLID sport. Gaelic footbal is also pretty damn fantastic, if I knew it earlier, this would be my number one.

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nashedpotatosbro1653d ago

the crowd is a tonne better than fifa 13

Bathyj1653d ago

How could you possibly know that from a YouTube video?

MRMagoo1231653d ago

I would just ignore him, hes a try hard like that PaulB tard that does those biased podcasts and thinks ppl will actually listen to them , they are all in the same grade of douche as Misterxmedia.

badkolo1653d ago

look at the players when they go form animation to animation, some are smooth, others are choppy, blame ea

TemplarDante1653d ago

Really disappointed in Fifa and EA sports next gen Ignite engine in general. If you looked at the sizes of the games on X1 yesterday, Fifa was the smallest next gen $60 title (9gb), just proving its a port from current gen. Yeah, its 60fps, but kit textures, faces, everything else clearly a port. Yet they keep banging the 3D crowd drum, Perhaps, I would kinder to it had 2K not shown their next gen engine foi NBA 2K14. I wish EA had an engine like that for Fifa.

yezz1653d ago

Yeah it looks pretty good for me but for example seeing NBA 2k14 it could look tons better.. I expect Fifa 15 being truly next gen like Fifa 09 was for ps3.. 08 was still a bit weird.

I looked at Madden and NBA live gameplay also and even tehy looked better and I came to a conclusion that while NFL and NBA are just one league FIFA includes massive amounts of leagues and players so it's probably takes more time to include all the details to such large amount of things..

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