The sewer: why are games so fond of flushing players down the drain?

After traversing slums and museums, graveyards and forests in Naughty Dog’s acclaimed survival horror game The Last Of Us, you come to a large metal grate set in a stony hillside, the water cascading from its lip pooling at your feet.

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lnvisibleMan1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

La Noire ending. Death by sewer.

pandehz1198d ago


Was about to play it soon.

What hell is this. First comment and a spoiler.
You s.u.c.k

Ducky1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

All adventure games must have sewer levels in order to commemorate Mario.

AnotherProGamer1198d ago

All FPS must have a giant robotic Hitler to commemorate Wolfenstein 3D

Jovanian 1198d ago

because sewers and tunnels are enclosed spaces that are easy to decorate and render while maintaining a high performance. Its a trick done to make a games graphics seem more impressive than they actually are. games like deep down can only possibly achieve that level of texture quality, framerate, resolution, and particle effect quality by keeping the entire game holed up in a tiny little dungeon

ABeastNamedTariq1198d ago

We've only seen, what, one level/section of Deep Down? You can ascertain that the rest of the entire game is like that? How does that work?

ifritAlkhemyst1198d ago

Would it be called Deep Down otherwise, barring the obvious double-meaning from its plot?

Irishguy951198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

'One level'. You do realize Deep down is procedurally generated right? Don't expect to see anything too different from what you've seen already. Different layouts are all that comes with PG. Elder scrolls Oblivions dungeons are a perfect example

It's been confirmed that Deep down is a dungeon crawler btw.

Would like to site Metro 2033 for this anyway too, another example of the super linear graphics. Linearity complements graphics. Enclosed spaces complement them even more. The tighter the game's focus is the easier it is to make spend resources on those smaller areas

Bathyj1198d ago

I've often wondered this. It's a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

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Riderz13371198d ago

I love the cut scene when you exit the sewer in the Last of Us. So funny ^^

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