PS4 vs Xbox One: which is better?

The launches of Xbox One and PS4 are imminent, as both next-generation consoles are about to go toe-to-toe.

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BadboyCivic1498d ago

Been a Xbox 360 owner but the facts are the facts and PS4 is the better machine. Now my only question is how to get a PS4 at launch without a pre-order?

mikeslemonade1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Xbox One is better.. XD

ziggurcat1497d ago

@ badboy:

go to places that people wouldn't normally think about going to get their console.

for example, in canada, you would probably easily find a PS4 at a london drugs, shoppers drug mart or superstore.

ShinMaster1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

The PS4 is undeniably the better console, technically.

But which ever is best for you is dependent on preference, like certain games and friends who will own one as well.

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4lc4pon31498d ago

+bubble for being intelligent. PS4 nuff said

Utalkin2me1498d ago

Gotta love rhetorical titles...

Lwhit61498d ago

Oh and just thought id share this...

Recently when i was on a chat with an amazon representative I asked her when i would be charged for my ps4. She said on the 13th of november when it would ship. I asked her if i could get it early by any chance and she said once it ships you should be able to contact the carrier and get it early.

I live 30 minutes away from the warehouse in Fernley where the PS4's are and i might be able to get it on the 13th!

Boody-Bandit1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Be careful not to take it online before the 15th. You might get banned. Oh wait........

Sorry, couldn't resist.

You will be one lucky mofo to get it even a day early. I haven't been this excited for a new generation since the PS2. Camped out 2 nights straight and was the 2nd in line Best Buy. So glad I don't have to do that again. It was a blast but I'm too old for that sh*t now.

cooperdnizzle1497d ago

Brutally honest. You haven't been this excited for a new gen since the ps2. Woahh man one hole generation. J/K Just thought that was kinda funny. Being there has only been one gen since the ps2. Lol.

Boody-Bandit1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

13 years is a long time.
When the PS launched in Japan I rented one from an electronics shop and after playing it a couple hours I imported one from Japan. I imported several games they had out at the time. So when the PS launched in America I already played most of the games by importing them from Japan so I wasn't too excited to get one then.

I've been gaming since pong so I owned every console except the virtual boy. I wasn't really that excited for the 360 and was a little set back by the PS3's hefty price tag.

The PS2 was my most anticipated console of all time when it released. My 2nd favorite launch was the SNES. So yeah 13 years passed, gave you a little glimpse into my history and here we are. The PS2 was my favorite overall launch and I actually want the PS4 even more.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1498d ago

The console that doesnt do year 2002 resolution.

megalonagyix1497d ago

I wouldn't come up with resolutions as 1080p is pretty much the past as well.

PixelKnot1497d ago

PS4 is my choice as well. I was thinking about switching back to PlayStation after the 360 even before the new consoles were even revealed.

The huge amount of mistakes Microsoft have made with the One have made the final decision much easier. Even with the DRM gone, I don't want the Kinect. Forza 5 is pretty much the only game that interests me, but the amount of content it has in comparison with past Forza titles is rather disappointing.

Here's some of the PS4 games that I'm definitely getting:

- Rime
- Resogun
- DriveClub
- Killzone Shadowfall
- Infamous Second Son
- The Order 1886
- Transistor
- Kingdom Hearts III (multiplat)
- Final Fantasy XV (multiplat)
And maybe Witcher 3.

Ezz20131497d ago

Ps4 is just the Better system all round

mrnice1497d ago

looking forward to you guys getting it first let us no if the lag has been sorted out on ghosts and battlfield.

bornsinner1497d ago

slightly more powerful... but no games... you can count pixels on it tho

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GreenRanger1498d ago

I'm getting both. I prefer the PS4 over the Xbox One, though.

Lwhit61498d ago

I'd hate to be your wallet.

cooperdnizzle1497d ago

It's only 900 bucks. People act like consoles cost the price of a house or car or something.

tanis_halfelven1497d ago


Bro in this economy thats alot of cash

rainslacker1497d ago

That's a lot of cash in any economy.

-Foxtrot1498d ago

I'll get both....once Microsoft release a Kinect-less Xbox One bundle in the far future.

No point giving a company who has f***** up since the reveal my money on day one. It would send out the wrong type of message

JodyCones1498d ago

I really have no interest in the Xbone. I'm getting the PS4 day 1! And I'm going to save up for a PC as well instead, it's a way better investment than the xbone honestly. You can get labtops than run better than the xbone! Hahaha. And steam has great deals and amazing games. Can't wait to get my PS4 though!!

Rockstar1498d ago

I've learned you should sit back for a few months when it comes to MS consoles, see whats gonna pop up.

KrisButtar1498d ago

I'm planning on getting both but I only pre-ordered a PS4. It will be a year or 2 before I get a X1, after the exclusives add up. I waited till E3 to see which one I wanted 1st and then Microsoft made it easy with its DRM. 99% of the games I play and like are 3rd party games. Last gen I bought most of them on the 360 and this gen it looks like I will be buying them on the PS4.

Khajiit861497d ago

Same here im hoping for 2014 holiday season they sell a kinectless version for 300 usd. I do not want a gaming camera, virtual reality? Yes. Motion? No. I do not want to yell or waive my hands the controller is good enough.

KrisButtar1497d ago

As much as you and others want a Kinectless bundle, I just don't see it happening at all. Even after the launch their if there sales were nonexistent. I would see them dropping the price even below $300 and just taking a bigger loss per sale before they take the Kinect from the bundle. Kinect is just to integrated.

What features are left if they removed the Kinect from the bundle?

rainslacker1497d ago

I'll probably get a X1 once the Kinect can be used with a PC. I enjoy programming for the thing oddly enough. That's of course if the Kinect isn't available separately by then.

Otherwise, PS4 day one, and lots of PS3 exclusive titles coming out into next year should keep me occupied.

KrisButtar1497d ago

If I could understand programming you can bet I would be tinkering around with it. I can build houses from the foundation to the roof and do everything in between but programming just escapes me.

I'm going to the PS4 midnight launch, its my 1st time going to one. The game I wanted was delayed (WatchDogs.) I bought Ghosts and another controller as I wanted a local multiplayer game to go along with AC4.

The stores around here, still don't have X1 kiosks yet and I want to get some hands on with their new controller as the DS4 is truly impressive.

Enemy1498d ago

PS4 is the only console I've ever preordered.

GiggMan1498d ago

That's funny, me too.

I use to enjoy the thrill of the hunt but I'm getting older lol.

scott1821498d ago

Ps4 is the only console I ever wanted to pre order, I missed my chance :(

teedogg801497d ago

PS4 is the first console I will be getting on day one.

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SoulSercher6201498d ago

PS4 wins in power AND value