Metal Gear Solid V Quiet Cosplayer Shows Hideo Kojima that Nothing Is “Too Sexy for Cosplayers”

A while ago Hideo Kojima said on twitter that the character he was working on could be too sexy even for cosplayers. Cosplayer Kelly Jean set out to prove him wrong by creating a near-perfect reproduction of the rather revealing outfit of Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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Snookies121352d ago

That's actually... Really good. Props to her on that, she did an amazing job and looks at least somewhat similar to the character.

DeletedAcc1352d ago

Dayumn. she's very attractive

Anthotis1352d ago

Quiet's sweet mouth watering boobs are deliciously rounder, but it's still a good attempt.

guitarded771352d ago

It's really good, but as much as I love me some under-boob, she should reduce the under-boob to get the appearance of Quiet's fuller boobs. Just a boob analysis.

ShinMaster1352d ago

It's either way too photoshopped or it's a 3D render.

Like someone said, it looks more fake than the original, lol

abzdine1352d ago

she's even a little sexier than quiet

LightSamus1352d ago

"Quiet's sweet mouth watering boobs"

Well that's creepy as hell.

kparks1352d ago

Yeah and she doesn't talk win-win the perfect woman!

GirlOnFire1352d ago

Quiet you!
Just kidding ^~^

GirlOnFire1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Double Post! ToT

kparks1352d ago

U guys have absolutely 0% humor lol Geeze!

o-Sunny-o1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Its me Quiet again! I was playing too. :(
You make me feel bad.
PS: I agreed you and This is my original name. btw..

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DeadRabbits1352d ago

Needs a bit more cleavage!

Abriael1352d ago

Haha someone actually complained on twitter about too much underboob.

Silly people.

FamilyGuy1352d ago

She's got the right size, just needs a push up bra to get to Quiets level.

cleft51352d ago

That is probably one of the best cosplays I have seen. Very well done.

Lord Anubis1352d ago

the boobs are saggy :(

both look pre-rendered

JackISbacK1351d ago

this girl looks sexy but tell which girl like to wear bikini in deserts especialy firing snipers and firing gun ,yeah may be to attract some body so that they dont kill either taker her to bed.

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Kayant1352d ago

Absolutely amazing.... I still have a hard time believing she isn't a CGI model. Great job :)

ABeastNamedTariq1352d ago

Wait... You mean... *checks again*

0_o That right there is... Uncanny!

Abriael1352d ago

I do think they played a bit with lighting in the picture to make her look a little less "Human" and a more like CGIsh :D

FamilyGuy1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Are you talking about the girl or Quiet?

Quiets model does look really good, like it is CG rather than in-game, but if you're saying the cosplayer looks like a video game I'd have to disagree. She looks as human as any other yahoo in a halloween outfit.

She does look like she's had some sort of plastic filter laid on the pic to make her look a little like a wax statue though. I guess I do see what you're saying. Plus that emotionless facial expression.

Nate-Dog1352d ago

Er I thought he said he designed Quiet like that in order that more people would cosplay her. Heck someone cosplayed her before this whole Quiet design debacle.

Shadowstar1352d ago

Something about her doesn't look real... I don't know what it is... the lighting? Photoshop?

NarooN1351d ago

Yeah, I'm not trying to say the cosplay is 'bad' or anything but... the pic just makes it look...fake? I dunno, it's weird.

310dodo1352d ago

Bless you Kojima-san

Quiet looks gorgeous, these cosplay girls are beautiful
both games that make up MGS 5 are day 1 purchases.

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