First screens of Square Enix's new horror game

Famitsu have released the first direct-feed screenshots of Nanashi no Geemu, or in English, "The Game with no Name". Square Enix also joined the party and launched the official website of the game.

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kwicksandz3890d ago

Not sold on the idea of DS horror games.

I bought resident evil DS for the nostalgia, not the scares.

solidt123890d ago

Me niether. This should be on the PS3. What a waste. Im sure 7 year old kids will be interested in a horor game! Sarcasim.

warhawk12343890d ago

Its a game. nice graphics for a DS horror game but we will see the horror value later when it comes out.

PS360WII3890d ago

Sweet. I never really put Square Enix in the horror genre but yeah looks good first person even. The atmospher reminds me of Dementium.. will be checking up on this one

Tony240ZT3890d ago

Parasite Eve is pretty creepy.

Shioka3890d ago

But,why bother seeing screenshots when you can see a video!?

PS360WII3890d ago

ha cool thanks for the vid ^^

The two screen looks good in motion. I'm not sure what that was in the middle of the vid when it went old school. Wonder what all was being said durning the demo?

Tony240ZT3890d ago

I didn't know the DS could do that. I mean, I own one, but have never seen interactive two screen 3d going on at the same time. I could imagine having this game up close while in bed with the lights out being pretty fun.