Take-Two Taps PS3 to Rev Up 'GTA IV' in Europe

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe confirmed Wednesday it will release an official "Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV)" bundle exclusively for the PlayStation 3 (PS3). Available the same day the game launches, April 29, the "GTA IV" package will include the 40 GB model PS3, a Sixaxis wireless controller and, of course, a copy of the highly anticipated installment in the "Grand Theft Auto" series.

The bundle will retail for 439 euros (US$688).

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HD DVDs COFFIN3833d ago

Will sell more on Sonys baby.

I am Steve Jobs.

Iamback3833d ago

Hahaha die die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge load of cum on MS bots face! Muahahahahahaha, muahahahahaha I will BE BACK!

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13833d ago

Sorry to see you lost your bubbles :-/ This site is unfair!!!
If PlayStation fans say anything bad we get done!!!
Hope this GTA4 box kills'em in one go!!! ;-D

liquidsnake3833d ago

They are going to be burned Sir Ken ;)

DiLeCtioN3833d ago

was expecting it anyway

DoubleD3053833d ago

Great.....That is just peachy.....Sony should have fought for the DLC too......The PS3 cost me more than my 360 and the GTA launch is just another reminder to me I bought the PS3 way to early as the 360 version of this game is the only truly superior version.

I don't know about other people but I am still feeling burned on this. When the heck is the PS3 finally going to start kicking the 360's A$$ like Sony promised?

LastDance3833d ago

sell your ps3 and stop whining ;)

3003833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Ive only heard 360 fanboys use the "superior version", and DLC as a reason. You've used that line in a few threads, so i think ya nothing but a troll who wants to make out ya a PS3 owner when ya only a 360 owner. If u have a PS3 (yor say ya own both, i doubt it), and have a hard'on for the 360, then sell the PS3 and consentrate on your 360 fanboy addiction. But, i suspect ya only own a 360.

PS. if you was a unbiased gamer, you'd be keeping quite until tuesday 29 to make up your mind as to the 1 thats best, or say that theres nothing much between em. To be opening your trap now, to dis the ps3 version and say the 360 version is "the only truly superior version" shows you as a fanboy, so f**k of to the right tab troll.

deeznuts3833d ago

How is paying for more stuff make it the superior version? More like the incomplete version, as your payment is incomplete.

resistance1003833d ago

GAMESTATION have got a great deal for those interested. Its a 40GB PS3, GTA IV and I Am Legend Blu-ray for a mere £319