Analyst comments on Destiny and Titan Fall impact on Call of Duty: Ghosts

Doug Creutz has commented on the potential impact Destiny and Titan Fall will have on the sales of Call of Duty: Ghosts and the future releases of the Call of Duty franchise.

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fenome1685d ago

And Battlefield and Battlefront. They need to step their game up in a major way now, no more free passes and no more excuses. Go big or go home!

UltimateMaster1684d ago

I'm gonna call them on their BS.
You had years when there was a new Halo and/or a new Battlefield or Gears or War and that never impacted sales before.

Unless of course, you want to blame it all on Killzone Shadow Fall, a game not even coming on current gen and coming to next-gen consoles with a few million units sold in it's first year.

COD is stale.

ELpork1685d ago

I think the biggest determent to COD right now is IW, and how AB keeps bouncing it back and forth between devs. If they want to keep it going strong they should pool resources and do it bi-yearly, instead of splitting the fan base between developers.

...Or better yet dump all of it into Destiny, because damn that looks cool.

Killjoy30001685d ago

I feel they should just let Treyarch make the best possible game they can on a new engine for about 3 years, and if that doesn't work, then I dunno...


future sales of call of duty series? absolutely. but come on guys. destiny and titan fall arent really on the average gamers mind right now simply because theyre not out yet. im not saying people dont think ahead but the masses dont really consider so far ahead into the future when buying a cod game.

Funantic11684d ago

Titanfall is a system seller. COD and BF4 aren't.

Lboogieskells1684d ago

Titanfall is no system seller.

Scatpants1684d ago

It's one of the big reasons I'm buying one.

shivvy241684d ago

destiny is a whole different game but I expect titanfall to take some cod sales, BF4 too

justSumDood1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )


Destiny will no doubt lure some gamers away from playing (but not necessarily buying) COD because its fresh, looks damned exciting and does things differently. Bungie is setting a precedent, giving us a new way to play online shooters by combining it with social aspects (dare i say, another definition of true next-gen?)
But those seeking their DM/TDM (competitive) fix wont find it in Destiny. Titanfall, maybe.
However, i still think COD has many (good?) years/sequels left in it.

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