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The 10 Most Annoying Things About Call of Duty Multiplayer

GF - "Listen, I play quite a bit of Call of Duty multiplayer and even so, there are still things that annoy me every time I encounter them. In fact, most of these probably annoy those of us who play Call of Duty simply because of how often we encounter them. Here’s what I consider to be the ten most annoying things about Call of Duty multiplayer." (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

neoGamer  +   543d ago
rotation of same maps again n again is totally annoying, they should really improve it, i expect nothing less than a patch to fix this.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   543d ago
Wow the guy that wrote this sounds like a squeaker! "I want more double XP, You dont like people coming in and decimating your team do something about it, maybe if u listened to the one veteran barking orders you'd win noob!!!

1. Terrible spawn systems
2. Lag
3. Cheaper and cheaper perks
4. heart monitors wtf!, infrared in daytime?
5. bs kill streaks like remote control cars!!
6. hip firing and quick scope with 50 caliber snipers wtf.
7. BS drop shots

*this goes for all the recent COD'S but some of the things wrong with the game is the community as well. Just a bunch of youtube warriors using every cheap trick they see on the net. And still get ripped apart.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   542d ago
Nothing worse than facing a team of drop-shot try hards
tanis_halfelven  +   542d ago
Must have been hard to condense the list to only 10 things... :-)

Enemy spawning with your back in their sights is by far the worst
Abdou023  +   542d ago
There still lag despite the Dedicated Servers ?!!!
Matt666  +   542d ago
QS in general is a load of BS with what ever sniper they use, and some more you could add to the list:
The distance you can throw C4,
No Scoping,
The fact that it's like every other COD since COD:4,
The over powered knife and over powered throwing knife,
The fact that only World at War was the only COD to have tanks in on MP, (bring back the tanks)
The fact that there perks to help campers, QS, NS and fags who run around with the knife.

I could go on but you get the idea.
GamerzElite  +   543d ago
Everyday my stats reset by 5-6 level..
BX81  +   543d ago
ALICE666  +   543d ago
Bad spawning system, bad graphics, lag, cap gun sounds, maps uninspired and boring, un-authentic weapons (fake, sci-fi stuff), mute system non existent and forced to listen to 10 yr olds singing ladygaga, random disconnects, the clusterfuck of perks...overpowered killstreaks.. maniac especially.. what were they fucking thinking?

Against my better judgement I did buy this game but then I sold it the next day because it was terrible.
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thorstein  +   543d ago
I thought it odd that they were using weapons with recoil in outer space.
BX81  +   543d ago
You can mute but you have to push start I believe. It gives you the option to mute all or all but not party and something else but you can't mute individuals. I think it blows
edwick  +   542d ago
you can now with a patch yesterday.
christrules0041  +   543d ago
How's about the huge maps like the castle one. There is like no action. Just sprint, sprint, sprint oh I actually see someone. Lines up a half a kilometer shot. It's stupid. Either the maps are too small and the spawning works really bad spawning you imfront of enemies or the maps are too large for 6vs6 maps. In mw3 and blops 2 the maps had 3 ways you could go usually and funnels the action there. With the big maps they literally diluted the action away.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   543d ago
They're idiots! they make bigger maps but dont increase the room sizes. If your going to make bigger maps fill it up with players! COD has no clue they've been going down hill for a long time now. Cant believe I even purchased BO2 I swore not too but did anyways :(
BX81  +   542d ago
I actually like that map. It's a sniping map to me. Black ops 2 really didn't have a good sniping map. Everything seemed small or med.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   542d ago
Sounds like you only play/want to play arma
thorstein  +   543d ago
What about aholes with confederate flags or nazi flags as their "sign." I always grief them. Quite funny really. If they are on my team I just follow them around and fire off a round or two every 5 seconds so the enemy knows exactly where they are... lulz.
InTheLab  +   543d ago
2.broken hit box
3.$15 map packs
4.the CoD community
5.it's the same f***in game every year
6.horrible balance
7.terrible spawns
8.drop shots
9.no scopes
BoriboyShoGUN  +   542d ago
dude they ruined the spawn system so bad. They'll spawn a guy right behind your team on purpose. Just to stir shit up I've seen it so many times. Your dominating the other team not pushing into their spawn and boom they throw a guy right behind you.
warczar  +   542d ago
I wish I could have agreed with you twice. The 15 dollar map packs are what finally drove me away, that and the feeling of dejavu I've had since modern war 3.
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Revolt13  +   542d ago
Getting shot from behind. Hate it.
Tolten96  +   542d ago
Screaming 12 year olds on the mic. Man I hate that.
SonyAddict  +   542d ago
I feel sorry for people who buy this shit lulz!.
LiarasBoobs  +   542d ago
I dont feel sorry for them. Theyre dumb enough to keep buying, so its their own fault.
iliimaster  +   542d ago
mw2 perks and kill streaks are perfect and havnt been the same since i love having scrambler on it was fun but since then they havn't had it or it was 100% different, noob toob with danger close pro was fun, that game you could dominate with any of the weapons if u were good
Matt666  +   540d ago
no that's the exact problem with MW2 noobs running around with one man army and danger close, it just shows how many people lack the skill to get kills any other way.
iliimaster  +   540d ago
it was a good way to go against snipers hiding and i never used one man army and like i said every weapon in that game was lethal not just that? what about in every cod since... they have taken away the secondary weapon good stuff and have limited it to pistols/launchers so you tell me how long ur air support will last seeing that almost everyone carries a rocket launcher now due to the options provided ? explain that
Matt666  +   540d ago
but some where more over powered then others (like noob tube with danger close) and so what if your air support doesn't last for long if you got the skill to run around and get a descent K:D ratio I don't see where your problem is.
iliimaster  +   540d ago
you miss the point.. my main man, what good is it to call in any airsupport because with the set up now since mw2 everyone usually has a rocket launcher that shoots it down in seconds so you really can't enjoy it is my point i managed to do just fine with all weapons in mw2 it just takes skill to be good in it some people got it some people don't
Matt666  +   539d ago
like I said though why let it bother you if you can run around and get the kills anyway yea sure might be a bit annoying that air support gets shots down (some times before it enters the map) but when it does happen just continue getting them kills
--Onilink--  +   542d ago
no 4 player split screen was the dealbreaker for me. I was interested in getting it since I havent played one since Black Ops 1, so i dont really have COD fatigue.

But the biggest draw was having another local coop game besides FIFA. Online is gonna be BF4 for me
_FantasmA_  +   542d ago
Hey guys. Serious question here. To those of you who have played Ghosts but aren't COD fanboys, would you recommend the game soley for its Survival and Extinction modes? I really didn't like Black Ops 2 zombies when compared to the previous Zombies installments. But I did think that MW3s survival mode was a million times better than repetitive Zombies.

With Targets buy 2 get 1 free on all games for all platforms, I might just pick up Ghosts as my free game if you guys can give your honest opinion on Survival and Extinction because I don't really care about COD campaigns or multiplayer. I wouldn't mind getting Ghosts for those two modes for free if you guys think its fun enough to warrant purchasing two other full priced games.
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isa_scout  +   542d ago
Extinction mode is a blast. Safeguard(the new survivla mode)is also fun, but they suffer from the same issues that have always plagued survivla and zombies. Players either don't wear headsets so you can work together as a team or they bark orders like they're the COD godeven though they suck. I atually played with a 10 year old yesterday who was screaming at all of us even though he had never played extinction, and we were all in our 2nd prestige...lol
If you can play with a clan of friends which is what I try to do the majority of the time it can be one of the funnest times you'll ever have. Yet, I find it hard to recommend paying $60.00 for one mode in an entire game. It's fun I just don't know if it's that fun. If you can get it free with the Target Deal I would say go for it. There aren't very many quality launch games anyway for next-gen. I'm going KZ:SF, COD,BF4, and then all those F2P and indie titles will be available too.
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_FantasmA_  +   542d ago
Do you think there is a lot of replay value in those two modes or do you see yourself getting bored pretty quickly like Zombies? I just hope the MP is somewhat balanced and has good guns and maps because Black Ops 1 was the only COD I liked because of these things, but Black Ops 2 was so bad. Whenever I get bored of Survival and Extinction, hopefully some MP can cure the boredom.
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Codey47  +   542d ago
I don't want to come across as xenophobic, ageist or racist....

But there is something worse than a foreign ten year old shouting/playing music down his or her mic.

and it's listening to a foreign ten year old shouting/playing music down his or her mic in 7.1 surround sound on expensive speakers!!
_FantasmA_  +   542d ago
I love foreigners. I enjoy talking to people from all over the world because you realise we all play games and eat and poop the same. I also enjoy foreign movies and subtitles do not bother me. I know I'm weird. Don't know why Americans are so xenophobic. I'm American but I'm a "minority" so that could be why I'm not one those idiot Muricans that the rest of the world hates and laughs at.
LiarasBoobs  +   542d ago
I'm Canadian so I love everybody :)
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Hartsy  +   542d ago
The 3rd person to 1st in this game is terrible, when someone's hiding behind cover and all you can see is the top of there head but ohhhh! When I die and check the bulls**t kill cam it's showing me that they had a full view of everything! with enough room to pop a nice sized light machine gun over the top!
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Naughty__Boy  +   542d ago
people still play this garbage...WOW
LiarasBoobs  +   542d ago
1. Its the same as every other COD game.
2. Its the same as every other COD game.
3. Its the same as every other COD game.
4. Its the same as every other COD game.
5. Its the same as every other COD game.
6. Its the same as every other COD game.
7. Its the same as every other COD game.
8. Its the same as every other COD game.
9. Its the same as every other COD game.
10. Its the same as every other COD game.
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KGPrimao  +   541d ago
Has anybody else noticed that some maps have the same layout as some maps in mw2 and mw3 or am i just seeing things?

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