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Submitted by Abriael 820d ago | news

Banned Early Xbox One Owner Reaches Agreement with Microsoft, Will Tell More When Cleared to Do So

Yesterday Twitter user Moonlightswami made the headlines for getting an Xbox One early due to a delivery mishap by Target. He revealed all sorts of details and pictures on the console, but he was temporarily banned after a few hours. Today he had a chat with Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb and apparently everything's gonna be ok.

He reached an agreement with microsoft that apparently includes some sort of NDA, and he won't be able to tell much until cleared to do so, because some things are not yet final or announced. (Larry Hryb, Xbox One)

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Kayant  +   820d ago
Well that's understandable because if something was broken and was leaked it would have been bad for MS. Good to see all is well now.
Abriael  +   820d ago
All's well what ends well. He said Microsoft has been "very gracious" in settling, and now I'm quite curious on that graciousness :D
majiebeast  +   820d ago
He has been offered Albert Penello's job. He basicly became a sell out though, gotta get dat cheddar.

Dont blame him because Microsoft probably gave him the "journalist package"
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JokesOnYou  +   820d ago
lol, now he's working with the enemy. pffft guy just wanted his 10mins of fame, folks treating him like Gandhi.

Smart guy, he's milking it for everything its worth, laughing at the freedom fighters all the way to X1 launch event. Probably going to get a ton of free games too. lmfao
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Bigpappy  +   820d ago
I am getting all my pre-orders from Target from now onward!
SITH  +   820d ago
What bigpappy said! Lol
christocolus  +   820d ago
lucky chap..
HammadTheBeast  +   819d ago
Well this is good for MS. This guy was putting a dent in MS' otherwise FLAWLESS PR.
xHeavYx  +   819d ago
Why is MS so worried about people being online on their consoles?
It's not like they have something to hide.... Right?
AlexanderNevermind  +   820d ago
Should have never banned him in the 1st place. Hopeful everything works out in his favor.
nasnas76  +   820d ago
Most likely banned him so he can't use an unfinished product that would he was sharing with the internet. Once the product/software was finished they can easily un-ban anyone. Meaning, it was to prevent the unfinished system from being used (system time lock) vs punishing the user.
Moncole  +   820d ago
They only banned him from online in till the systems launches because they still need to set stuff up.
sobekflakmonkey  +   820d ago
they had no grounds to ban him, that's the honest truth though, but now, they work him into a NDA, which is bs, so now he really can't do anything, he acquired his X1 through legal means, absolutely no reason to ban him, slimy bastards.
rainslacker  +   820d ago

From what the guy reported the system was working fine with no real hiccups or problems whatsoever.

With two weeks till launch I'm sure the final build of the initial patch is finished and likely uploaded. You don't test a patch that important for two weeks and put it out in the wild. For reference, Sony put it's patch up 2 weeks ago that could be downloaded unofficially from their servers, although it was removed once the link got out.

What this guy was using was likely what everyone will be using in less than two weeks.
FamilyGuy  +   820d ago
@ nasnas76

There's nothing "unfinished" about it, they just didn't want him showing everything off early. The day 1 patch was live, it wasn't some beta patch, the system wasn't some beta system either.
It was retail hardware running official software. No reason to ban him other than to hush him up and MS are A-holes for doing it.
tordavis  +   819d ago
I guess you don't know what TOS means.
tordavis  +   819d ago
@sobewhatever you guys are a bunch of tools. There's a TOS that comes with the console. You have to follow that. Even though he acquired it through legal means, he shouldn't have connected it through Live and that's why they banned his account. When Live is ready he'll be unbanned. This is business. Something you obviously know nothing about.
ShwankyShpanky  +   819d ago
"Blah blah blah TOS."

Please direct us to the specific section of the TOS that was violated.

The "banning" is understandable from a particular viewpoint (accessing unfinished infrastructure), but there should have been an email/message to the ban-ee along the lines of "we apologize for the inconvenience, but access to XBL is being restricted until official release on 11/22." He shouldn't have had to make a stink all over the net to get it addressed.

And the YouTube takedown is still BS.

But hey... looks like MS roped him into some type of NDA and 'launch-party-hatted' him into acquiescence, so everything's okay. MS be MS.
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   819d ago
It's not simply because it's on a TOS. A TOS cannot overcome real laws, if there's a law saying you can do something, MS can put up whatever contract, agreement, TOS, deal or whatever they want for people to sign saying we won't do it, still if we go ahead and do exactly what we're not supposed to, they can't really do anything agaisnt us... Even if they claim we had an agreement, any lawyer will tell you that the agreement was illegal in first place as it goes against law and any ban applied could be considered coercion (which means we could sue microsoft).

So it was not because he got a console early, not because of what he was or wasn't using on the system (the software either came with the hardware he bought, making him eligible to use it, or he signed a TOS by either actually signing it or automatically as he downloaded it, making him eligible to use it anyway), not even because whatever opinions he was emmiting... I mean, sure MS wanted to shut him up in order to not ruin announcements, break bad news or whatever we want to speculate, but they simply had no legal basis to do so... 'Till he was stupid enough to show software on youtube.

That, kids, is what we call copyright infringement. You can't show software that's not owned by you. If you do so, you are accepting the consequences (from as little as a youtube video being taken down, to as big as criminal prossecution).

If he was smart enough to use whatever he wanted, say whatever he wanted and, yes, he could even do an unboxing video (not showing software) there would be no way MS could bully him into signing an NDA, because he would never had been banned in the first place (or could realistically sue them for doing so).

Well, good thing he probably got some nice extra stuff "to make up for any troubles this may had caused" (which is the nice way the legal department say "now in case you decide we wronged you in any way we can easily dismiss your claims as you already accepted a compensation"). Not that it would be worth sueing over this crap anyway (as long as he was getting un-banned when the release date comes).
kewlkat007  +   820d ago
Bet you he got something free...

Here we all bad mouthing Microsoft...Seems like this guy is an Xbox fan.
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Visiblemarc  +   820d ago
For sure...yet more nebulous bs from MS. All is well. Now even end users are being hushed by NDAs and legal bull.

Eventually we're going to lose everyone we know who buys this thing to under some MS legal umbrella.

"Hey Joe, how are you?"
"Due to an NDA I signed in order to own Xbox One, I can't answer that question at this time."
buynit  +   820d ago
C'mon, man... Seriously?

What if everyone was just.... losing You?

I bet you are one of the bunch that feels like some one is/wants to spy on you.. Amiright! Lol you know i am...
4Sh0w  +   820d ago
"Moonlightswami also mentioned that he’s available for interviews even if there isn’t much he can say, that he was not threatened, and that he agreed to some sort of NDA."

lol I could be wrong but I think this was a slick PR stunt by micro.
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Belking  +   820d ago
Remember what I told you guys about ms hiding stuff about xb1. There is more proof right there. I
Idba  +   820d ago
Like what? They wouldnt hide stuff if it is something good
majiebeast  +   820d ago
Just got in to contact with Mayor Nelson. This is a world exclusive, he said the second GPU is hidden in the UI.
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DCfan  +   820d ago
Dat secret sauce.
Kayant  +   820d ago
Mistermediax insider confirmed. /s
C-H-E-F  +   820d ago
Hmph.. so what is the big cloud covering up? Omg must be something huge.
BBBirdistheWord  +   820d ago
Dat scared ps4 fanboy
Jeedai Infidel  +   820d ago
majiebeast, Mayor Nelson of XboxTown? :p
Brix90  +   820d ago

lol...still hoping for the second GPU I see
Bigpappy  +   820d ago
Sense seeing the demo of Kinect integration, I get a really warm feeling when I see the UI in custom colors and the apps waiting to be called up.

I understood the ban, but am glad that they reached out to the users to explain what was actually going on.
nevin1  +   820d ago
Shad0wRunner  +   820d ago
Now that he has agreed to an NDA, I can understand a ban if it were to happen again. But prior to this, he was not bound to an NDA or gag order...and never shouldve been banned, in the first place.

This whole "dont talk about fight club" mentality is BS. Release all the facts BEFORE launch, so people can make an informed decision on whether or not they want to buy the console...instead of letting everyone preorder and buy your product, and find out what WASNT included or talked about AFTER the fact. Thats bad business!
gamingguy  +   820d ago
yes that is bad business but that is business sony did the same ms has done it before and im sure that nintendo has done it too that cant be help its about sales
KonsoruMasuta  +   820d ago
He didn't need a NDA in the first place. What he did was against the TOS. You agree to their terms when you buy their product.
This is probably just an agreement that makes sure he doesn't leak anything else if he want to get his console unbanned.
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gamingguy  +   820d ago
true as well the tos is something that is often overlooked by consumers but are complained about when things gets enforced
BobBelcher  +   820d ago
Good job, interesting way to get on MS's payroll... Ironically, he's done better PR for the X1 than their actual PR.
HmongAmerican  +   820d ago
OrangePowerz  +   820d ago
WTF? He bought the console legally. Since when do people need to agree to an NDA to fully use their console?

The biggest BS ever.
gamingguy  +   820d ago
that is true but ms doesn't have to let anymore play on xbox live until the system is released hell if they wont to the could shut down xbox live on xbox one until the 22nd
OrangePowerz  +   820d ago
It`s their problem if they put the day one firmware update live without taking into account that some people might get the console earlier. That`s not the problem of the person who buys the product and certainly doesn`t warrant a ban despite of all the crap that is stated in their Terms of Service.

Going by everything that is going on so far and MS trying to keep things under lockdown the 22nd will be a field day for non Xbox supporters.
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1nsomniac   820d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(4)
stuna1  +   820d ago
In other words; You say what we tell you to say, when we tell you to say it! Is the general public as naive as it seems!? All Microsoft has done is enacted a NDA that is now enforceable in a court of law! Simply because it is now an agreed upon consensual, and binding contract. This is why Microsoft take their supporter for granted, because they are....Oh so gullible.

To those saying he broke the TOS, actually he didn't, simply because they were not in effect! That is why he was banned in the first place, and when there was talk of a possible lawsuit Microsoft were quick to say it was temporary. How could you enforce something that hasn't been finalized!?
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SITH  +   820d ago
Clearly stated in the terms of service.


Just because you did not understand it, or read it does not mean it does not apply. The terms of service are in affect the moment he creates and xbox live account. And what lawsuit. What the heck are you talking about? Do you have a link to moonlightswami claiming he was going to file a lawsuit? Or is it just a bunch of butt hurt people crying foul for reasons they themselves do not understand?
stuna1  +   820d ago
I'm glad you wrote that because as they also state nothing has been finalized those terms are also subject to federal as well as international guidelines, as well as being subject to modification. No mention of early released consoles, or media, which means not specified to even be covered ( open for interpretation ) in the case the law of the land would would automatically take precedence!

Why do people believe that a agreement had even been reached!? Because Microsoft Lawyers, attorneys, and advisors informed Microsoft that they had a potential lawsuit on their hands

Read up on it! I know because I have read up on it Business Law is my major.
This is why a NDA was instituted after the fact, Microsoft had their ass out there, now they are more than likely making adjustments to their TOS.
BG11579  +   820d ago
@Stuna1 I can see a head shot when I see one, and you deserve a "Well said bubble" for it.
rainslacker  +   820d ago
Did you know that many times in a court of law, TOS's aren't really enforceable. Common law prevails over it more often than not, and consumer products have all sorts of laws to protect the consumer.

TOS's are really there to prevent frivolous lawsuits and help enact a means of reparations for any affected user, thus protecting a company from excessive monetary loss. They also allow, in terms of services, the company to have control over that service, which is what the case was here. His console wasn't bricked, he was just blocked from using the online services, which MS was within their right to do.

However, MS is not within their rights to tell the user they can not post information about the product should he own the product. Any images he posted fall under the fair use act as the copyrighted material was posted as a preview/review of the product. This loophole to the use of copyrighted material is stated quite clearly in the fair use laws, and it is not left up to interpretation, unlike most laws are.

So in this case, the guy in question did not do anything that could be construed as illegal under the eyes of the law(criminal or civil), it was just MS own discretion that they felt it was inappropriate. And that is what everyone is buying into with any console they buy. You are at the mercy of these companies discretion on whether you will be able to use your system fully or not.
#10.1.3 (Edited 820d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
stuna1  +   820d ago
This sh#t is laughable! To think people will disagree with truth. Couple that with the unexplainable reasoning of some of the most delusional misinformed illogical individuals known, makes for a volatile combination! Who would rather live in denial, then admit to the possibility that they are ignorant in certain areas or situations.

My statement above is backed by not my opinion, but real Federal/International Laws! Even the TOS part, maybe the one's disagreeing should actually take the time to read up on it before spamming the disagree button.

If it's something against me, you're entitled to feel however you want to feel! It's not like I'm going to lose any sleep over the situation, but if you're disagreeing to written law, then that just you wallowing in ignorance! And in any Court of Law the judge will tell you "Ignorance is not an Excuse"!
DEEBO  +   820d ago
Fuck MS! bitch that man paid for that bull shit system now he has wait because
target fuck up? fuck that!
i would be like give me my money back and keep you're shit.
and that's why people hate MS right,they are always trying to control their customers.
Bigpappy  +   820d ago
You need to take something to calm you down. He was not supposed to have access to X-one XBL network until Nov 22nd. This was just enforcing that. It is not like M$ sent some guys in Black suits to his house and shot the console with a rocket launcher. Relax. Even the guy who got banned isn't over reacting like you guys.
cyguration  +   820d ago
How do you know they didn't send guys in black suits to his house with rocket launchers?

For all we know, the guys in the black suits took over his Twitter after the rocket assassination.
SITH  +   820d ago
If something like this is so disturbing to you, you need to stay in the security and comfort of mommy and daddy's house because the world and the rules in it are clearly too much for you. It is not as serious as you want it to be.
DEEBO  +   820d ago
lol man i'm just playing around with those comments.
i really can care less to be honest with you.
and the mommy and daddy thing would look really sad for a man my age.besides i have a wife(so beautiful) house and three sons
(all going to be little gamers too)
hell i'm even going to bring my oldest son with me to the midnight release for the ps4.
it's great to be gamer,been gaming since the 2600 now i get to enjoy it with my sons(my wife hates games)
yeah life is good.
rainslacker  +   820d ago
These aren't the rules of the world, these are the rules of corporations trying to do whatever they can to protect themselves from having any sort of responsibility towards their customers.

As consumers, we could stay and hide in our parents house, or we could fight for our own interests and say how we'd rather have products and services that don't penalize us due to some arbitrary Terms of Service that we are forced to accept in order to use a product.

Consumer rights do not come to us freely. They have to be fought for. This is even more true today than in the past when more companies tried to do the right thing by their customers, and with more laws being made to protect corporations than consumers, we should never hide away from what you call "the world and the rules"

And before you decide to say it, Yes, all companies do this. That doesn't make it right or beneficial for the consumer. But go ahead, keep towing the corporate interests. I'm sure you'll be happy with that until it one day affects you or someone you know.
#11.2.2 (Edited 820d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
4lc4pon3  +   820d ago
nelson invited him to the xbox launch event. im sure traves n all is paid. i may not be a xbox fan but glad they did the right thing
stuna1  +   820d ago
How is that the right thing? They basically persuade him into thinking that he did something wrong, and are now applying a band-aid fix by offering him things!

Here's something that comes as a surprise; Consumers have rights too! Figure that.
JokesOnYou  +   820d ago
Like the right to violate the TOS agreement when you purchase a console= NO.

THE BOTTOM LINE IS: Its not his fault he got it early but a mistake on Targets part does not mean Microsoft cannot protect their interest by preventing him from disclosing misinformation with incomplete/non-updated UI and system information.

Whats funny is you guys swoop in as if micro chopped off his head when all they did is say we are going to keep you off OUR network since it isn't ready until NOV 22nd= temporary bann and the same guy isn't even crying nope, not only that but he gladly took some swag and is very happy with micro....actually I read is comments on reddit before and he seems to be enjoying the ride, was never that serious to him but once again the usual suspects are just foaming at the mouth for anything to pull out the pitchforks and scream bloody murder over. Relax, nobody believes your fake rants.
#12.1.1 (Edited 820d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report
Bundi  +   820d ago
Calm down sunshine. They blocked him off their network until it is ready to go, they didn't sell his parents to Somalian pirats.

So turn it down a couple of notches.
ambientFLIER  +   820d ago
You seem to be acutely aware of consumer rights...except for the fact that he agreed to a TOS when starting up his console and logging into the XBL, and I'm sure it had a clause about not revealing info before the official launch.

Maybe if you people actually read these things before agreeing, then you wouldn't look so ignorant when companies held you to those agreements...
kewlkat007  +   820d ago
There have been more press about this guy and his leaks then PS4 news..a week before it launches..

Ms said thx...
rainslacker  +   820d ago
I have a feeling Monday we'll be seeing a lot of news coming from Sony. We'll see a lot coming from MS as well to counter-act it. The week of launch is usually pretty exciting news wise.
TristanPR77  +   820d ago
Microsoft have all the gaming industry under NDA. Don't say we are inferior, don't speak about PS4, don't speak about resolution, don't say anything unless we told you.
AgitatedOcelot  +   820d ago
Just how much power they have over everyone right now is actually kind of frightening. I'm really tired of watching journalists back down from the tough questions and tow the official Microsoft lines to downplay all problems.

Especially when six months ago the press was happy to put a fire under Microsoft's heels over the DRM controversy. I get the impression Microsoft just shifted it's money and it's advertisers power into the right places.
4Sh0w  +   820d ago
Yeah cause media cant talk about ps4, yet sony apparently cutoff certain media types who have been reviewing sony stuff for ages from getting a review console. Yeah micro NDAs are responsible for world hunger too.
obelix01  +   820d ago
Cmon this was planned all along. Just like the guy who "accidentally" forgets the new iPhone prototype in a bar. Planned or not however the guys lucky for getting some hands on with the X1.
Hartsy  +   820d ago
I bet they unband him if he signed an agreement saying he won't leak anymore features
1nsomniac  +   820d ago
@KonsoruMasuta if your going to block my message & then PM me threatening me about my "bad language" I suggest you leave the adults to talk by themselves!
KonsoruMasuta  +   820d ago
*Facepalm* Look at your post, you were flagged for bad language.

I was pointing that out. Since your post is flagged, I couldn't reply.
Bathyj  +   820d ago
MS are getting really good and swooping on bad press and patching it up. Now if they can just learn to do the right thing in the first place they'll be set.
AlexanderNevermind  +   820d ago
At the end of the day MS seems to have made things right so it seems no harm done. Good job by them.
porkChop  +   820d ago
Really?! The end-user has to sign an NDA for a product he LEGALLY PAID FOR? Jesus Microsoft, could you make it anymore obvious that you clearly have something to hide?
whoyouwit04   820d ago | Personal attack | show
ambientFLIER  +   820d ago
I love all the conspiracy theories...Have you guys ever heard of a TOS? Every company makes you sign one before going online...
porkChop  +   820d ago
TOS is not the same as an NDA.
mochachino  +   820d ago
Just a matter of time before the average gamers' signing into xbox live constitutes acceptance of a non-disclosure agreement where even a negative comment on the internet is a suable breach.

MS Gestapo in full effect.
#21 (Edited 820d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
stuna1  +   820d ago
Finally someone who understands the situation! A NDA deals with disclosing vital information specific to a certain product!

TOS deals with your conduct, rules against trying to defeat operation protocol, online usage, grievances, rights concerning class action lawsuits, plus other things! But nowhere I repeat nowhere does it list anything concerning posting images of a console/product that someone has received ahead of release through said online service! Posting the operation of the console/product that was received ahead of release through the use of the online service.

TOS is specifically unique as to what is covered concerning the operation rules/regulations that is acceptable for safely operating said product.

NDA is the None Disclosure Agreement is just that a contract between specific parties, when I comes to not disclosing vital information,specifications ectera for a pre-determined amount of time set by parties involved.

This is why a agreement was made by Microsoft and moonlightswamy.
mochachino  +   820d ago
I wonder what consideration he received.

Free Live for a year, a game perhaps.
No_Pantaloons  +   820d ago
So basically he became a corporate shill. Hes getting some launch event access and probably more and now he legally cant talk about it. That's called selling out!

He should have told them to shove it and if they dare refuse to unban him at launch then microsoft would in for another shit storm from us gamers. Stand up to a bully, don't negotiate.
Mogwai   820d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
00  +   820d ago
I would have asked for a refund.
strigoi814  +   820d ago
lolz guy is a sell out..guess he had a free XB1..
denero1  +   820d ago
Thats pretty cool dude went from being banned to getting to go to launch event good one MS :)
BG11579  +   820d ago
It would be funny to see all those persons that got their 360 banned because they got games early treated like this...
But that won't happen, they don't have a massive quantity of supporters to plead their cause like in this case.
MS is just doing the so-so thing for the wrong reasons. Their policies or mentality haven't change.
They are still the same.
SynestheticRoar  +   820d ago
SSShhhh Don't tell on us. Here's launch invites. PR skills
cactusjack  +   819d ago
you know if sony banned someone, they would have their janitor to workout a deal, but since the heat got to micro, they had to use Major Nelson to workout a deal.
Tres21  +   819d ago
they banned him 2 stop any info while they got 2 him an made him an offer no real gamer would not take and if it was money any 1 whinin would of took it an put on ne ps4 game that want if its thats serious ish i got a kid baby gotta eat im gettin my system from target

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