The 10 Most Annoying Things About Call of Duty Multiplayer

GF - "Listen, I play quite a bit of Call of Duty multiplayer and even so, there are still things that annoy me every time I encounter them. In fact, most of these probably annoy those of us who play Call of Duty simply because of how often we encounter them. Here’s what I consider to be the ten most annoying things about Call of Duty multiplayer."

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neoGamer1593d ago

rotation of same maps again n again is totally annoying, they should really improve it, i expect nothing less than a patch to fix this.

BoriboyShoGUN1593d ago

Wow the guy that wrote this sounds like a squeaker! "I want more double XP, You dont like people coming in and decimating your team do something about it, maybe if u listened to the one veteran barking orders you'd win noob!!!

1. Terrible spawn systems
2. Lag
3. Cheaper and cheaper perks
4. heart monitors wtf!, infrared in daytime?
5. bs kill streaks like remote control cars!!
6. hip firing and quick scope with 50 caliber snipers wtf.
7. BS drop shots

*this goes for all the recent COD'S but some of the things wrong with the game is the community as well. Just a bunch of youtube warriors using every cheap trick they see on the net. And still get ripped apart.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1593d ago

Nothing worse than facing a team of drop-shot try hards

tanis_halfelven1593d ago

Must have been hard to condense the list to only 10 things... :-)

Enemy spawning with your back in their sights is by far the worst

Abdou0231593d ago

There still lag despite the Dedicated Servers ?!!!

Matt6661593d ago

QS in general is a load of BS with what ever sniper they use, and some more you could add to the list:
The distance you can throw C4,
No Scoping,
The fact that it's like every other COD since COD:4,
The over powered knife and over powered throwing knife,
The fact that only World at War was the only COD to have tanks in on MP, (bring back the tanks)
The fact that there perks to help campers, QS, NS and fags who run around with the knife.

I could go on but you get the idea.

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GamerzElite1593d ago

Everyday my stats reset by 5-6 level..

ALICE6661593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Bad spawning system, bad graphics, lag, cap gun sounds, maps uninspired and boring, un-authentic weapons (fake, sci-fi stuff), mute system non existent and forced to listen to 10 yr olds singing ladygaga, random disconnects, the clusterfuck of perks...overpowered killstreaks.. maniac especially.. what were they fucking thinking?

Against my better judgement I did buy this game but then I sold it the next day because it was terrible.

thorstein1593d ago

I thought it odd that they were using weapons with recoil in outer space.

BX811593d ago

You can mute but you have to push start I believe. It gives you the option to mute all or all but not party and something else but you can't mute individuals. I think it blows

edwick1593d ago

you can now with a patch yesterday.

christrules00411593d ago

How's about the huge maps like the castle one. There is like no action. Just sprint, sprint, sprint oh I actually see someone. Lines up a half a kilometer shot. It's stupid. Either the maps are too small and the spawning works really bad spawning you imfront of enemies or the maps are too large for 6vs6 maps. In mw3 and blops 2 the maps had 3 ways you could go usually and funnels the action there. With the big maps they literally diluted the action away.

BoriboyShoGUN1593d ago

They're idiots! they make bigger maps but dont increase the room sizes. If your going to make bigger maps fill it up with players! COD has no clue they've been going down hill for a long time now. Cant believe I even purchased BO2 I swore not too but did anyways :(

BX811593d ago

I actually like that map. It's a sniping map to me. Black ops 2 really didn't have a good sniping map. Everything seemed small or med.

thorstein1593d ago

What about aholes with confederate flags or nazi flags as their "sign." I always grief them. Quite funny really. If they are on my team I just follow them around and fire off a round or two every 5 seconds so the enemy knows exactly where they are... lulz.

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