PSN Error puts PS Vita in an endless loop of frustration

@italkgame writes:Today, November 9th I have reached out to PlayStation for help regarding a menacing error code. This error is both inconsistent and annoying but more importantly prevents me from using, what to me are key features of, the PlayStation Network

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GreenRanger1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

That guy in the picture looks like Bill Murray.

elnacho1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

That *is* Bill Murray. Not sure if you're intentionally missing the reference to the infinite loop? (it helps to see the animated gif on the full article)

GreenRanger1497d ago

My phone couldn't play the video. I thought that guy in the picture was the author of the article.

So, it's a reference to Groundhog Day, right?

italkgame1497d ago

Yes, it is a reference to Groundhog Day. And I am not mister Murray

neoMAXMLC1497d ago

Oh good so I wasnt the only one. I wanted to check out the new friends list but it made it impossible for me to sign in.

snitch_puck1497d ago

This error is annoying me.

devwan1497d ago

I had this last night (not used my Vita for a few weeks). I'd almost given up when I tried to launch a game and the new terms of service came up, I skimmed through and agreed to them and then everything was back to normal after it rebooted. Had a few connection issues on ps3 at the time as well, just thought it was some pre-ps4 PSN maintenance, so didn't think anything more of it.

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