I Never Fired: A Battlefield 4 Story

The scene is tense, helicopters fly over head and tanks slowly drive past. A bead of sweat rolls down my cheek as I prone between a pile of rubble, the remains of some building long destroyed.

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Speed-Racer1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Nice story! I'm still deciding whether to get it. Metacritic PC scores seem to be all over the charts. Hopefully some more user reviews will help me out once it's released.

neoMAXMLC1473d ago

Once its released? Its BEEN out for weeks.

SmoothC9111473d ago

Maybe they meant next gen?

Lwhit61473d ago

I'm waiting for the next gen version.

And typically I don't care too much for review scores of multiplayer-centric games because what you get out of the game is based on the experiences that you encounter during multiplayer with friends. Not the stuff thats listed or compared in the reviews imo

pandehz1473d ago

Still a better love story than Twilight

DarthJay1473d ago

Sounds like you're just bad at the game. Try a different game mode. Try getting in a vehicle. Try playing the campaign. Try getting good. I am a console player and can't play with mouse and keyboard to save my life, and even I can go positive in a round with 64 players. This sounds overly dramatic. Sorry.

Ashby_JC1473d ago

to the writer. You have to play with a squad. with battlefield you cannot do much solo.unless your playing death match.

only certain classes can take out tanks..helis etc

pro team = battlefield