New Dead Rising 3 Screenshots

Check out some the psychopaths and allies you'll meet in Dead Rising 3.

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sdozzo1656d ago

They are not even gameplay screens. What am I taking from that? Freeze frames from a movie.

hulk_bash19871656d ago

This game is really making me want a Xbox One at launch but sadly I only have enough coin for one console and that is gonna be a PS4 next week. But when I end up getting an Xbox this is on top of my list of games to get.

InTheZoneAC1656d ago

despite everything M$ hasn't done you're only one game away from getting a One?


hulk_bash19871656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Nope, $100 more for one exclusive I'm interested in is not appealing to me hence why I will not be getting one at launch. Maybe next year when Titanfall Come out

RE_L_MAYER1656d ago

I will wait until it comes out for ps4

purp13m0nk3y1656d ago

Wow. That looks like crap! Seriously!

Repetition central. Pass!

Gamingcapacity1655d ago

Game looks nice. They seem to have sorted out the framerate problems.

Looks like mindless fun.